Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Headphone

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Feel the power of your music and enjoy the comfort and portability of the MDR-V6 studio monitor headphones. With 40mm driver units, these headphones produce deep, accurate bass and crisp highs and midrange tones. You will also enjoy the comfort of the wide, padded headband and the handy folding design that makes it easy to pack them in your bag. The stereo UniMatch? plug is perfect for mini or full-size headphone jacks.

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Product Type: Headphone

General Features: Gold Plated, Single Cord Exit

Headphone Type: Ear-cup, Over-the-head

Headset Type: Stereo

Interface Connection: Mini-phone


Product Title: Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Headphone

Manufacturer: Sony

Lowest Price: $94.99 from

Power Score: 4.5 | 18 Reviews

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Fantastic for the Music Studio

I've had two pair of these. Very true sound reproduction when compared to playing the music through top end audio monitors. Perhaps a bit more bass through the headphones, and I have 18" drivers in the monitors, but it is a very close match. Nice long coi

By docjsb on Adorama - Aug 22, 2012

great headphones!

Strengths: compact, durable, great sound, cost effective, long cord, good base

Weakness: not noise canceling

This is a great paid of "dj style" headphones that are both comfortable and sound great! I've had these for over 6 years and they look in 8/10 condition except for minor wear/tear on ear padding. Not really meant for working out but great for pretty much anything else. Highly recommended!!!

By SJW826 - Jul 20, 2010

Fixing Pads

Strengths: Light, comfy, great fidelity.

Weakness: Black dandruff from plastic cup pads.

I took a couple pieces of worn-out pantyhose (just ask your female friends) and used them as exterior covers over the "pleather". Quick and did the trick by keeping the black dandruff of doom off my face.

By original_dadadata - Aug 14, 2007


Strengths: sound is excellent, with tight low end, balanced full and flat spectrum, nice mids and crisp clear highs; a very accurate sound.

Weakness: none I have been able to determine

We have used many different higher-end headphones, and decided on these units as our standard recording studio phones. We have used and still use over a half dozen pairs purchased about 4 years ago. In spite of heavy usage by hard users in the studio and some live applications, the phones have stood up without fail or sound degradation. I think we destroyed one pair (it was the drummer) which...
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By anonymous; - Aug 12, 2006

This is my second pair. My 1st...

Strengths: Sound!

Weakness: ear pads

This is my second pair. My 1st pair was purchased in 1988 and is STILL going strong! I was looking around for a 2nd pair of headphones, and did my reasearch... these are still as highly rated and competitive as the ones I bought 17 years ago!! Only drawback are the earpads. Just replace them with the EDT 250 V from beyerdynamic and you're done!!

By lawnmowing2 - Jan 28, 2005

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