Apple iPod nano 3rd Generation 8GB Portable Media Player

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It's the small iPod with one very big idea: video. The world's most popular music player now lets you enjoy movies, TV shows, and more on a two-inch display that's 65 percent brighter than before. Browse through your music collection by flipping through album art. Select an album to turn it over and see the track list. With an anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel enclosure and a choice of five colors, iPod nano is dressed to impress.

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Total Included Memory: 8 GB

System Connectivity: 1 x Mini-phone Headphone, 1 x Docking Station

System Compatibility: PC, Mac

Storage Media Supported: Flash Portable Media Player

General Features: Audio Player, Video Player, Photo Viewer

normalized-Weight: 1.74


Product Title: Apple iPod nano 3rd Generation 8GB Portable Media Player

Manufacturer: Apple

Power Score: 3.9 | 29 Reviews

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Strengths: Everything

Weakness: The back of it scratches easily.

I have never had an ipod or ipod nano, but a lot of my friends have it and they let me use it sometimes. All the times that I have used one it seemed so cool.For Christmas, I have begged my mom for one , she says she will get me an ipod nano black.

By 4804041489 - Nov 23, 2008

One of the best iPods so far

Strengths: Very lightweight. Screen is small, but not too small.

Weakness: The back scraches easily so get a case for it.

I had a 2nd Generation Nano that I lost, so I got this to replace it. I have had it for about two months and have loved it. It is very compact and the screen is the right size to watch a personal movie. I would highly recomend it to runners because it is very lightweight and you can get a arm-band so you can listen to it while you run.

By etcpswartz - Feb 28, 2008

Good, small ipod

Strengths: Battery life improvements, decent navigation, quick response, good sound quality

Weakness: Pricey, does not come with wall charger, no belt clip

The small form factor of this ipod is both good and bad. I'm a tall guy, so it's sometimes awkward using the scroll wheel. I could find no major problems yet with the basic operation of this 3rd gen Nano, although I've had issues with my older ipod (mainly battery and crashing issues) so I'm hoping this one holds up. Battery life on this thing is much better than my older ipod. Audio and video...
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By blackcapten - Jan 31, 2008

Ipod nano 8gb black

Strengths: crisp clear lcd, nice matte front, battery life,price

Weakness: back prone to smudges and scratches, crappy earbuds

This is a great unit for anyone who wants an affordable player that works well.
It hold up to 2,000 songs based on 4 minutes per song or up to 8 hours of video.

By afdoyle - Jan 28, 2008

Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation 8GB Black

Strengths: Looks better then the previous Nano and has a bigger screen.

Weakness: The menu is somewhat hard to get use to.

This 3rd generation iPod Nano is small and sleek. It has the same solid feel as previous iPods but refined into a sleeker smaller design. The 8GB of space is pretty great too! The only quark I have with the iPod Nano is that the font is very small and could be a little bigger, easier to read. A nice added feature if you get the iPod from Apple is you can have them engrave whatever you want on the...
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By IbarraYJ - Jan 22, 2008

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