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Great sound, great price!

Strengths: Sound quality, power, soundfield options,learning remote and definately not least parametric acoustic optimizer!

Weakness: Horribly written manual, manufacturer written description of features on Yamaha website can be misinterpreted.

This receiver was purchased to replace my Yamaha HTR-5280 5.1 receiver which I enjoyed for quite a few years. The setup was easy. The first time I played anything on my new HTR-5890 was a Jesse Cook CD in 7.1 Stereo it blew my mind!!! Imagine being enveloped in music, yet precisely hearing each instrument and its placement on the soundstage. Movies in THX and dts Neo6 are awesome.
BUT... Yamaha web site description of the unit is misleading. They advertise 980 total watts 140 x 7 channels, yet the manual states 120 x 7. When questioned which is correct, they responded that both numbers are 140 x 7 being dynamic (meaningless) and 120 x 7 being RMS (the real thing). Also they advertise "Component Video Up Conversion with HDTV (720p/1080i) Compatibility". When questioned on how to use this feature because all the manual tells you is how to turn "V.Conv" on or off Yamaha responded with "The HTR-5890 does not have any video upscaling, it will only take a Composite or S-Video and output it via the Component Video monitor out. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at our toll free Customer Support line. 1-800-292-2982 Hours: Monday Thru Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific time" Is this false advertising or product misrepresentation? I can't tell. Otherwise dollar for dollar best receiver in its price range! AWESOME!!!

By Odessit - Jun 21, 2006

Excellent receiver, bang for the buck

Strengths: Plenty of power, crystal clear sound, Lots of options to keep even the most avid listener busy for months.

Weakness: Like to have a brighter front panel

I bought this receiver to replace my Sony STR-DE845. I choose the Yamaha HTR-5890 primarily for its price and then the Yamaha’s proven sound quality, component switching support etc. I am positive that I made an excellent decision. I love the way it plays the DTS movies. I haven’t had a chance to try the 7.1 option yet. I will need to add two more speakers in the back to do that. I am not sure if I am going to do that until next year.

By soji_m - Dec 27, 2005

Yamaha HTR-5890

Strengths: Based on my research the best receiver per dollar on the market.

Weakness: Manual could benefit from an index. However, I find going to the Yamaha site and pulling up the manual to be best because you can search out any word.

Loaded with processors, surround environment processors, and connections. Powerful. Good sound. Ability to have up to 9 speakers on the amp - GREAT for those who like to have reference speakers. I may use Zone 2 for my game room, and Zone 3 for the back deck with a separate amp. System allows for separate source to Zones.

By cgraner - May 30, 2006

I bought this reciever to replace...

Strengths: on board automatic spectrum analyzer/setup. Great features. Easy menu setup options. Very easy setup!

Weakness: Power from onboard amp is not as strong as it states. My Onkyo Sr601 has a clearer sound and sounds as powerful if not more that the Yamaha. Manual is not as detailed as it should be. Remote not easy

I bought this reciever to replace my Onkyo Sr601. Very happy with everything except the onboard amplification. It just seems that the 140 watts is slightly exaggerated and the distortion ratio sounds higher than it states. Besides that and the manual being not so detailed, I am extremely happy with this purchase. It gives you so many features and benefits to those features that are far better than the Onkyo I had. The 3 zones make it incredible to send signals throught your house or location. The onboard menu is set up very well. THIS purchase is defenately worth it for someone whom is wants a reciever that is top of the line on a budget.

By clevedj - Dec 21, 2005

Awesome power

Strengths: Auto setup even detects the speaker distances and set their db level. Lots of modes to choose from.

Weakness: I wish it just let the AV input pass thru the AV out when it is OFF, so you can operate TV alone when you are seeing regular stereo stuff.

It lets you direct surround rear L&R to surround rear L alone so you can hook up 6.1 speaker (I was specifically looking for this as I bought Bose AM16 along with this which is 6.1, I wish Bose catch up technology and make 7.1 soon although there is no 7.1 movie yet). I mounted all the Bose speakers on ceiling, man Bose & Yamaha are great combination and sounds so clear and shakes the room on bass. You got to watch 'Stealth' in DTS 5.1 to feel like being inside that stealth plane.

