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Strengths: Wi-Fi, capacity for music - mp3 files, clarity of display, Safari, touch screen resizing, thin/small

Weakness: I researched this purchase extensively but nobody mentioned the numerous weaknesses I have outlined below. If I had known, I would not have purchased this device. Refund without stocking fee anyone???

Features I would like to see added:
1. TV out support for free vice $100+ for additional "optional" equipment.

2. Wi-Fi - wireless synching.

3. Hard drive like capability like all other iPods.

4. Open source code access.

5. Software and game development access other than Apple.

6. Zune like sharing between iPods.

7. Ability to create playlists on the iPod itself.

8. Ability to delete viewed video directly from the iPod.

9. Capability to delete music directly from the iPod.

10. iPod connection via existing port to external storage devices.

Right now iPod touch is hardware and software capability locked. Steve Jobs / Apple should open this device to innovative development and ideas.........

Pre-MWSF08 iPod touch owners must pay $20 for Mail, Stocks, Weather, Notes, and Maps. Those who have purchased in the past 14 days have the option to return and repurchase the touch from a retail Apple Store, however, the 10% restocking fee will apply, costing a minimum of $29.90 for the touch.

Apple tightly controls applications running on iPod touch via iTunes, hence, limited games and useful software.

To jailbreak your iPod touch you will need software version 1.11 on your iPod touch. If you have version 1.12 you will need to downgrade for the jailbreak to work.1.13 cannot be downgraded!

Items synced to desktop Calendar and contact functions cannot be deleted and no items can be added. Useless as a PIM.

I knew about the limited memory for the price ratio but a USB connection for thumb drive reading would have been nice. You are paying a premium for 1st generation use as Apple does not like to offer backward support/upgrades.

iTunes web site is geared towards selling you stuff like music, movies, and accessories. Weak web site support for iPod touch.

The shiny chrome back side scratches too easily.

IPod touch is too simple, as it lacks a hardware volume switch, integrated speaker, or any really useful apps.

Limited to .mp4 format only.

I now feel my wallet is attached to Apple via a vacuum hose as every single item costs on top of dropping $399 plus tax on the iPod touch. Recommend you wait for 3rd generation device or buy a wi-fi Archos 605 with SD port instead for $273.

Now there's a 2nd generation 32MB unit, wait for Generation 5 as it will be faster, cheaper, etc.

By T Bear - Jan 16, 2008

Amazing MP3 Player

Strengths: Clarity of screen Screen Size- nice and big! Access to WebApps CoverFlow- one of the coolest ways to browse through music. Very smooth touch sensitivity

Weakness: The price can be a bit too much for some people.

I got this as a Christmas gift, and I've got to tell you, it is an amazing piece of technology. Worth every penny. I am not a big fan of mp3 players, but this really is awesome and I carry it with me everywhere. I really enjoy watching videos on here, and the convenience of using the internet is really awesome. It can really make your life easy when you need to look something up. The size is great also, and with a protective shield, just leave this in your pocket and you are good to go! The price might be the only thing that can cause it's downfall, but overall its amazing!

By maanitrules - Jan 4, 2008

Cool, awesome device with some flaws

Strengths: Touch screen interface is really cool and awesome. Itunes is great for sorting music as far as music software goes.

Weakness: Expensive for the capacity, Apple nickel-and-dimes users by charging for every upgrade that should have been free to begin with.

The Ipod Touch is my first Ipod and I'm very happy with it. It still has some drawbacks but nothing compared to most other MP3 players.

Itunes is actually very good software for sorting and synching music, but I still would rather be able to drag and drop instead of having to use software just to transfer music. It feels very controlling of Apple.

It is also annoying how Apple tries to sell you every thing imaginable through iTunes but I guess it's understandable.

The fiasco with the "upgrade" costing $20 is pretty indefensible and no other company gets away with nickel-and-diming customers for stuff that should have been there to begin with, like Apple. Other companies would get drilled for this behaviour.

