Rio Sonic Blue RioSPORT S35S MP3 Player

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Designed for athletes, the RioSPORT S35S is built to withstand the elements. This rugged player holds up to 2 hours of skip-free MP3 or 4 hours of WMA music. Add memory using its open expansion slot using SDTM or MMCTM memory cards. Includes sport armband, belt-clip and has a built-in FM tuner, clock and stopwatch.

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Total Included Memory: 128 MB

System Connectivity: USB Yes

System Compatibility: Macintosh, PC

Storage Media Supported: Flash MP3 Player

General Features: FM Tuner


Product Title: Rio Sonic Blue RioSPORT S35S MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Rio

Power Score: 3.2 | 11 Reviews

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This is my first mp3 player. I...

Strengths: Small, seemingly durable (after three months), easy operation, with additional sd card can carry just about all the music I desire.

Weakness: Short battery life (I use rechargeables so your experience may be different, terrible OEM headphones, bad FM (reception so-so but initial hiss terrible), cannot organize music on player.

This is my first mp3 player. I like being able to store several hours of WMA music with supplied memory and 20 hours of music with a 1GB SD card. Seems pretty durable, easy to down load music. The FM reception is so-so but there is a very distressing hiss when you turn on or change volume with FM on for about 10 seconds. Buy new headphones, OEM suck big time. Needs software upgrade to allow...
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By mbrown6015 - Jan 4, 2005

Stuck in "upgrader" mode defect of...

Strengths: Looks nice, easy to upload songs

Weakness: When running it suddenly stops and I have to play the song again... stuck with "upgrader" screen.

Stuck in "upgrader" mode defect of product. I would think twice if I were you in buying the product. Uploading was easy I just wish this could work like any other mp3 player. I don't know what this "upgrader" bug is about. If I find out I'll let you know

By RioDisappointment - Jul 19, 2004

Downloading music is unbelievably...

Strengths: Can't think of any.

Weakness: Downloading music is really hard, display gets distorted after time, battery life is short, earphones are really uncomfortable.

Downloading music is unbelievably hard. Usually you can only download one or two songs before it completely freezes and you have to take the battery out to get it going again. If it's left in the sun for any length of time it develops splotches on the display that never go away. Their customer service is awful. You have to go through a Spanish Inquisition just to get a service number and then you...
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By jaurilio - Jan 17, 2004

This is not my first player but I...

Strengths: The equalizer is excellent!!! Battery life pretty good.

Weakness: The headphones are the worst!! If you don't already have a good set...plan on buying some. The belt clip/ carry case very cumbersome!

This is not my first player but I would recommend as a first player to others. I needed more storage so I decided to buy the Rio s35s....(because I got a really good price through pricegrabber) I already had a 64MMC and with 128MB it would be enough, until I decide to upgrade later. My original player(by RCA) is smaller than the Rio I had to get use to that. I was very excited when I...
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By aydiv1971 - Nov 19, 2003

This product is one of the worst...

Strengths: Not many, but I like being able to change songs on the player whenever I want. But you could do this with any MP3 Player.

Weakness: BUYER BEWARE! Completely and totally unsatisfactory product. Cheaply manufactured, not worth the price.

This product is one of the worst electronic devices I have ever purchased. It is made to look as though it is durable, but do not be fooled. The Rio Sport looks like it has a rubber shell, but it is in fact hard plastic which offers little, if any protection. In fact, about three weeks after I started using the player, I was wearing it on my arm when I got too close to a doorway. The player...
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By keviec1 - Nov 8, 2003

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