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Philips Home Theater System - HTS6500

Strengths: Easy to setup and has an awesome surround sound (level, bass and tone) and plays DVD's. Fits well in tight spaces

Weakness: This does not have a lot of inputs so don't consider it as a replacement for a full feature reciever.

The Philips HTS6500 is an elegant and simple surround sound solution that promises a lot to people with tight spaces, tight budgets, or little patience. The system finds the AM/FM stations and sets them to memory (up to 40 channels can be memorized).. DVD player upconverts to a beautiful 1080i. For the price it is a very good deal.

By rusblue - Mar 10, 2007

Good home-theater-in-a-box

Strengths: Good picture quality; playes PAL discs

Weakness: Surround sound

This is a good, solid home theater in a box. Plays very well PAL DVDs I brought from Europe, once you switch it to region free coding (open disc tray; press 9, 9, 9, 9, 0). Excellent image quality - using HDMI cable to see on my Philips PDP. As for sound, well, it's a just a 2.1 - don't expect wonders from the virtual surround...

By myshopper - Mar 18, 2007

Worst product I ever purchased

Strengths: NONE

Weakness: Doesn't read any DVDs.

This is the worst product I ever purchased in my life. It couldn't read my brand new DVDs. It plays movie from USB drive. Don't ever buy this home theater. Just google about this product, you will see thousands of people complaining about 'No Disc' issue.

By vijayarajan - Oct 4, 2008

Good Budget System

Strengths: DVD Player up-converts nicely with HDMI. Ease of set up. Good for Great room entertainment area where rear speakes are not an option.

Weakness: No audio controls for balance , bass treble etc. No code for Comcast remote. Very poor support from Phillips.

It does a great job of up converting to 1080I..
The sound is very acceptable for a budget in the box system. Watched Star Wars in 5.1 Dolby,sound effects were terrific Came with very old firmware had to update out of the box.
Will not respond to Universal or Comcast remote.
Philips support on this product it almost a joke.
No one has any knowledge base at hand and they do not follow up or respond to e-mails. Would never buy a major product from them.

By cvmmcg2 - Mar 18, 2007

Great value

Strengths: Sound Quality, Ease of setup, HDMI out, 1080i upconvert

Weakness: Lack individual treble, bass, etc control. Dialogue can sound tinny at times when not in surround mode.

I bought this to compliment a 37 inch LCD high def tv for my living room with an emphasis on simplicity, less wires and less of a footprint than my legacy 5.1 channel surround sound system. Thanks to the fact that this unit is 100 watts per channel, it can kick out some sound. The surround feature is just okay, not nearly as effective as my old 5.1 setup, but I didn't buy it for that.

As mentioned above, there are no individual controls for treble, bass etc but it does have presets like Action or Sci Fi for DVD surround and Classical/Rock for music. They do an okay job. What I appreciate the most is that the dialogue on surround movies is sharp and loud...something my 5.1 channel setup wasn't particularly good at.

So for as low as $250, you get a jack of all trades, master of none item that is sleek, sounds fine and will compliment a "less is more" motif.

By rickperry3 - Mar 13, 2007

Good for the price

Strengths: Super crisp sound. Small and easy to setup. Stylish.

Weakness: Lack of true surround. Not very adjustable.

It's a very stylish unit and sounds great! It's easy to setup and my fiance loves the fact that there aren't wires going everywhere (i.e. rear speakers). You get decent "surround" from this unit, though not as good as a true 5.1 system. Some gripes-I wish the sound was more adjustable. As far as I can tell, you cant' adjust the treble or bass independently. There are different presets you can choose like "Action" or "Concert". It still sounds great though. Also, it only has a coax digital input. No optical, which is what most components use. So that means no Playstation or Xbox digital input, just RCAs. Also, the unit is slow to respond to remote control commands. Good things-mainly, It's one of the cheapest DVD/Home Theaters you can buy with an HDMI output. That was the biggest sell for me. It's definetly worth buying and may solve some problems with clutter and convenience. I recommend this if you can't get a better (more expensive) 5.1 system and you don't have the room. You may get a good 5.1 system for the same price, or maybe a little more, but I doubt it will have an HDMI output.

By manhear7 - Dec 18, 2006

HTS6500 review

Strengths: Excellent value, very good sound quality for the price paid. Built in up converting (HDMI) DVD player.