On the plus side, the capacity is just fine for my needs and I listen to some large radio shows. The touch interface is just awesome and needs to be experienced to truly appreciate. It makes sorting and playing music easier than anything else. Wifi is pretty nice too, where available, and the way the browser zooms and pans is really a milestone compared to other devices that do mobile Internet like the awful Blackberry.

By thekloz - Jan 17, 2008

iPod touch (16 GB)

Strengths: very thin, big screen

Weakness: no camera and speakers

This new device should be viewed as an iPod and not be compared with the iPhone. Is everything you need from an iPod and much more. The system is intuitive and it took me just few minutes to upload music from my computer’ library to the Touch. To upload videos from your own computer you need to convert the files into iPod MP4 or H264 format (Windows). I used Cucusoft and seem to work great. The Wi-Fi feature is really useful and you can browse online anywhere you can find a wireless connection. The Touch is actual thinner than the iPhone and have also a video out, compared to the iPhone's lack of it. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone and thinking of buying a Touch you will find some downsides: no speakers, can’t make calendar entries and the LCD appears a little darker. Overall I like my Touch though is little pricy.

By jordanady - Jan 7, 2008

Apple IPod Touch 46gb MP3 Player

Strengths: Big Screen, Touch Screen, Wifi, and Thin.

Weakness: No Bluetooth, No Camera,

Overall this is a revolutionizing piece of equipment. It's great to see where Apple is taking up with these gadgets that we never had before. I would recommend this to all the new comers into Tech Gadgets. But for me I wish I would of waited for the next version which I think will have the built in camera and the bluetooth technology.

By quikzephyr - Oct 31, 2007

Finally something new and unique in MP3 players

Strengths: Touch-screen interface, good itunes software

Weakness: Apple charging for simple upgrades, lack of common play buttons.

It's nice to see something new and actually different in MP3 players, rather than the same old with a different case. The iPod Touch is a very nice device and playing music on it is a breeze. I would still prefer not to have to go through itunes for my music, since I am not a big album collector, but iTunes is much better than competitor offerings I've used. It actually does a nice job managing your music.
My only complaints are how Apple is charging for simple upgrades that come out afterwards. It seems pretty petty to charge for some software, especially since it should have been available from the beginning as evidenced by it being free on new ones. It's really shady business practices from such a respected company.
The other complaint is the lack of even common play buttons on the case, like pause and volume. It almost means you HAVE to buy a remote of some kind if you're going to use it while walking. Otherwise you'd have to look at the screen to do anything, even simple volume management. This wouldn't be a problem if it came with a decent remote, but not only does it not, but there are slim pickings currently out there for third-party remotes compatible with this style of iPod. Apple really should get something put out to complete this wonderful device.

By klozoff - Jan 23, 2008

Not revolutionary but evolutionary

Strengths: super slim, big screen, wifi

Weakness: no volume or next buttons

I was hesitant at first but jumped in and purchased the Touch. I prefer the interface more than the classic and even though there has been debate about "only" having 16gb of space, I find it a non issue as learning how to manage what you listen to compensates for this shortfall.

widescreen for watching videos is also great for car trips.

also, being flash based just makes it less prone to break if you workout because no moving parts as the classic does.

of course, the touch interface is a big selling point and I find it fun and easy to use. gives me quick access to internet if i'm around a coffee shop or just hanging around on campus.

overall, if you don't have another ipod then this is a great purchase.

By withton - Oct 4, 2007

The iPhone without the phone functions

Strengths: Great user interface--just touch the glass screen for most functions. MP3 player, web browser, calendar, address book and video player all on one device!

Weakness: Limited memory, fingerprints easily displayed. No power adapter included.

