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Stylish and comfortable, the MDREX81LP/W stereo earphones are Sony's premier lateral in-the-ear headphones. Designed to deliver deep bass and clear treble sounds, they feature a super-light in-the-ear design for a snug, comforable fit. With super-small 9mm drivers and soft, silicon earbuds, these headphones were created to enhance your on-the-go listening.

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Product Type: Earphone

General Features: Gold Plated

Color: Black

Headphone Type: Earbud

Interface Connection: Mini-phone


Product Title: Sony Fontopia Earbuds

Manufacturer: Sony

Lowest Price: $45.92 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 3.6 | 24 Reviews

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Second pair of MDREX81LP earbuds goes kaput! Thanks, Sony!

Strengths: Affordable.

Weakness: Chronic poor quality - the second of two pairs that I have owned have now failed, leaving me with $60 worth of SONY junk.

There are two good reasons NOT to buy these headphones: 1) they may very well fail without cause, as two pairs I’ve own have failed; and 2) SONY is so contemptuous of their customers that they offer to replace your defective $30 headphones with a ‘reconditioned’ pair for $25. What a deal! Do yourself a favor before buying: consider my experience with SONY repair. I mailed in my bum buds –...
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By MrMarkieMark - Apr 15, 2009

Sony MDR 81s

Strengths: Very pleasant sound for the price. Great for exercising and just listening. Exteremely comfortable.

Weakness: Sound isolation not as strong as 71s. Cord a little delicate.

I started with the 71s with my iPod and loved them. Sound isolation was fantastic, great sound - huge bass - and they were very comfortable. Changed to the 81s when the left side cable on the 71s detached after enormous use. The 81s do sound better than the 71s. The bass is slightly attenuated and makes the overall sound much more clearer. From day one they sounded 'better'. Bass still sounds...
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By anonymous; - Oct 27, 2006

Don't do it. There is better ones out there for much lower prices.

Strengths: Soft rubber, comfortable in the ears.

Weakness: Terrible sound quality.

The sound quality is terrible. I perchased similar ones from the ebay (shipped from hongkong) and it sounded twice better (sound quality and loudness) the this one.
I'll not buy another one of these.

By cholet - Jul 5, 2006


Strengths: These are some pretty amazing IN EAR ear buds, if you afraid to put things in your ear canal, these are not for you! But if you are an audiophile, like myself, these ARE for you.

Weakness: I just wish sony had shortened the cord that runs from ear bud to ear bud by a few inches, other than that, NONE. BUY THESE!!! You will not find a better ear bud for the price!

All of you people B!%(#ing and moaning about "there is no base" that's why they are called IN EAR headphones, you actually have to insert them into your ear canal and find the correct ear piece size so you can hear what these amazing headphones have to offer. THESE SOUND BETTER THAN MY BOSE TRI-PORTS AND ARE SMALLER AND LIGHTER!! These have great base, mid-range, and treble response.

By k3xiceman - May 25, 2006

Sony Fontopia MDR-EX81LP/B Black

Strengths: Cheap. Very good bass and treble. Noise canceling.

Weakness: Cord is long. Must hear with good music.

At about $30 the earphone is the bang for your buck. The sound clarity is excellent. Bass and treble are a little weak but very good. However, mp3 songs must be ripped at 192-320 Kb/sec to hear or you will hear a lot of popping and hissing sounds. Ear hooks are very good; they fit to your ears. Noise canceling is very good but it isn't totally lock out outside noise. Don't lose the earbuds.

By giaophan1 - Apr 25, 2006

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