Creative Labs Inspire T3100 2.1 Speaker System - 29 W RMS - Black, Silver

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Experience high-fidelity audio with the Creative Inspire T3100. This two-way designed speaker system features a tweeter and mid-range driver that delivers HiFi quality sound onto your desktop. Listen in greater details from cymbals, triangles or acoustic guitar, all with better warmth and character that's designed to give you a live experience that's close to reality. Enhanced with the powered wood subwoofer at 17Watts RMS and you'll begin to feel every fibre of your music.

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Speaker Channels: 2.1


Product Title: Creative Labs Inspire T3100 2.1 Speaker System - 29 W RMS - Black, Silver

Manufacturer: Creative Labs

Power Score: 2.8 | 6 Reviews

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Inspire T3100 Speaker System

Strengths: Price, looks

Weakness: control layout, bass control is on the back of the sub, weak speaker stands

I bought these speakers to replace some harmon kardon speakers I bought a few years back. The HK speakers had a multi plug connector to the sound card; but the Creative speakers have just one plug. The HK speakers also had separate controls for treble and bass; the Creative speakers have only a volume control on the desktop speaker and a separate subwoofer volume on the floor unit. Since the sub...
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By respdoc - Sep 8, 2008

Not so great, beware!

Strengths: Look good. Easy setup.

Weakness: Not dependable. Bases for sattelite speakers easily fall out.

I bought these a couple days ago from a local retailer and I had a couple problems. The left speaker didn't work with the first set, so I took it back and got a replacement. The second set worked okay until my wife turned on the washer and dryer. This resulted in loud popping/scratching noises coming from the subwoofer. I have it on a good surge protector and I tried plugging it straight into the...
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By jruss21 - Dec 20, 2007

Great for your money!

Strengths: Looks great, sounds great, great deal.

Weakness: Speaker Stands.

I purchased this speaker system strictly for my PC. Also, I connected a VGA cable to my pc to view videos and movies originally viewed on my PC on my plasma. Unlike the previous review, these are NOT speakers for a Audio/Video system, such as a DVD player! Therefor, do not expect them to function more than what they are made for. The speaker system looks and sounds great. The bass is adjusted by...
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By anonymous; - Oct 19, 2007

Just a Pretty Shell

Strengths: Looks cool, sounds fine, but that's it ...

Weakness: Bass control is on the back of the sub, flimsy speaker stands, no included adapter for devices other than computer / mp3 player

I own the Creative Inspire T3000, another 2.1 speaker set, so I thought I couldn't go wrong with "upgrading" to the T3100. Upon opening the box, my first thought was, "Where is the adapter so I can connect this to my DVD player?" To my dismay, there was none. Then I inspected the sub. The bass control is on the back of it. Huge no-no ... I don't want to have to crawl under my desk / reach behind...
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By ihatepink - Mar 8, 2007

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By - Nov 4, 2008

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