Sennheiser HD 650 Silver Headphones

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The audiophile HD 650 is the ultimate in open, dynamic headphone design. Developed from the award-winning HD 600, the HD 650s feature improved materials for even better sound reproduction. They captivate the listener with their expressiveness and emotion while maintaining absolute precision and lifelike reproduction. Enjoy sound in perfection.

Quick Glance

Product Type: Headphone

General Features: Gold Plated

Headphone Type: Over-the-head

Headset Type: Stereo

Interface Connection: Phono


Product Title: Sennheiser HD 650 Silver Headphones

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

Lowest Price: $280.50 from Adorama

Power Score: 4.6 | 13 Reviews

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Product Reviews (13)

solid performer

Strengths: very good resolution, deep base

Weakness: colored sound signiture

have this sennheiser for half year, they sound great, very detailed, high resolution. mid range is not as sweet as the hd600(which I preferred over the hd650), but it has a deeper base than the 600 and the level of details is excellent. very comfortable pair. However, they are not as nutrual as the hd600, which is a bit surprising as it has gone off track of sennheiser's traditional sound...
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By hedson - May 15, 2007

Sennheiser HD-650

Strengths: Unbelievable clarity, very transparent, flat frequency response, very musical and detailed.

Weakness: Almost too transparent to source, AC power, and wiring. Absolutely requires a good headphone amp.

The HD-650's are incredible headphones. They are entirely musical, and that is the very best compliment I can give them. I can wear them for hours, and they are physically comfortable, as well as easy on the ears musically. They are very detailed, but not in an obvious, contrived way. The 650's are full-range and beyond, and with the right equipment, they do not overly-stress any part of the...
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By brianadams - Dec 7, 2006

great sound-tight fit

Strengths: sound qualitly, build quality, sennheiser customer service

Weakness: way too tight on the head

dont listen to anyone telling you you can get by without a headphone amp for these things. you HAVE TO HAVE IT. they will sound like 50 dollar Sony's from bestbuy otherwise. WITH an amp these things are pretty amazing in terms of sound quality. rumbling lows, rich mids, and fast and punchy highs. they do wonders for classical music- my Schubert hating friends who have listened to classical on...
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By mochimon - Nov 30, 2006

If you have the setup to support...

Strengths: Full, detailed sound. Very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

Weakness: Harder to drive than most headphones. Requires a good headphone amplifier.

If you have the setup to support them, the HD650's are spectacular. They need, and really deserve, good front end components and a good headphone amplifier to truly show what they are capable of sounding like. These are not headphones for your MP3 player, and don't try to match them with it. These are, by a wide margin, the best headphones I own.

By anonymous; - Nov 16, 2006

Best I have so far

Strengths: Excellent sound stage

Weakness: Need a great source and amp to compliment it

I'm so impressed! Everything seems so smooth, balanced, and so easy to listen to, what a pleasure, once again I've found musical happiness. I typically like to listen to music in the upper dB range, with my other phones, the shrillness of the high mid, and upper frequencies would cause me to turn the volume down. Not with these, it's the best I've ever heard. And, the smooth tight bass is...
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By beethozart - Mar 8, 2006

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