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See how a Bluetooth™ wireless headset can do so much more than take calls when its four fabulous products rolled into one. Use it as an MP3 player capable of holding up to 2GB of music on the included 2GB Micro SD memory card or upgrade to a whopping 32GB of storage if you want more in store. Enjoy stunning stereo sound and crystal clear call quality thanks to renowned Sony sound, plus pick up local radio stations in your area. View text messages, emails, caller names, media titles and more, or have messages read directly into your headset thanks to text-to-speech capabilities. Basic audio and call features enabled on the Smart Wireless Headset pro™ with all Bluetooth™ 2.0 capable devices and full features available with most Android™ 2.1 or higher devices.

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Product Type: Earset

General Features: FM Radio, Multipoint

Color: Black

Headphone Type: Open, Earbud

Type of Wireless: Bluetooth

Headset Type: Stereo

Interface Connection: USB, Mini-phone


Product Title: Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

Manufacturer: Sony

Lowest Price: $263.47 from Marketplace

Power Score: 2.7 | 13 Reviews

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Almost a perfect addition to my Xperia ZL...almost

Xperia ZL C6506 – Android 4.2.2 build 10.3.1.A.2.67 All three reviews are based off a bluetooth connection with my Xperia ZL. One thing that really annoys me about my ZL is that the ringer and notifications are controlled by the same volume control. It would be nice if these were separate because of the way that the Sony bluetooth headset devices interact with it. I use these at my desk at work...
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By RetardedTiming on Sony - Official Store - Jan 23, 2014

Has Bugs.

I have the newest firmware installed and I still get crackling/skipping on start up and after pause. After I get through a few tracks playback is fine. The "Shuffle" or random playback is terrible, not random, plays the same songs over and over and over, that has irritated me the most, 10 gigs of music on SD card and I get to listen to the same 15 songs all the time. I defiantly do not get 10 hrs...
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By tannerc on Sony - Official Store - Sep 1, 2013

Unfortunate Choice - recommend not to buy this

I have purchased this device from eBay India and using this device for last 4 to 5 weeks. I'm using this device paired with my nexus 4 and nexus 7. As such, the headset looks cute I had a delight feeling on the first sight. The delight feel has slowly came down to frustrations and irritations with in a few hours of use itself. The device seems buggy sometimes and the sound is not transmitted in...
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By KiranChand on Sony - Official Store - Jul 17, 2013

not compatible with LG KM900Arena

When I send or receive a call I can hear it perfectly, , but on the other end of the line it's huge interference, can you offer a solution, new firmware maybe? Firmware by the way unexpectedly stopped once, and I use it only since yesturday. Please do something about it and offer me a link for new firmware via e-mail or in review and instructions about how to install it if it solves the problem,...
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By zotya on Sony - Official Store - Jun 6, 2013

Great for commuters

This device is great for music loving commuters who are concerned about rising smartphone theft. Rather than keeping phone out while listening and selecting music, you keep this device hidden in purse or briefcase and use the display to select tunes. Perfect if you are standing with hand on a train or bus strap, and want to use one hand to control the song selection. At home, I connect the device...
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By DanC on Sony - Official Store - Jun 1, 2013

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