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HK3480 is great for classical music listening

Strengths: Quality of sound.

The sound quality of this Harmon Kardon receiver is superb, and is exactly what I wanted for classical music listening. Even though it is heavy and bulky, that's a minor point that can be overlooked.

By crisccc - Mar 21, 2006

Outstanding for Stereo Listening

Strengths: Power to drive larger speakers, clarity of sound

Weakness: none

You cannot beat this receiver for pure stereo unless you spend a great deal more. I have it hooked up to a pair of JBL E100 tower speakers with inputs from either a CD player, a cassette deck, or a turntable. In all cases, the sound is excellent with no problems to date.

By dppollet - Jan 9, 2007

Love the receiver.

Strengths: Lots of power! Reasonably priced.

Weakness: Kinda big.

Sounds awesome with my Polk Audio rti10 speakers! You would have to pay big bucks on a surround sound receiver to have the wattage this receiver puts out. Plus the VMAX feature allows you to spend more money on 2 great speakers instead of 5-7speakers to get the surround sound experience with your TV/DVDs!

By krcable - Nov 12, 2006

I am very impressed for the sound...

Strengths: Excellent sound quality for the price

I am very impressed for the sound quality that it is able to bring out at this price range. The VMAx feature (a technology from Harman Kardon that simulates surround-sound effect by using only 2 speakers) works pretty well for watching DVDs if you are too lazy to setup a 5.1 system. I highly recommend this receiver to everyone who is looking into a stereo setup at a reasonable price. I am also planning to hook up a subwoofer with it since it also has a subwoofer out on the back. I got it from J&R for only $259.99 with free shipping on one of their Friday sale events on their website. Regularly, J&R has it for $299.88 with free shipping.

By SVT_Contour - Mar 8, 2005

HK 3480

Strengths: Does the job a receiver is supposed to do: together with a pair of decent speakers, they provide great sound quality, deep and warm. That's all that matters.

Weakness: No cross over control and volume control for subwoofer. The system is somewhat bulky. Binding posts could be better.

I hooked up the HK 3480 receiver with a pair of Cambridge Soundworks T300 tower speakers, and they sound great! Tremendous improvement over my old Home Theater in a Box receiver with satellite speakers, which is ok for DVD watching, but so so-so for music. I like the depth and warmth of the sound very much. I use this mainly to listen to classic music in the old fashioned way (stereo), not the fancy 5.1 or 6.1, 7.1. This receiver is exactly what I need. I almost feel like I'm sitting in the music hall.
The main complaint of mine is that it does not have frequency cross over control to the subwoofer, and there is no subwoofer volume control, but whatever comes out of it isn't bad at all, not much adjustment needed anyway. Another thing is that the unit is fairly bulky, it's wider than 17 inch so it won't fit into standard 17 inch cabinet. The depth with all the connectors at the back will be more than 17 inch too (if you count the depth of cable connectors), I have to cut an opening at the back panel of my cabinet to fit it in and route the cables. Binding post is not the best design, instruction is not very clear and there is no illustration. I bi-wired the speakers to the receiver, it took me quite some time. And as to the VMAX mode, just forget about it, completely useless.
Over all it is a great product for the price, I highly recommend it. This is perfect for people like me, who want some decent music listening without having to take on a second mortgage. Also, the display and blue color on the volume knob looks pretty cool!

By zy1124 - May 30, 2006

harman kardon hk3480 receiver:clear,deep and powerfull.

Strengths: a lot of power,clear sound and deep bass.good price.

Weakness: non so far.

the harman kardon hk 3480 is a very powerfull is not only a power,the power of the hk3480 is a quality one,it can handel a lot of power even with a big and poerfull speakers,in my case:polkaudio rti a7.the bass of the hk3480 is full and deep.i dont use my my subwoofer at all!!(DSW pro 500'from polkaudio)and ican feel the fullness and the deepness all around. i have the hk3480 and iam very happy,i did the right move when i took the hk3480 from among few very good receivers,like onkyo,yamaha,denon and nad.from all those the hk3480 is a big winner.i remove my NAD c372(150w per ch.)and hooked my new hk3480 and the sound is great!

By anonymous; - Jul 19, 2008

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