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Motorola HT820

Strengths: Very good audio quality. Excellent range.

Weakness: Bulky

Out of the box this headset paired well with both an IBM Thinkpad and a Dell Latitude D620. Sound quality was quite good as long as you stayed in one room. The headset is a nice toy for the casual listening of music but I wouldn't recommend it for phone communication. While the headset supports most audio profiles, I found that most cell phones do not support stereo output to a bluetooth headset as of this writing.

By craigg1 - Jul 7, 2006

Headset, Stereo Bluetooth HT820

Strengths: -Comfortable, great sound -Great features -Cool blue light

Weakness: -Reception was weak away from BT dongle

I was looking for a pair of great stereo bluetooth headphones primarily for using on my computer to listen to music and talk via Skype. I haven't upgraded my cell to bluetooth yet so can't verify performance on this feature. What I can say is the feature of integrating the cell phone with music into a high quality headset at an affordable price is a terrific deal.

The headphones sound great and are comfortable after several hours of listening. Did have problems getting the set to talk to the BT dongle but eventually got it to work.

By stdenker - Jul 24, 2006


Strengths: Good sound, good cell phone compatibility. Turns down music when phone rings. Volume, skip, play/pause and answer functions on headset. Easy to pair.

Weakness: HATE THE BLINKING BLUE LIGHT!!! Not foldable. Behind the neck design uncomfortable. Passcode not changeable.

These things are great. Sound quality is very good with both laptop (Dell D520 w/ Toshiba BT module) and cellphone (T-Mobile MDA v2.26.10.105 firmware) for MP3 and movie playback. You'll need the firmware upgrade from T-Mobile website to make 'em work (Windows Mobile 5). Comes with wall wart to recharge, but can use car charger or laptop to rejuice as well. For laptop and desktop use, be sure to set audio quality to high in the BT driver or you'll get AM radio sound. Comfort is an issue. Tight at first, bow is now relaxing, but this causes them to hang heavier on the ears. Bow projects behind neck, so uncomfortable on airlines. Wish these were over the head instead of behind the neck. Love the USB mini-B for rejuice as this is what is on the MDA and also the Motorola H700 headset I use. Major disappointment is inability to get more than one headset on the network at a time. So sharing a movie or music is NOT possible. This seems to be a generic BT problem as multicast is not supported by the Toshiba or Blue Soleil drivers I've tested. So if you're looking for the summa strat solution, these are a good start, but they need to be foldable, allow over the head as well as behind the neck support, allow user to change pass code and turn off blinking blue light, and support multicast. These are replacing my older Blutake i-Phono that are not compatible with Windows Mobile 5.

By RCheves - Jan 4, 2007

Yeah right! works with limited item.

Strengths: Good reception and sound with the cell phone(blackberry perl), set up very easy, my 9 year did it, simple function with the buttons to connect and call.


It's a Motorola, that said, you expect it to be good and does what it promised. I am very disappointed that I can not get help to connect with the Perl's Mp3. It just work with the phone part only!

By piyaone; - Mar 14, 2007

Not for adults!

Strengths: Good battery life, good range

Weakness: Uncomfortable, poor quality

Motorola ads show this headset on a teenager girl. This is what they are for. I'm a normal male adult and I find the headband to be too short for me. Unfortunately, with no length regulation it quickly becomes very uncomfortable, cutting into my ears.
Also, the sound quality is rather poor, which may be a general bluetooth problem (I do not have another bluetooth set to compare to). When I noticed the distortion, I compared it to wired headphones that came with my phone, and the sound there was much clearer.

By MightyGuru - Feb 1, 2007

HT820 Bluetooth Headset

Strengths: Great audio, comfortable, good range, easy setup.

Weakness: Tad bulky.

I mostly play on-line games and I hate carrying around cords and what not so I thought I'd give these a try. They are made of high quality materials, the setup was easy to setup with my Dell laptop and they work well. I've even been able to get it connected with my cell phone and I've had no problems in cell calls either. I'd recommend them to everyone.

By mjpagan - Nov 22, 2006


Strengths: Can listen to MP3's on your pc and listen for phone calls at the same time via bluetooth.

Weakness: Can't use voice commands for phone.

For the price, this is a GREAT combo bluetooth headphones and headset. Sound quality is ok. Pairing the headphones with my Motorola v710 was easy. Pairing with the HP zv6000 laptop was simple, too. The headphones seem heavy after wearing it for awhile though.

By 1drmom - Apr 14, 2006

I got these to use with my phone,...

Strengths: Smart looking design, strong wireless signal with long battery, sounds good, fair amount of buttons give you lots of control options. It works wired too, (with included cable) which was an unexpected bonus. Now I use it for all my headphone needs... blu

Weakness: Syncing to the device is required every time it is used with my mp3 phone. Also they are a little large. Volume could be a little louder.

