Apple iPod 20GB MP3 Player

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With no moving parts, the iPod's new touch-sensitive scroll wheel is less vulnerable to dust, dirt or sand and more durable. The touch-sensitive scroll wheel is designed to retains its crisp feel throughout the lifespan of your iPod. There's even a clicker that makes a tiny clicking sound when the scroll wheel is moving.

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Total Included Memory: 20 GB

System Connectivity: Firewire Yes

System Compatibility: PC

Storage Media Supported: Hard Drive MP3 Player

General Features: Backlit LCD Display

normalized-Weight: 7.20


Product Title: Apple iPod 20GB MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Apple

Power Score: 4.3 | 6 Reviews

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My iPod is a 2nd generation 20 GB...

Strengths: Sheer Coolness. Apples are for people who can't handle a PC. Ipod is easy enough for even them.

Weakness: Stupid headphone controls.

My iPod is a 2nd generation 20 GB model. I started as a PC buff more than twenty years and always thought that if all PCs used the same level of hardware as Apples, Apple would die. There is nothing in the world of PCs as great as my iPod. I hate Apple but I love iPod.

This has been an unbiased opinion.

By Bacety - Feb 9, 2004

My iPod is a 10 GB model purchased...

Strengths: 5 stars: Easy to use, great sound Quality, huge capacity, beautiful design, lightweight, long battery life

Weakness: Cost - but you get what you pay for

My iPod is a 10 GB model purchased before Apple brought out the 2nd generation (with the dock), but with a new touch-sensitive scroll wheel. I am a Mac user, so I have iTunes as well. This is a beautiful device - typical high-quality Apple product. I have more than 1000 songs on it and am only 60% full. I can't conceive of needing more than 20 GB - ever - if only music were stored. I listen for...
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By tghughbanks - Jul 7, 2003

The IPOD has renewed my love for...

Strengths: User Interface, Quality Build, Clean Stylish Appearance

Weakness: Setup on pc was a little bit difficult, after dling a driver for ipod, no problems after.

The IPOD has renewed my love for my cd collection. Having over 500 cds which have gathered dust for over 5 years, I am learning that this beautiful device can hold all my favorite and not-so-favorite songs. 20 GB Storage: Storing my music at a minimum of 192 kbps. This is the lowest one should go w/o hearing any loss in quality. Having stored 500 songs so far, I have used approx. 3 GB. Safe to...
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By mlion - Apr 3, 2003

I love my iPod. I have over 2000...

Strengths: Easy to use, integrates nicely with desktop, great battery life, lots of songs

Weakness: none

I love my iPod. I have over 2000 songs on it and it's less than half full. The touch scroll wheel is a very nice touch. Sparkyshow, one of the other reviewers, must be really stupid if he can't figure out how to use an iPod, my 9 year old daughter figured it out on her own quickly.

By ttre45 - Jan 26, 2003

This is my first MP3 player...

Strengths: Easy to use. Durable. Attractive. Display is clear and easy to read. Data input is simple. Touch pad is a clever interface.

Weakness: The firewire port cover is not sturdy; I constantly worry it will break off and leave me with an exposed connector. The price is steep relative to other capable players on the market.

This is my first MP3 player purchase. I surveyed available players and chose the iPod - PC 20GB model because of its massive capacity, super interface, and general attractiveness. I've since found the device incredibly easy to use, durable, and a real thrill to have around everywhere I go. Presently it is the Cadillac of MP3 players on the market. If price is no concern then I strongly recommend...
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By diussdg - Jan 17, 2003

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