Weakness: Some may dislike the lack of true surround sound but im many installations it doesn't really make much difference and with me the lack of clutter is a bonus.

I believe that for a compact home theater that the HTS6500 offers an exceptional value. I compared it to the similar Bose system and found the Phillips to sound better at 1/4 the price.

By craigg1 - Jan 18, 2007

Sounds Like A Home Theater Should For Less than $300

Strengths: Easy set-up, HDMI DVD upscaler and AM-FM tuner. Sound is very good! Compact design, CD's, MP3, USB, JPEG

Weakness: No overpowering sub woofer, TV input volume is just OK, remote has an annoying built-in delay (But I got past it)

This is a HTIB, A 'home theater in a box'. Everything is included except a $49 HDMI cable. The good: sleek, modern, and compact, this HTIB has tons of features! Most important it has DVD upscaling to 720P/1080i and a HDMI connection to your new HDTV that is not always available on $500 plus systems. It has a AM-FM tuner, USB conecction for JPEG pictures and reads CD's, MP3's. The Multi Channel and Dolby 2.1 sound and volume is very very good but not great. The not so bad: The universal remote to the unit has an annoying delay and the TV input volume could be a bit louder. (Even after the firmware upgrade). All in all for approx $300 it sounds very good, plays great and easy to setup and use. If you have a limited budget, this Philips HTS-6500 is a must buy because it has the features you need and sounds like a home theater should! By the way, I did hours of research and this is what I bought. This is not for the home theater purist with lots of cash.

By Harley3000 - Mar 16, 2007

hts6500 2.1 channel system

Strengths: crisp clear sound, nice subwoofer, no rear speaker wiring

Weakness: still undecided about the surround sound aspect

I have only been using this system for about a week now, and have yet to try a really good action dvd, So far it works pretty good with the hdtv, sounds pretty clear and crisp- and the subwoofer packs a decent punch. It is great looking and compact. On the other hand, it has a virtual surround feature, but does not actually have any rear speakers. As I said I have yet to try a nice action dvd to really see how it sounds from behind..but it so far does not deliver a top of the line surround sound experience...most of the sound does sound like it is coming from the front and slightly to the side...for what I need it for it works well and is compact, it is not a 5.1 and does not have rear speakers so therefore, it is very nice, but does not recreate what a 5.1 or more expensive system can do...nice for the price and very crisp clear sound...I am still a little on the fence because I have not had enough time with it, that is why I am giving a satisfactory review

By gifdid - Dec 14, 2006

Value for money

Strengths: No running wires, Average to good sound effects, Most options for Video and Audio (IN and OUT)

Weakness: Tough to feel the surround sound

Very cheap system with DVD and HDMI. The picture output is great but it lacks the sound. The concept of sonowave was not great. I was waiting to hear the virtual sound but it is not so as claimed. Finally word a cheap system with all options of Digital audio and video but it lacks its punch !

By rr_kumar2000 - Jan 18, 2007

Some needs to start a class action against Phillips

Strengths: Great system when it works

Weakness: stops working after a year

The No disk error is all over the internet. I will never buy Phillips again. Obviously they know about the problem but still continue selling the product

By anonymous; - Aug 30, 2009


Strengths: NONE when it stops working

Weakness: It stops working, quickly

i thought people were all over reacting, so i bought one thinking theses complainers were probably rough with their electronics. well mine has been babied and it still took a dump on me. now im a complainer. i havent called phillips because i dont want to get mad at their dumb nonhelpfulness. either way if you decide to buy one dont say you werent warned.

By anonymous; - Aug 21, 2009

Do not buy this system

Strengths: styling

Weakness: DVD player stops working after just a few months

As many others have expressed on various boards, after a few months it is unable to read DVDs, showing a "no disc" message. Even after installing updated firmware, downloaded from Philips websit, the DVD player cannot read DVDs.

By anonymous; - Jun 24, 2009

Elegant, budget 2.1 system

Strengths: Stylish, HDMI output, up convert to 1080, good sound for 2.1 system, play multiple format including mp3, divx, etc

Weakness: Lack individual treble, bass control.

