Sony BDV-E390 Home Theater System

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Liven up the living room with big theater sound and discover an unlimited amount of entertainment with a 1000W 5.1ch 3D Blu-ray Disc theater system. Invite everyone over for the big game with big 5.1ch sound and pop in a 3D blockbuster afterwards to amaze them with a multi-dimensional masterpiece. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream movies, music, and more with unmatched convenience and ease. Upscale plain DVDs to near HD quality and give older movies an updated look. Minimize cord clutter thanks to HDMI 1.4 with audio return. Connect your favorite extras with the built-in iPhone/iPod dock, USB port, audio-in and other inputs that optimize sound using Digital Cinema Auto Calibration. Stream a wide selection of movies, TV episodes, music and live sports events from Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, Pandora and many more.


Product Title: Sony BDV-E390 Home Theater System

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.2 | 9 Reviews

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Im in love with this Home Theater! I gave away my JVC Home Theater system for this and it was the best decision! I've had this system for 4 months and it still sounds great. I love all the apps it has, I love how everytime I watch a movie it still has that great kick to it. Speakers are great. It's a great bedroom or living room home theater! I recommend this system. You'll love it

By Applefanboy17 on Sony - Official Store - Mar 31, 2013

Truly Awful

The software that operates this thing is inherently flawed. When you start it up it defaults to turn on the blueray player and you can not change that. This results in a very long start up time and prevents you from turning the stereo tuner on directly. ALso switching between functions is cumbersome and seems to bog the equipment down, especially after startup. Consequently the delay means that...
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By scwilliams521 on Sony - Official Store - Feb 16, 2013


This system was a disappointment. Aside from the speakers being pre-wired the system itself gets hung at times trying to play a new Blu-ray disc and then you need to turn it off and on to get it sorted out(more than once most times) it also does not respond well to the remote commands when you are changing between TV and BD/DVD.(for example) The old Bravia system I had was far superior. Come on...
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By RicoD on Sony - Official Store - Feb 16, 2013

Fabulous Thundering Sound

This has been a great choice for my bedroom, not that i needed one but its great to have audio system. If you want a audio system for bedroom or apartment or basement, or small living room this is it and is loud enough and hands down gives u that cinematic jaw droppping sound. IDK why some the reviews are complaining about the wire length but they are LONGGGG just like the other one's, idk if...
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By King2013 on Sony - Official Store - Dec 10, 2012

Caution in buying

Bought this to match my recently purchased Sony 32" BRAVIA. Found out that the speaker wire length would not allow me to put the speakers where I wanted to, because the wire ends are sealed on the speaker end and the opposite end has a SONY proprietory end connection that plugs into the back of the unit, you can't splice a length of speaker wire to make longer. Contacted SONY support and they...
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By Bucky on Sony - Official Store - Aug 22, 2012

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