Samsung HT-Q40 Home Theater System

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Samsung's versatile HT-Q40 Home Theater Audio System delivers 800 watts of audio power through 5.1 channels, enhanced by Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS decoders. The full featured unit offers the convenience of a 5-disc changer, as well as improved USB Host Play, which lets you plug and play your portable digital devices without loading software all enhanced by progressive scan technology. Many audio & video formats are supported, including MP3, WMA, MPEG, DivX, and JPEG.

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Sound Supported: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS

Interface Connection: USB Yes, Component Video Yes

Product Type: Home Theater System

Speaker Channels: 5.1

Included Components: DVD Player


Product Title: Samsung HT-Q40 Home Theater System

Manufacturer: Samsung

Power Score: 3.0 | 2 Reviews

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Absolute Rubbish

Strengths: looks pretty

Weakness: Tray mechanism doesnt work so you cant play DVDs. Firts time out of the box and it ate one of my DVDS ... then the trwy would close properly .. plus the tray makes noise

Everything else works fine ... sound is good ... but whats the point if you cant load or play DVDS


Cant even get the bloddy thing fixed cause its too much to ship

By anonymous; - Jun 3, 2007


Strengths: Progressive scan DVD Player, 5 disk changer 5.1 channel output, Good Home theater under $250 Bucks!!!!

Weakness: Not that powerfull cannot fill a HUGE space. No RCA audio output Jacks. No custom equilizer but several different settings.

There isn't that much bad to say about this unit. It's small but I have it in a 11X17 living room and I am VERY pleased with the sound output that it provides. Also it has a standard speaker connection unlike its closest competitors so if you damage or want to upgrade the speakers you're able to (say if you needed more bass and wanted to add a bigger subwoofer to it). In brands like sony,...
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By Lost1anguage - Dec 12, 2006

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