By mvenki - Dec 22, 2005

Yamaha HTR-5890 Receiver (140 W/Channel, 7.1 Channels)

Strengths: WOW what a reciever!!! Lots of modes, knobs and connections! Plays fiberoptic sound from DVD player like you are in concert. Connects to any component you could imagine. Lots of power.

Weakness: Not a one!!!

Description: Yamaha HTR-5890 is a high-performance, high-voltage Receiver featuring Yamaha's CINEMA DSP, 940-Watts high power, DSP modes, Component Video Up Conversion, HDTV (720p/1080i) Compatibility, and YPAO automatic optimization and much more.

I bought this reveiver to replace a 20 year old AIWA mini-component system. Connected receiver to large old 5-way Yamaha 12' woofer speakers. Sound from from DVD mp3 are better than from Bose LS-38 system in other room.

Buy this unit online to save big bucks

By T Bear - Sep 4, 2005


Strengths: This is an update of my first review. I still find the 5890 a very nice piece of integrating equipment.

Weakness: I am still tweeking the hookups. Yamaha provided many codes to allow the 5890 remote to be used to control other components but none for my JVC HD52G886 TV and LitOn 5005 DVD recorder.

I bought it on-line from an authorized dealer. With several weeks of tinkering, I admit that the tuning routines for FM and AM stations is very difficult to manage. Once that is done, however, I'll have only the consolidation of remote controls for all devices and my ambition. My reading skills have been seriously challenged by the manual.

By bobinsac - Jul 30, 2005

Super Audio/Video Reciever

Strengths: YPAO automatic optimization set-up is very convenient.

Weakness: No Ipod and XM radio ready.

A very good A/V receiver. For the money is offers superior sound and a rich variety of features.

Too complicated for newbies. But with common sense and some research, and patience, you will definitely maximized its awesome capability. I went to one of the retail stores and asked questions.

Hope YAMAHA will supply a better, more detailed manual.

Paired this with the Sony 7.1 speaker system and a Sony DVD player.

By BulayBG - Jan 21, 2006

Good receiver, but...

Strengths: I had Onkyo TX-SR602 and HTR-5890. The Onkyo = 90watt vs 5890 = 140 watt. I hear things clearer and louder from Onkyo. 5890 has video-converting component.

Weakness: In real test, 140 watt is less than Onkyo 90watt. The remote is dark, no lighted buttons. No ipod docking station. only 2 component inputs. no HDMI inputs

Video converting component input means you can convert RCA or S-Video sources into your TV/projector using the component out. This receiver only stayed at my home for 1 week. Even though I got it cheap, less than $300 demo unit receiver and remote control only. I went out and bought Onkyo 803, less than $500 new in box. I am so happy now. I am sad that Yamaha kinda lie about the power = 140 watt. I was really disappointed. But overall, the receiver is good for a very small room. I have a very big room

By hharrizons - Sep 24, 2006


Strengths: sounds great after hook up is complete

Weakness: The book is extremely hard to understand.

After everything was hooked up properly the sound is great. The problem is it took me eight hours to get it right. Additionally I had to purchase a different DVD player because my pioneer wouldn’t work with it. Another snafu was that my HD Ready Phillips TV wouldn’t display the on screen menu when the TV was hooked up into the HD ports. So I had to hook it up with RCA hookups, set up the receiver and then after everything on the receiver was right I then hooked up the TV using the component cables. I am obviously not a technical expert, but thought I was smart enough to figure out how to get everything to work without help and ended up calling Yamaha to get it all right. So like I said in the beginning once everything was set up properly it sounds great, but boy was it a chore getting there. If I had to do it all over I wouldn’t have bought this unit. I am afraid if I get a different TV I will have another ordeal.

By eddiec2 - Oct 27, 2006