If you want the coolest iPod yet check out the Apple iPod touch. This radical design lets you listen to your music as well as browse the internet among other features.
Apple has taken the iPhone and removed the telecommunication capabilities. It is thinner than the iPhone, but has many of its functions. It can play music from iTunes or your CDs. It is a web browswer as well (as long as you have access to Wi-Fi). There is only one button (HOME) and you just use your fingers to navigate its many features on its 3-1/2 inch screen. The Cover Flow feature lets you view your album covers as if in a moving rack. Just touch the album and you can select your music.
There are a few downsides to this attractive iPod. Apple could have boosted the memory. Currently it is available in 8GB (1750 songs) or 16GB (3500 songs). Hopefully, future versions will have more memory at the same price points. If you don't have an abundance of songs to import, then 16GB may be enough. I initially boiught the 8GB version, but soon discovered that it was already 80% full with not much room to expand, so I bought the 16GB version instead.
When you open the box, the only instructions is a small foldout giving you absolutely minimal instructions. A mini-manual would have worked better.
Since most functions work with just your finger on the glass screen, it does leave fingerprints. Of course, these can be easily cleaned, but it is a problem if you want to keep it looking clean.
This is a great device and once you get the hang of it, a pleasure to use. If Apple would boost the memory size, it would be an MP3 player for the world to beat.

By dvdirv - Nov 18, 2007


Strengths: razor-thin; touch screen; unbelievably fast software; unbelievably eye-candy software; CoverFlow is amazing ; very functional software - it's very natural to use it.

Weakness: A little bit heavy for its thickness. But it has a lot of metal and glass, so it's not actually surprising. 16 GB is not enough for me

I bough the iPod touch 16GB about a month ago, and I can summarize the review with "Wow!"
It's an unbelievable device, that seems to come from the future. It's almost perfect.

By marian_o - Nov 14, 2007

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Strengths: Amazing user interface

Weakness: Expensive, limited memory

The iPod Touch is marketed as an iPod, but it is more like a PDA or mini laptop. The first day we had it, we didn't even listen to any music, there were too many other neat things to do, like surf the web. This is a great device for anyone who has WiFi available. The user interface is amazing, it is like something from the future. The screen even rotates from portrait mode to landscape mode automatically when you rotate the iPod.

The only real problem with the Touch is the limited memory for the price.

In summary, the iPod Touch is much more than an iPod. You are paying for the novel design, user interface and WiFi capabilities.

By tja57 - Jan 1, 2008

just about perfect..everything i expected and more!

Strengths: bluetooth, WiFi, battery lasts a long time, large screen

Weakness: a tad pricey, a little tricky to figure out the buttons when it's in your pocket!

it's thin, it's lightweight, the clarity of the image is incredible! I love how its interface automatically detects its orientation (movies are viewed in landscape format). It has built-in WiFi that connects to the internet through normal hotspots. (It even remembers hotspots it has connected to already, just like a laptop). It also comes with a special version of iTunes called the 'WiFi Music Store'. That way you can instantly purchase music (not videos).

By defyunlearn - Dec 30, 2007

Apple iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player

Strengths: User interface, size, great styling, performance.

Weakness: High price makes it a target for theft so don't let it out of your grasp.

Apple has hit another home run with this evolutionary portable music player. All my expectations were totally met. This product has raised the bar very high for any future competitive products.

Unlike some other well publicized high-tech products, it was easy to find many places to buy this, and I even got it at a small discount. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Apple cut the price after the Holiday buying season.

By johnb3030 - Dec 11, 2007

Apple iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player

Strengths: Wi-Fi capability, styling

Weakness: Storage size, price

The Apple iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player is a really cool device. It not only will store and play all your MP3 songs and video clips, it allows you to connect to the internet with it's Wi-fi capability and Safari browser. Some question the 16 GB storage capacity as being too small but I think it has ample storage for most users. It's price is a drawback but you generally get what you pay for, and the Ipod Touch is not cheap. I like the computer software which accompanies the unit and allows you to manage all your audio and video files. This is the first Ipod I have owned since the early variety came out and I am most imporessed. One final comment - if you can afford it get one and you won't regret it.

By techtechie - Dec 1, 2007

16 gig iTouch

Strengths: Compact, large screen, simple control.

Weakness: MEMORY!

