Apple iPod touch 1st Generation 32GB Flash Portable Media Player


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Listen to your favorite music. Watch movies, iTunes movie rentals, and videos. Catch up on TV shows. Flick through photos. With iPod touch, you can bring it all along for the ride.


Product Title: Apple iPod touch 1st Generation 32GB Flash Portable Media Player

Manufacturer: Apple

Lowest Price: $350.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.6 | 10 Reviews

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Itouch 32

Strengths: 32 gb of goodess. Wifi, internet browsing, and now the Apps store!

Weakness: Have to pay for upgrade to 2.0 software

love the player, love the wifi and the browser is the best i have seen on any mobile device. One missing ingredient is adobe flash. come on apple get with it. Looking forward to really pushing this device with apple about to launch itouch 2.0 and the apps store

By mmlsv - Jul 10, 2008

ipod itouch 32gb

Strengths: size ad storage-screen size wi-fi

Weakness: no flash storage adapter-expensive toy

pretty satified with the unit especially the wifi! Great design with a sleek thin body!!! + Beautiful 320x480 pixel wide-screen provides pleasing video viewing + Turn to the side to view video using the full wide screen width + Orientation detection changes view to landscape mode automatically when turning iPod! + Enough capacity to finally be worth replacing some of your disk-based players in...
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By nats1956 - Jun 10, 2008

iPod Touch 32gb

Strengths: 32gb of memory. Easy use on Mac/Windows

Weakness: Slow at times

I personally love the products from mac. I have 5 total iPod's. 3 touches, one of each size. I have a 16gb which I gave my girlfriend as our one year anniversary gift, a 8gb which I gave to a friend and my personal 32gb iTouch. It's personally one of the greatest products I've ever had, and it replaced my HP iPaq. I also have 2 of the older 80gb iPods which I use for DJing

By Falcon165O - May 17, 2008


Strengths: Nice Interface.

Weakness: Everthing else.

Picked up one of these babies and coulnt be more disappointed.I really should stay away from 1st generation devices.After initial charging,I connected to to my mac and itunes would not recognize the device(i hear this is a common problem)I went through all the hoops(resetting ipod,reinstalling itunes,changing usb ports,etc.) and after the 3rd reset try it found the device and said please update...
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By jimmypowder - Apr 12, 2008

A Perfect PDA for Music Freaks

Strengths: Coverflow intuitiveness; design; functionality; super computer in a slab of metal; omits the crappy phone part

Weakness: Bluetooth and a camera - non-phone users still want to take pictures and exchange files; only 32gb tops...for now

I am a music junkie. I hate scroll wheels because my music collection is well taken care of (LAME MP3 3.97 VBR 4), imbedded album art -- I am browsing through pictures rather than text files. I am busy. Those statements alone define why this is the first iPod that I haven't got from the refurb store. The Nano was a iPod I could live with because of the technology - namely nike tech. When the...
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By sononkyo - Feb 17, 2008

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