iRiver iFP-180T 128MB MP3 Player

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The iRiver iFP-180 includes built-in a FM tuner and voice recorder and features 128MB of internal memory for up to four hours of music. The iFP-190T comes with the exclusive Record from FM feature and plays your MP3 and WMA music files for up to 20 hours on a single AA battery.

Quick Glance

Total Included Memory: 128 MB

System Connectivity: USB Yes

System Compatibility: PC

Storage Media Supported: Flash MP3 Player

General Features: FM Tuner, FM Recorder, Voice Recorder

normalized-Weight: 1.83


Product Title: iRiver iFP-180T 128MB MP3 Player

Manufacturer: iRiver

Power Score: 3.6 | 5 Reviews

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like i said, this mp3 player is...

Strengths: light, compact, cute, nicely priced

Weakness: it can only hold 27 songs and the FM radio is usually always staticy

like i said, this mp3 player is very cute and easy to handle, light and decently priced, but it doesnt hold many songs. it only holds 27 songs (or is that just me?) and when i listen to the FM radio, it always or most of the time has static

By NEENURZ - Nov 19, 2004

Well I have had it for a little...

Strengths: Alot of cool features. Sounds great.

Weakness: One year warranty means one year.

Well I have had it for a little over a year and it just stopped working. Used it for running loved it while it worked. Only 1 year warranty so took it apart being somewhat electronics savvy but no luck. Now its in the trash. Being that I run 4-5 times a week might have put a lot of stress on it. For the most part it was really nice to have.

By magultra - Aug 9, 2004

It has numerous amounts of...

Strengths: Lots of features in a small package.

Weakness: Awkward shape

It has numerous amounts of features, and the LCD display is very detailed. Though the shape of the iRiver is awkward, it is lightweight and fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Also, the FOUR hours of music it claims to store is at a 96 kbps bit rate. If you need more music, I would recommend the iFP-190T with 256 MB of memory.

By k2rep - Jun 24, 2003

I would recommend this to anyone...

Strengths: Very small. Good battery performance, transfer rates are fast on USB 1.*

Weakness: Confusing Menu system on the unit. You have to download the latest desktop software and firmware to get it to run WMA correctly. The leash on the unit is a decent idea.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a little technical. Overall this product works as or better than advertised. I have run and worked out with it everyday and after about 12 hours of operation I am still using the same battery! The menus system is just flat out lousy and takes some getting used to. I hope they continue to improve on that. Get yourself a small pack and some sports ear wear...
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By fbagli - May 17, 2003

Outstanding mp3 player, it is...

Strengths: Small, plays FM radio and lasts along time

Weakness: No expandable memory

Outstanding mp3 player, it is light weight and easily hooked up to your computer for really easy downloading. The only other problem with it is going through the stations takes along time. Other than that I have been completely satisfied and pleased with this product.

By Inuyasha - May 15, 2003

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