I had an 8 gig Nano 3G right before I got this Touch. No Comparison! There are feature differences, but the huge, crisp screen makes up for the lack of mechanical controls.

I see the beef about the thing being so proprietary...and how Apple charges for every little thing. I just use it for music and video, and convert them myself, so I didn't care about the programs, or "jailbreaking".

I used a PSP with wifi and it was nearly pointless. This iTouch does the web with such ease, I am selling my laptop!

Yes, I call it iTouch...sounds better than iPod Touch. Some geeks are so touchy... ;)

And if anyone wants to impress me with a hack, in a year or so show me a pic tutorial on how to change the flash drive hardware for the bigger 2G stuff!

10 out of 10 for all factors, go get one.

By dometown - Jan 18, 2008

Best substitute for the iPhone.

Strengths: Everything.

Weakness: No camera, PRICE!!!!

I got the 16gb touch for x-mas and it's perfect for the things I like. I just wish it had a camera like the iPhone, more gigabytes, and a better price.

By mikeyd; - Jan 5, 2008

iPod Touch

Strengths: Sound quality is amazing!

Weakness: It is not a PDA...

This is the ultimate iPod, and a must-buy for music lovers. I absolutely love it; what a great product. The touchscreen works very well. The scrolling and 'pinching' features are really cool. The other features such as Calendar, Contacts, and Photos work great. Overall, this is an amazing device, which indeed make your life more fun!

By esprod - Feb 17, 2008

Pretty Cool But Too Pricey For Only 16GB

Strengths: Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, Ipod Brand, Accessories Available

Weakness: No Bluetooth for Bluetooth Headphones, No Camera

I brought this for my daughter for Christmas. She and I have loaded it with songs.

Wi-Fi setup is quick and easy even with my WEP enabled wireless network.

Really cool that the pictures etc., orient correctly just by flipping the device over from a portrait orientation to a landscape orientation.

It is really disappointing that the device is only 16GB for roughly $400.00 when you can get the IPOD Classic 80GB for $250.00. This item should be better since it is flash memory vs a mechanical hard drive type memory (time will tell). Also it is disappointing that Apple made the decision to not include bluetooth (would have been super to use bluetooth wireless headphones).

All in all, the cool factor of the item is pretty high. My daughter constantly gets people at the gym wanting to look at it...she loves watching You-Tube on it.

By cheryld3 - Jan 3, 2008

Ipod Touch 16 gig review

Strengths: Awesome design, picture quality is amazing and very clean

Weakness: Touch screen pad is difficult to use at times

I purchased two Apple Touch Ipods 16 gig and love it. The picture quality is amazing and the sound comes out perfectly. I heard you can use wifi to get on the internet which I am excited about and plan to use all the time.
The only drawback is that it is hard to be precise when choosing a song because the screen is so sensitive and fat fingers don't help.
All in all, a great product which I highly recommend.

By saleen808 - Dec 23, 2007

Extremely Fun

Strengths: Ease of Use

Weakness: Cost!!

Fun Stuff and extremely easy to use. I just wish it had a little more memory and also wish the cost was slightly lower. Would recommend this item to others if they had the extra money to spend.

By mossimo13 - Dec 16, 2007

The best iPod I have ever owned

Strengths: Screen size User interface Capacity

Weakness: Not a 3G iPhone :)

I love my iPod Touch. It's super easy to get some movies on it and the screen is big enough so you can really enjoy what you are watching.

The user interface is really great and intuitive. The combination with iTunes makes everything simple.

I definitely recommend this iPod to anyone who wants the best media/mp3 player.

By eyeoftiger - Jun 24, 2008


Strengths: none

Weakness: over heats in 1 houer

not worht it don't buy it is really not worth it if you drop one tie then it wont work and i droped it from 2 inches up DON'T BUY

By anonymous; - Sep 9, 2007

Apple iPod touch (16GB)

A sweet design combined with outstanding wireless versatility makes the iPod touch the crown jewel of portable media players.
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