Motorola DCP501 Home Theater System

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DCP501 provides one platform for all your home entertainment needs. Contained within a convenient space-saving design, the Motorola DCP501 combines digital audio/video tuning and processing with a single-disc DVD/CD player, digital cable receiver, and audio/video receiver.

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Sound Supported: Do

Interface Connection: 1 x Headphone - Front, 1 x Composite Video In - Front, 1 x Stereo Audio Line In - Front, 1 x S/PDIF In - Front, 5 x Spring Loaded Speaker Terminal - Rear, 2 x RF - Rear, 1 x RF TV In - Rear, 1 x RS-232 - Serial - Rear, 1 x Toslink S/PDIF In - Rear, 1 x S/PDIF In - Rear, 2 x Antenna - Rear, 4 x Stereo Audio Line In - Rear, 3 x Stereo Audio Line Out - Rear, 3 x Pre-amplifier Out - Rear, 3 x Composite Video In - Rear, 3 x S-Video In - Rear, 3 x Composite Video Out - Rear, 3 x S-Video Out - Rear

Product Type: Home Theater System

Speaker Channels: Five Speakers and Sub-Woofer (5.1)

Included Components: DVD Player


Product Title: Motorola DCP501 Home Theater System

Manufacturer: Motorola

Power Score: 3.4 | 4 Reviews

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Motorola DCP-501

Strengths: Total versatility - does absolutely everything in one box No more renting equipment - I own it!

Weakness: Size - it is so big it is tough to get it into a standard size entertainment center

Great price on a great product - I am very happy with being able to see all the channels on mulitiple tvs that I used to only get on one set. I bought 2!

By patrickdefalco - Dec 12, 2006

Good product

Strengths: nice combination of several components (DVD + amp/receiver/tuner + cable box)into one, with only one remote ! :) 5.1 Surround sound

Weakness: Quite a large unit. Not compatible with Time Warner Digital Cable (and maybe others)

This is a pretty nice unit. It combines a DVD player, AM/FM tuner, Receiver/Amplifier, and cable box all into one unit. Features are nice and work well, with lots of connection options in the back, including digital audio and pre-amp outputs, as well as the speakers connections for 5.1 surround speaker systems. The only problem I have had is that although the unit is advertised as a Digital Cable...
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By Lurker3 - Feb 7, 2006

Motorola DCP-501 Home Theater

Strengths: AM/FM Tuner, Sound Quality, Quality of Design And Construction. Integration of many quality functions in a single unit,multiple i/o's

Weakness: Awkward size & Shape, Difficult to program, Remote difficult to use & confusing

Generally a very good to excelent piece of multi-purpose equipment that provides very good to excelent performance in all stated functions.Somewhat tricky to initially program.The remote could be better designed for ease of use.

By norton18613 - Oct 3, 2005

Motorola DCP501

The Motorola DCP501 is an all-in-one receiver from 2003 originally retailing for $900. It simplifies the hookup of everything from cable TV and satellite receivers, and unifies audio and video media playback and amplification within one device. It combines the function of a digital cable receiver, a DVD/CD/MP3 player, a 100-watts-per-channel surround receiver, and an AM/FM stereo receiver. This...
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By - Nov 11, 2011

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