Sony HT-DDW900 Home Theater System

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Setup an incredible sounding home theater with a space-saving, sophisticated design. With a 900 watt A/V receiver and 5.1 channel, speaker system, the HT-DDW900 home theater system is the perfect addition to your TV and DVD player.

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Interface Connection: HDMI Yes, Component Video Yes

Sound Supported: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS

Product Type: Home Theater System

Speaker Channels: 5.1

Included Components: Antenna, Batteries, Microphone(s), Receiver, Speakers, Subwoofer


Product Title: Sony HT-DDW900 Home Theater System

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.6 | 7 Reviews

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HT-DDW900 Home Theater

Strengths: not at all

Weakness: everything

Think twice before you buy this item. Extremely weak so that you must turn the volume up to max to hear the actual sound of the movie, limited HDMI input and the video component feature cannot be programmed to the devices that have no HDMI output.
Spend a little more and buy a decent system.

By anonymous; - Jan 3, 2009

Don't pass up on this system!!

Strengths: Great sound and features, HDMI, low price

Weakness: Could use better cables, no speaker stands included

I think the complaints about the "pass-thru" HDMI are completely out of context. Sure, it doesn't carry audio or upconvert analog signals over HDMI, but come on people - what else in this price range does? I've got this system connected to a Panasonic TH-42PH9UK plasma display a Dishnet VIP622 receiver and a new Philips DVP5982 upconverting DVD player. This HT setup gives us ALL the features we...
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By stinkyjr - May 14, 2007

Great deal

Strengths: Video/audio all in one, 2HDMI in 1HDMI out

Weakness: its kindof big, you cannot use the audio feed from HDMI device so need additional digital/coax cable

I wanted this set because I only have one DVI input on my LCD and I wanted to connect both DVD and cable via HDMI/DVI. I was able to do this with the HT-DDW900 and label the inputs cable and DVD which I thought was pretty cool. Also my ipod sounds great with a cheap stereo input plug hooked into the MD input. (it has alot of audio inputs) I had a little problem reassigning audio inputs to the...
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By johnbutler78 - Apr 14, 2007

Strange product

Strengths: Excellent sound for the money, very good decoding.

Weakness: Bogus HDMI functions, unbelievable obtuse manual, VERY limited codes to program the remote

As stated by others, the HDMI functions are pointless unless you have 2 components with HDMI outputs. I was led to believe by one of Sony's technical people (pre-purchase) that I could use the HDMI output for a DVD player with component video and have it go through the same output as the cable box>receiver HDMI input. Not true. There is no HDMI upgrade in this receiver. So I just use my cable...
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By nosoap1 - Feb 3, 2007

Sony HTDDW900 Home Theater

Strengths: Comes with decent speakers, speaker cable, and the auto setup microphone.

Weakness: HDMI port is on Video 2, I'd prefer it be on Video 1

A really nice unit for the price. I paid $245.00 at Circuit City in Nov. 06. I liked the fact that it came with speakers and Sub woofer and was just a receiver. Other Sony systems come with a DVD player and I already have a DVD changer so I didn't need the DVD piece. This unit setup easily once I ran the rear and front cables, thanks to the included configuration microphone. This unit replaced an...
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By timreiser - Jan 23, 2007

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