Panasonic SC-HT56 Home Theater System

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The Panasonic SCH-T56 5.1 Home Theater in a Box includes VIERA Link HDAVI Control, HDMI connection, and Wireless speakers(adapter sold seperately). Panasonic offers top of the line sound quality which sounds professional and crisp.


Product Title: Panasonic SC-HT56 Home Theater System

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Power Score: 5 | 5 Reviews

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Great System

Strengths: Good quality of sound Easy hood-up Support Dolby and DTS decoded Good price

Weakness: Only 2 mode (DVD-P or BD/DVD) Remote - 1. Should have buttons for each mode instead of by holding one button to swith between 2 mode. 2. Should focus on receiver's function,hard to locate volumn but

I have this system for 3 months. It is a great system. I change the speaker wire because I need longer wires for my rear speakers. But this system can only use wires no bigger than 16 AWG. Anything bigger than that will not fit in the speaker and the receiver (the hole is too small).

By Ken; - Nov 15, 2009

Best Budget HDMI switching HTIB!

Strengths: Read Below

Weakness: Read Below

PROS: - Crisp sound with movies and music. Bass is strong but not muddy. Surround sound creates accurate 3D environment. - HDMI switching! - Both video and audio passes through the receiver when it is off to the TV which means that you can use the TV speakers instead if needed. - Conventional speaker connectors which allows you to upgrade your equipment. (not proprietary like many other HTIBs) -...
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By 7; - Sep 10, 2009

panasonic sc-ht56

Strengths: Quality, Musical, pricepoint

Weakness: None so far

I purchased this despite having trouble finding enough reviews online. I have been very happy with my purchase so far. Good with movies and at the same time very musical which is what I have found to be a challenge with these HT1Bs. This is by far the best as compared to the other priced in this range up to $400-$500. I had bought a samsung set but it was really crappy sounding with music, went...
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By reviewer; - Jul 31, 2009

SC-HT56 = Quality and Great Value

Strengths: Tremendous Value for the cost of the system. Sub very powerful. Above average speakers compared to similar HTIB.

Weakness: None

Purchased this system from and arrived within 2 days ($188 plus free shipping). Currently have this connected to a 42" Panasonic Plasma, Sony Blu-Ray, XBOX 360 and Wii - receiver has plenty of connections. Compared to other HTIB options, I would rate the speakers as above average and the Sub as very powerful. Receiver has the ability to play lossless sound decoded from Blu-Ray player for...
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By DaveH; - Jul 14, 2009

Great entry level home theater system

Strengths: Great sound for the price I paid. Easy to hookup. Works great with my PS3.

Weakness: n/a

I purchased this system when it was on sale at for under $200 shipped. It is a great entry level system. I am no audiophile but I think this system sounds great in my house. I purchased it to hookup to my PS3 (for movies and games) and TV. I hooked it up to the TV using an optical out cable from my TV to the Panasonic SC-HT56. I have my PS3 running to the Panasonic SC-HT56 via HDMI and...
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By wake1080; - May 29, 2009

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