Yamaha RX596 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

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CLEAN POWER*The RX-596 provides 80 watts per channel with low distortion. It delivers enough power to comfortably handle the requirements of most rooms and most speakers. FOUR AUDIO AND TWO AUDIO/VIDEO INPUTS*The versatile RX-596 receiver can handle up to four independent audio program sources, such as CD or cassette deck, and an additional two A/V sources, such as VCR, laser disc, or DVD player. PURE DIRECT SWITCHINGYou can bypass the tone, loudness, and balance controls, routing the signal directly to Yamaha's discrete power amplifiers to provide the purest signal possible. CD DIRECT AMPLIFICATION*The RX-596 incorporates a separate amplifier solely for the CD input. It bypasses the tone, loudness, input selector and balance controls and assures a pure power path. TOP-ART CHASSIS DESIGN*Logical and symmetrical circuit and component layout ensures the strongest signal and the least interference. HEAVY-DUTY TOP-ART BASE*Yamaha's ToP-ART base is constructed of composite material designed to dampen vibration and other resonances. It is filled with proprietary materials to further reduce any residual effects. YAMAHA SYSTEM REMOTE CONTROL*Ergonomically designed paddle remote control keypad allows you to control other Yamaha components, such as a CD player or cassette deck from the remote control transmitter included with the receiver. Power on/off button on the remote provides added convenience.

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Sound Supported: (Not Specified)

THD at Rated RMS Power (Unbridged): 0%

Interface Connection: 1 x Headphone - Front, 2 x RCA Composite Video In - Rear, 1 x RCA Composite Video Out - Rear, 2 x RCA Stereo Audio Line In - Rear, 1 x RCA Stereo Audio Line Out - Rear, 2 x Infrared - Rear, Banana Receptacle Speaker Terminal - Rear

Audio Video Connectors: Composite Video Yes


Product Title: Yamaha RX596 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Manufacturer: Yamaha

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