Yamaha RX-V995

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Sound Supported: Dolby Pro-Logic Surround, DTS (Digital Theater Sound)


Product Title: Yamaha RX-V995

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 4.3 | 2 Reviews

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If you plan to use your receiver...

Strengths: Beautiful "natural" sound. Excellent both as a home theatre component and stereo. Individual intruments sound the way they should sound. Powerful output and no noise distortion that I can hear.

Weakness: Big complicated remote...Too many buttons...Something digital with just a few buttons and just as many choices would be nicer.

If you plan to use your receiver for both home theatre and music, look no further. The sound reproduction is amazing! If you're listening to a piano performance (or trumpet, or sax, or guitar), you feel like you're listening to the real thing right in the room. I paired this receiver with Phase Tech speakers and have never been disappointed. Although the remote is a bit much, the buttons on the...
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By CrickHop - Aug 28, 2002

The Yamaha RX-V995 is a 5-channel Home...

The Yamaha RX-V995 is a 5-channel Home Theater Receiver, with 100 watts of power delivered to each of the unit’s channels. featuring Yamahas Digital Sound Field Processing, Cinema DSP, and Tri-Field Processing (as well as standard Dolby Surround Pro Logic and Dolby Digital decoding and DTS decoding). The Dolby Digital and DTS systems are discrete, with six channels, five of which are full...
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By productwiki.com - Jun 10, 2011

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