This HTIB is a great buy for 2.1 system. If you are lack of space, don't want to wire around the room with 5.1 system, this one can provide good quality sound, support a lot of playback format, with HDMI, and still within budget. It looks very stylish, and fit any modern furniture elegantly. The setup is straight-forward. It has a lot of features in a small box, such as it has dvd playback up convert to 1080 -- excellent image quality, it can play picture sideshow from usb connector, it can play many disc formats. The sound can't compare to real 5.1 surround, but that's the issue for all 2.1 system, even for bose 321, which is much expensive than this HTS6500.

One problem is it's lack of individual treble, bass control, just limited preset like "action", etc. Another annoying thing is I have both Philips HDTV and this box set up together, the power control in hts6500's remote sometimes turn on/off TV unexpectedly.

By jadesm - Feb 27, 2008

philips HTS6500

Strengths: easy install, easy use, and only 2 speakers ans 1 sub. Good for movies in such price

Weakness: not true 5.1

This unit is pretty good. 2.1 can simulate 5.1 and it is suitable for watching moives in small room. it is very easy to install. the short is you can not adjust bass. I also found there is static noise when the unit standby. I called philips support, they told me it was not normal ans suggest me exchange new one from merchant.

The static noise only showed in system santby. When I play moives or liten music, there is no static noise.

I also notice that, a few people said the DVD player would broken down after several month lightly using. I will see what happen when I get new unit and use it a while.

this one is good enough for small home. you shouldn't compare it with boss321 or danon.

I satisfied it.

By wznq2004 - Aug 2, 2007

Great small HTS

Strengths: good surround sound from only 2.1 speakers

Weakness: you cannot adjust bass by yourself

this model is suitable for who has small room, and is tired for wires. I just use this one for DVD moives and music.
some sides I don't like: 1, one cd, not 5 cd exchange.
2, couldn't adjust bass. 3, surround not as good as boss321 ( sure, price is here!)

all in all, it is good enough to me.

By ueianz - Jul 31, 2007


Strengths: None

Weakness: many..hard to set up..pattern failures..I have had two new hts6500...first one failed after 5 months no picture, second one sent was defective!

Warranty sucks.sound is fair..hdmi not perfected in this unit..set up options poor and difficult...cost $40 ups to ship for warranty each up to $80 in shipping. Factory hot line, line connects to Manila, repairs no one will tell you what is being have to beg for them to fix unit..even under warranty..shipping time is 5 to 6 weeks for repairs, and that time is not extended to your warranty..Undoubtly, no one really inspected my dvd/home stereo propery..most likely just a quick plug in and Second unit returned un repaired..comments on invoice, adjusted unit, however screws holding player un touched and unopened, painted screws are flawless. Now they want me to return it for a 3rd time, at a cost of $40. note..sound is not easy to set up..and unit has no reset to factory need to set up onscreen and on unit as well ..not all adjustments onscreen? unit needs to be constantly told if you are watching full screen dvds or wide. locks in widescreen mode. picture looks compressed on hdmi..4" black bar on top and 2-1/2" on bottom on 50" widescreen tv..something wrong on transmission, because when using sony dvd player all problems carefull I paid $400, now selling for $300 and not worth the price..suggest you seek other brands..

By anonymous; - Feb 3, 2007

problems right out of the box

Strengths: sounded great for a three speaker system

Weakness: DVD player was slow to load and aspect ratios were not correct

I bought this product and I used component cables to hook it up and my TV kept flashing red screens when using the DVD player on several seperate DVD's tried to swap the cables still had the same problem. Also the same DVD's were used on a seperate DVD player with no problems. Also it would not remove the bars from widescreen movies when played on a widescreen TV as with most other DVD players. It made watching movies on a samsung HDTV very difficult. I returned the unit to the store after one day.

By anonymous; - Jan 3, 2007

Philips HTS6500

Philips HTS6500 receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.76 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #25 Home Theater in a Box Home Audio of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value,...
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By - Nov 24, 2008

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By - Jan 27, 2009

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Philips HTS6500/37

Like many other Philips home-theater-in-a-box systems, the Philips HTS6500/37 uses patented technology to simulate surround sound without the clutter of having five seperate speakers. In this case, "SonoSound" technology simulates 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers "by positioning independent drivers at precise angles," with a total output of 500 watts. This system...
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