Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Surround Headphone

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Don't let a sleeping family keep you from your new action adventure movie, DTS 5.1 concert, or your on-line video game tournament complete with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround! Go ahead and experience all the 3 dimensional surround sound your heart desires!

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Product Type: Headphone

Headphone Type: Over-the-head

Type of Wireless: Infrared

Headset Type: Surround


Product Title: Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Surround Headphone

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Power Score: 4.7 | 7 Reviews

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Strengths: CRYSTAL-clear reception. Noise and jitter-free. Comfortable and light on your head. Decodes Dolby Digital and DTS! Superb resolution and volume.

Weakness: Plastic construction of the headphones are a little brittle and weak. Base station give off heat after a while. Range is limited to 30ft. with no obstacles in Rcv path. Slight delay upon sending sound

Hands down, the best I've ever had. Money well spent! Even though you get a limited range, the reception is CRYSTAL clear. You must, you must, you must, configure your audio source properly in order to maximize the quality of these cans! Do you expect to hear good sound from these headphones if your sound card is less than crap? Or if your equalizer values are all wrong? Buy quality components to...
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By anonymous; - Oct 14, 2008

Wireless Headphone Review - Pioneer SE-DIR800C

Strengths: Excellent sound, no background noise

Weakness: cost

After trying these headphones for several days, the only thing I can say is "WOW". I have used cheap wireless headphones for several years. These are much more costly but worth every cent, or $$$. The sound is awesome, there is no background hiss. If you really want great sound, then spend the extra money and get the best.

By rak39ljk41 - May 16, 2008

Not too strong mechanically....

Strengths: Excellent headphones, as reported but....

Weakness: I have broken two sets of these headphones. The earphones seem to have a weak pivot (it doesn't pivot too far...) and after a few months, snaps.

As above... great, but I wish there was a new version that had a more robust physical structure to the actual headphone attachment to the 'band'. I've tried to glue them to repair them, with no luck.The only IR headset with optical cable base connectivity I've found, and DD5.1, but.. :)

By LeeSweet - Nov 7, 2007

Pioneer SEDIR800C Digital Wireless Headphones for Surround Sound

Strengths: Dolby digital sound, very comfortable headphones, easy hook-up, no hiss as in some wireless headphones

Weakness: Basically only line-of-sight transmission between base and headphones

The Pioneer SEDIR800C Digital Wireless Headphones really provide comfortable quality sound to the audiophile owner. The digital infrared transmission system provides surround sound in the following formats: Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II with DTS decoders built in. Hookup between the headphone base is very easy and you can connect the headphones to virtually any audio/video source. I...
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By techtechie - Oct 18, 2007

best wireless cans evar!

Strengths: wireless, surround, long battery life, comfortable

Weakness: none

These headphones are amazing. I use these for everything: music, movies, video games, tv. I guarantee they will live up to your expectations... with excellent sound quality that's as good or better than most wired headphones. They really sound like a full set of surround speakers! For once, the manufacturer didn't lie about battery life: these things really work for up to 16 hours on a single...
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By atdave - Mar 30, 2006

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