Marantz AV7005 A/V Processor - 7.2 Channel

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The Preamp/Processor AdvantageDelegating the amplification duties to a separate component allows the AV7005 to keep a healthy distance between noise-inducing high voltage/high current circuits and sensitive low-level circuits. This means that the radio frequency and electromagnetic interferences that must be tamed in a receiver simply don't exist in a pre/pro, or are reduced by several orders of magnitude. The result is less distortion and less signal degradation in general.Expansive Yet CompactBarely 16 deep from front panel controls to rear panel connectors, the AV7005 fits where other preamp/processors often can't - on a shelf or in a custom cabinet, and can be rack mounted using the optional rack mount kit RMK8003AV.


Product Title: Marantz AV7005 A/V Processor - 7.2 Channel

Manufacturer: Marantz

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews