Sony HD Radio XDR-F1HD Radio Tuner

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Experience more choices, crystal clear sound, and no subscription fees. Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard with AM stations that can deliver FM sound quality and FM stations that sound like your favorite CDs. With static-free sound and an easy-to-read dot matrix LCD for viewing important information, the XDR-F1HD receiver is the perfect choice for adding HD radio reception to a home audio system.


Product Title: Sony HD Radio XDR-F1HD Radio Tuner

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 4.6 | 7 Reviews

Product Reviews (7)

Great radio!

Strengths: excellent sound quality

Weakness: can't turn off the backlight completely (but can dim it - minor problem)

I bought this product to get HD radio functionality. This unit performs very nicely! I hadn't realized that some of the stations I listen to actually have three distinct broadcasts of which I only received one via regular radio. One of the stations had intermittent sound quality for no apparent reason (didn't relate to signal strength). Sounded crystal clear/nice one minute, and then all of a...
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By valmik - Aug 8, 2008

Great Tuner

Strengths: Reception is excellent and clear. FM sounds like CD.

Weakness: Backlight stays on even when in standby mode. No battery backup for extended periods of electrical outages.

I bought a new receiver recently that was 1/3rd the price of the model that had HD radio support. Saw this HD Radio Tuner that could be added on to the receiver and thought I'd give it a try. Compared with the new receiver, this tuner brings in stations without the static and the sound quality is much improved. HD radio is worth it just for the quality improvement but there is also the LCD that...
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By ctlu008 - Jul 29, 2008

XDR-F1HD HD Radio Receiver.

Strengths: Excellent sound quality. FM stations sound like CD

Weakness: Minor - this is a tuner not a radio so it must be connected to speakers

Small size and excellent sound quality make this an excellent choice. 20 station presets give you lots of choice & the LCD display is bright & clear easy to read. This is a great product for the price, unless you need a self contained radio I highly recommend

By kc7iek - Jun 10, 2008


THE GOOD: Budget-priced AM/FM HD Radio component delivers extraordinary sound quality and low-noise reception; small size; remote control; bright backlit LCD screen. THE BAD: No digital output; weak HD signals cause the XDR-F1HD to switch back and forth between analog and HD; the memory doesnt retain station presets if the radio is unplugged from AC power. THE BOTTOM LINE: Hailed by audiophiles...
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By - Nov 18, 2008

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By - Oct 7, 2009

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