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MOTOROLA BLNC Bluetooth Car Kit Portfolio IHF1000

Strengths: voice recognition, clarity

Not only does this product provide for excellent cell phone communication, it is a great advantage for driving safely. I would definitely recommend the HF1000. The voice recognition feature works flawlessly. You can enter the names of your top contacts, so you don't have to dial while driving. You can also instruct the bluetooth to dial digits by command. When a call comes in, the stereo in your car stops, and you are given the option to accept or reject the call. If you reject, the stereo continues. If you accept, your speakers take the call. The microphone and the bluetooth unit can be installed unobtrusively. This is also a great gift. If you are worried about teenagers or other loved ones getting distracted by their cell phones, this is a welcome gadget, and should help reduce distractions.

By rsg102 - Jan 28, 2007

Motorola Bluetooth IHF1000

Strengths: Great sound quality...easy to use...overall great product!

Weakness: None that I have found.

I wired the unit through my stereo system with a special wiring harness from GREAT! The sound is clear. The volume is capable of being set well above anything exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend the Motorola IHF1000.

By bjfant - Dec 25, 2006

Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit

Strengths: Works very well in my car. The voice recognition is good and is pretty easy to use.

Weakness: Needs to be fully charged when first installed or calls are not very clear.

I had this installed in my Lexus. I have another bluetooth kit installed on another car, and this kit works so much better. It is very clear on both ends of the call and I would definitely recommend this car kit.

By mawcab - Oct 3, 2006

Motorola BLNC Bluetooth Car Kit Portfolio 1HF1000

Strengths: When it works as advertised, it is very good. It is small and non-intrusive. User interface is simple and logical.

Weakness: Voice recognition is poor. I must repeat most things several times to get it to understand. Microphone placement is critical as it tends to pick up road noise if it is near the windshield.

Installation into my Infiniti Q45 turned out to be a real problem. Motorola said it would use the car speaker in my Infiniti, but turns out they don't really offer the necessary interface package to make it work. Went to Best Buy who is a certified installer. Their senior guy took four hours to install the thing and then we had to keep playing with microphone location to get it to function at all. Turns out that the installation instructions were inaccurate and woefully incomplete.

Other issue is that voice recognition is poor. My wife must shout in a baratone voice to get it to recognize commands.

However, the user interface is simple and intuitive and the integration to our Blackberrys is really clean.

By psbecker - Jul 30, 2008

Motorola Bluetooth car kit

Strengths: good sound quality

Weakness: voice recognition system doesn't work with treo 650 phone, and system keeps unexpectedly ending calls.

Product is not really compatible with Treo650 phone. Also, system is not workin very well. I have already spent considerable time on the phone with Motorola Tech services, and I may have to have the system removed and send it back to them. Expensive and a pain.

By anonymous; - Jun 10, 2006

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By - Dec 30, 2008