Astell&Kern AK100 Black Mastering Quality Sound Portable System


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The Astell Kern AK100 is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of studio Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) support and playback. MQS (24bit, 96kHz -192kHz) is considered as the digital music format with the most amount of information. MQS sources are commonly saved as a lossless 24bit WAV or FLAC files during record production at the time of the mastering source and the difference between MQS and MP3s/CDs (WAV) can be heard and felt because the sound is distortion free and there is no data loss within the MQS (24bit) source. With the integrated Wolfson WM8740 high-performance DAC, the Astell Kern AK100 MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) Portable System meets the demanding criteria of Hi-Fi audio even from its small size. The Astell Kern AK100 does not need external MQS encoding and results in a more refined and pure sound. Product Details: Bit-to-bit Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) playback World's first portable device equipped with the Wolfson WM8740 24bit/192kHz DAC Dual MicroSD card slots with 64GB of internal flash memory - Total of 160GB of music storage space / 1500 tracks of Hi-Fi music Use the Astell Kern AK100 with or as an external optical DAC Refined design with integrated volume wheel brushed aluminum body Intuitive user interface experience combined with touchscreen LCD control buttons Product Specifications: Dimensions: 2.32 x 3.11 x 0.55 (in) Weight: 4.3oz DAC: Wolfson WM8740 (24bit/192kHz) Display: 2.4 IPS Touch Screen (320 x 240) Me


Product Title: Astell&Kern AK100 Black Mastering Quality Sound Portable System

Manufacturer: Astell&Kern

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