Philips HTS3555 Home Theater (5.1 Speakers, 125 W/Channel, CD Player, DVD Player, Tuner

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This exceptional digital home entertainment system delivers powerful surround sounds and a theater-like audio/video experience. The ultimate in both style and performance.

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Sound Supported: Dolby Digital (5.1), DTS (5.1), Stereo (No Surround)

Speaker Channels: 5 Speakers w/ Subwoofer

Included Components: Antenna, Batteries, Cables, DVD Player, Speakers, Subwoofer


Product Title: Philips HTS3555 Home Theater (5.1 Speakers, 125 W/Channel, CD Player, DVD Player, Tuner

Manufacturer: Philips

Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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Excellent Quality and a Best buy for Anyone

Strengths: Everything about this System is "Quality in the Highest order"!! The price you pay is a fraction of the pleasure we received since we've purchased it.

Weakness: I really can't find a weakness, unless you think the price is too low for what you'll get back

I've owned this System for over a year without the slightest glitch. One of the best buys I have ever made! If this is available to purchase and you're in the market for this kind of system. The sound will knock your socks of and you shouldn't have any problems at all.


By Musemana1 - Feb 25, 2009

Excellent home theater!!

Strengths: Philips superb sound quality, dvd hd upconvert capability, ipod dock, ease of installation and configuration

Weakness: none so far

I just got this awesome home theater and it sure blows the speakers out. Great product for the price, outstanding Philips quality as usual. There's plenty of cable included to install it in a big room, and the ipod dock sure does the trick, just plug and play. Best bang for the buck.

By ripperbolt - Dec 16, 2007

Best Low cost HT system at this price point

Strengths: Low cost. Philips quality. 5.1 speaker

Weakness: None for this price.

I love this product every moment. I am not a perfectioninst so this system works for me. Has a USB port. Came with 5.1 speakers. Hooking up was very easy and the manual is very detailed. Sound is good. Upconversion could have been better but what else can you get for this price. Overall I recomment for anyone looking for low cost system.

By reemagupta - Dec 9, 2007

Solid sounding easy to use DVD / Home Theatre

Strengths: Sounds great and easy to install

Weakness: Remote control button destcriptions are a little small for older people's eyes

I bought this for my 55+ year old parents as they wanted a better sound with their movies. The DVD "step up" to 1080 resolution looks nice too and was definately an improvement over the old A/V cables they were using. They also really liked the ablility to simply put MP3 songs on a memory stick and plug it in the front of the unit to listen to their favorite songs. They are getting better with...
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By hassk_1166813248 - Nov 23, 2007

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