Yamaha HTR-5960 A/V Receiver

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7.1-Channel receiver designed for high sound quality and featuring CINEMA DSP, XM Satellite Radio Ready with XM HD Surround, and iPod compatibility using the optional YDS-10.

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Sound Supported: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES Matrix, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Neural Surround

Supported Audio Channels: 7.1 Channels

THD at Rated RMS Power (Unbridged): 0.7%

Total Power: 140 W/channel

Interface Connection: 6 x RCA Stereo Audio Line In - Rear, 4 x RCA Composite Audio/Video In - Rear, 4 x 4-pin mini-DIN S-Video In - Rear, 3 x RCA Component Video In - Rear, 2 x RCA Composite Audio/Video Out - Rear, 3 x 4-pin mini-DIN S-Video Out - Rear, 1 x RCA Component Video Out - Rear, 3 x Digital/Optical Audio Line In - Rear, 2 x RCA Coaxial Digital Audio In - Rear, 9 x Speaker Terminal - Rear, 1 x RCA Subwoofer Out - Rear, 3 x Antenna In - Rear, 1 x RCA Composite Video Out - Rear, 1 x RCA A/V Out - Front, 1 x Audio Out - Front, 1 x Headphone - Front, 1 x Digital/Optical Audio Line Out - Rear, 7 x RCA Pre-amplifier Line Out - Rear, 3 x Stereo Audio Line Out - Rear, 1 x Docking - Rear, 1 x Microphone - Front, 1 x RCA Audio In - Rear, 1 x RCA Subwoofer In - Rear, 2 x AC Out - Rear

Audio Video Connectors: Component Video Yes, S-Video Yes, Composite Video Yes, Digital Coaxial x 2, Digital Optical x 3


Product Title: Yamaha HTR-5960 A/V Receiver

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 4.4 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

And they say receiver quality doesn't matter??

Strengths: Sound, power, ease of use

Weakness: um -what was the q??

Sorry this review is going to be another rave but after living with cheap receivers(i.e. lower end Kenwood, jvc, etc.) for years i finally decided to bite the bullet and boy am i ever glad i did... actually the kenwood was more of a mid level one and it seemed fine until i tried this one...video only in san francisco matched butterflys price and w/no shipping costs: voila! i'm good to go...(the...
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By anonymous; - Mar 12, 2007

Lovin it!

Strengths: Amazing sound! plenty of connections nicely organized simple to program

Weakness: slight bulky...altho its only cuz of all the diff connections u get!

I am loving this receiver. It handles my Klipsch surround sound speakers EXTREMELY well. I have had no problems with it yet except trying to get it to fit inside my tv stand! I would defn recommend this receiver to anyone.

By Tophan47 - Nov 30, 2006

Wow you wont be disappointed

Strengths: Very strong, clean, clear, and OH you audiophiles are going to fall in love.

Weakness: I really can't think of a one. Takes a bit to learn all of the functions. But comes with a auto set-up microphone to balance out all of your speakers and subs.

I have to start out saying that I drive my receiver/amps into the ground. I don't think I have had one last over a couple of years at the most. I run old pioneer 15" woofers at 4 ohmes on the front two channels. I have rebuilt these speakers a few times over the years. They are HPM 1500's I believe. Then I have some small side surround speakers. Then I made up I nice center speaker. Am running...
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By rolltopstocks - Sep 14, 2006

Great Receiver!

Strengths: XM Radio Ready, User friendly remote, Many channels

Weakness: Setup, Getting hot cause it needs to run all the time to watch tv, or to listen to music, or watch a movie

This amp was sure a surprise. It said it had only 7.1 channels and it has 9.1 channels! I love all the different sound effects such as movie theater sound, sci-fi sound, etc. It actually has been a lot of fun playing with it. I went from having a Yamaha 5 channel surround sound system with all things done on the front panel of the amp to this amp. I am very pleased with this receiver. It has so...
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By cmpokey - Jun 2, 2006

Yamaha HTR-5960 | Black

The Yamaha HTR5960 is a full-featured digital home theater receiver ready for all formats. It sports a couple of features that not only improve the sound quality of your system, they also make your life a little easier. Component Video Up Conversion takes S-Video and composite signals and converts them into a component signal. This not only ensures the highest quality video from any source, it...
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By productwiki.com - Jul 22, 2009

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