Logitech Z Series 4.1 Speaker System - 400 W RMS - Black

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Put 400 watts of awesome power to work for PC games, music and DVDs. Our patented M3D technology delivers realistic surround sound from standard twochannel stereo sound sources. Logitech's award-winning speaker system for premium sound. This THX®-certified 4.1 surround sound system provides 400 watts of awesome power for PC games, music and DVDs. The brute force subwoofer design delivers huge, room-thumping bass while the satellite drivers enhance mid- and high-range tones. Five-piece system makes you feel like part of the action in games and DVD moviesPatented M3D delivers realistic surround sound from standard two-channel stereo sound sources such as music CDs and MP3 filesSoundTouch Control Center lets you fine tune your listening environmentHome stereo style connectors use standard speaker wire so you can place the speakers anywhere you choose

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Green Compliance: RoHS

Speaker Channels: 4.1


Product Title: Logitech Z Series 4.1 Speaker System - 400 W RMS - Black

Manufacturer: Logitech

Power Score: 3.9 | 61 Reviews

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Unbeatable. Too bad they don't make them anymore.

Strengths: Thunderous bass, unbelievable bass, and amazing bass! Has lasted me for over 6 years and still going strong.

Weakness: Control box has always been a little finicky. Sometimes it will produce crackling and pops when I turn the volume up or down. High end is a tiny little lacking.

I bought these back in 2003 for $140, shipping included. I am truly astounded at how much I have pushed these to the limit and the still KILL! I recently bought a power inverter for my car and brought the speakers to a tailgater. I must say, they sounded like I had invested $1000 or more in a nice stereo system! I had to be 500 feet away and the bass still shook my bones. Absolutely amazing! I...
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By schlenbea - Mar 13, 2009

Amazing system

Strengths: Everything, sound, bass,

Weakness: QC needs to be visited, mine have loose volume knob.

amazing system. I love it, I don't think I will find a better system ever. I have it now for six years, and I don't remember I increased the volume more than 30%, coz it when it reaches there, and everything starts shaking....

By anonymous; - Dec 10, 2008

Still kickin

Strengths: Freaking loud and clear.

Weakness: None

I have had this set for over 3 yrs now. I am still amazed at the volume that I can get out of the system. I really dont know why others have had such bad luck. I have taken this system to just below max level and had no problems. I turn it up and think to myself how much better this is than my sony surround sound unit with receiver in the living room. I use this system for parties at my place!...
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By anonymous; - Jul 29, 2006


Strengths: Weak

Weakness: Weaker than POOT

Had to return system #1 because 1 speaker did not work. Return #1, bad sub woofer. Return, #2, 2 speakers not working. Return, #3 sub woofer blows. (burn smell) Return, #4 (UTTERLY ANNOYED)bad sub woofer again. System #5, after "almost" 2 years of service sub woofer blows yet again and of course warranty has expired. I am not that hard on my system from scale of 1 - 10 loudest I played my system...
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By jeliarra - Feb 18, 2006

I had a similar experience to the...

Strengths: Powerful bass and good sound

Weakness: Like the last person said, it was built cheap.

I had a similar experience to the last person. While mine was fine for a year and a half, the SoundTouch Control Center started causing my speakers to have feedback too. I'm very mad that these are expensive speakers and they would fail like this. The problem is actually caused within the volume knob. The subwoofer still works fine.

By Puterman - Jan 1, 2005

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