Sony MEX-BT3100P Car CD/MP3 Player - 68 W RMS - iPod/iPhone Compatible - Single DIN

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Enjoy wireless Bluetooth® connectivity and control select smartphone apps with App Remote. Now you can stream music, make hands-free calls and control certain apps through your receiver. Go even further with Pandora® internet radio and front USB 1-wire connectivity that lets you control the music.


Product Title: Sony MEX-BT3100P Car CD/MP3 Player - 68 W RMS - iPod/iPhone Compatible - Single DIN

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.5 | 5 Reviews

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Great Head Unit

I put this unit in my 4 door F350. I have infinity kappa highs on one amp and a 12 inch sub on another amp. I really like the 7 band equalizer, it's so much better than just having bass and treble. My speakers were a little harsh so I lowered the 6.3khz frequency. I like deep bass so I raised the 63Hz frequency 2 decibels. Pretty awesome. There are high and low pass filters from 50-120Hz, too. If...
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By RexInFX on Sony - Official Store - Oct 24, 2013

Not Great

The am and fm reception were not very good. Took unit back to installer who replaced antenna adapter and ground the radio better. This did improve reception some but stock radio was better. However, all the other features were very good.

By Knickers1 on Sony - Official Store - Oct 3, 2013

I wanted very much to like this stereo...

It seemed like a perfect fit for my audio needs. I ordered it through Crutchfield, and they do a very nice job of suggesting wiring harnesses, etc., so installation was a breeze. I was able to pair it with my Samsung Galaxy S4, and the bluetooth audio worked like a charm, streaming podcasts, Pandora, and everything else I tried to stream from my phone. I started to use the BT Phone portion, and...
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By grnerd on Sony - Official Store - Sep 30, 2013

Can't manually control Bass/Treble-Front/back fade

I have a '89 Mustang 5.0 I purchased this for. My vehicle is a convertible, with 4 speakers all up front. 2 in the door and two on the dash. The dash ones are 3 inch tweeters, the door ones are 6 inch. Adjusting the bass and treble is not user friendly along with the front /back fade. The latter is a pre-set program that gives the listener very little control of how they like to hear their music....
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By TAO6973 on Sony - Official Store - Sep 30, 2013

Sony Car Stereo

the stereo works great but unlike a traditional stereo where you have bass and treble you have your eq slide but they instructions doesn't tell you what the settings do and leave you to figure it out for yourself

By revross on Sony - Official Store - Jul 10, 2013

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