I got these to use with my phone, which has a built in mp3 player. They are a little frustrating to connect to my phone each time because the phone thinks that the headphones are just a regular phone headset until you manually tell it otherwise. Once connected though, the experience is just what I was looking for. The fact that it has a cable to allow wired headphone listening is really great... I use it with my non bluetooth mp3 player now. These are great sounding, cool looking midrange headphones with a lot of control options and solid performance. Honestly, I think the connection issue has more to do with my phone (LGV-8300) than anything else. A pretty good buy overall, just wish my phone would connect the headset a bit easier.

By donalbane - Aug 9, 2006

Not the showstoper i was hoping for

Strengths: Good Range (20 Feet through 4 walls) Very comfortable even with glasses wireless freedom

Weakness: Battery Drains after 1 day of non-use 32kbps audio quality confusing buttons

I bought this headset because it has the same charging connector as my razr, and because i like Motorola quality, however, this product didn't really hit all the marks.

I wear glasses full time, and most wrap around headsets dig into the back of my ears, but these were very comfortable, and i was able to wear these for more than a few hours with no discomfort.

one thing i noticed right away was that the audio sounds like a old internet radio stream (think mid-late 90's real audio) even when using a 320kbps mp3. now i own a logitech mono headset, bought 2 years ago, and the audio quality is easily 5 times better, i can't hear any loss in quality in that headset.

another issue was that it looses it's charge after you don't use it for a day, at first i thought it was just me leaving it on, but after 3 times charging it and then unplugging it and walking away, next day, dead. works fine when you just unplug it and use right away, but i am never really comfortable leaving things plugged in. and 4 hours to charge just agrivates the issue. (not to compare products again, but my other headset does not share this issue) I am willing to accept the fact that it may be a bad battery, but it not being replaceable keeps me from verifying that fact.

all in all, a comfortable headset, but not worth the issues that come along.

By Swordfreak - Aug 20, 2006

Use with the right dongle!

Strengths: GREAT sound, people not getting good sound are using a dongle that does not support BlueTooth High Quality Audio

Weakness: None so far

Searching for a good bluetooth dongle took time, buying, returning, installing, uninstalling. Not the fault of the headset...but it was a pain. I wish a list of recommended dongles had come with the product.

I installed first the IOGear failed miserably, would not support even low fidelity stereo audio. MSI's BToes dongle worked for low fidelity but would not separate the stereo headset function from the phone headset funtion so I could not use my phone with the headset at the same time as the computer stereo function.

Finally Belkin's class 1 hi speed dongle (same price as the others) worked for everything. v2.0 +EDR and USB 2.0.

Don't give up on this headset til you try the belkin dongle.

By michaelkbarnett - Oct 16, 2006

So good, I'm ordering a second one now @ great PriceGrabber price!

Strengths: integrated mic, rear-head band, usability

Weakness: heavy compared to the iPod earbuds I'm used to, but for driving, I wouldn't use earbuds anyway.

Hard to believe that this is just like integrating my iPod with my cell phone...and I can finally get rid of my Palm Pilot. This headset is working FANTASTIC with my new Motorola Q. What a great all-in-one solution to so many issues. (Maybe there finally is 'convergence' happening.) I'm ordering a second pair on PriceGrabber to leave in the office so the home/car use doesn't interfere if I forget it sometimes. While that sounds extravagant, the PriceGrabber delivered price for this headset ($75) is less than one month of a Verizon Single line data plan @ $80. Clearly a great value! Though I've only just gotten the Q on the first day available, I'm so enthused, I'm ordering a second headset right now, today...

By robertbobbauer - Jun 5, 2006

Great Stereo Headphone from Motorola

Strengths: Sound quality. Battery life.

Weakness: A little bit expensive.

Just received this headphone several days ago and I'm so Happy with it. In fact this is one of the best headphone I have used in terms of sound quality and built quality. To use it to listen music, your cell phone has to support A2DP protocol. You can adjust the volume directly by using volume-adjust botton on the headphone. Also, if your cell phone support AVCRP (Audio Video Control Remote Protocol), you can skip forward/back the songs. I also tested it with my bluetooth-enabled computer, works flawlessly! I even used it make several Skype calls, just perfect. The sound quality are much better than my Sony RF wireless headphone. I've already used it make several calls via cell phone, everyone in the other end said they can hear me clearly. The 17-hour talking time and 500-hour standby time is a huge plus. Highly recommend to everyone who want a high quality bluetooth stereo headphone!

By old_cotton - Jul 16, 2006

Stereo Headset by Motorolla

Strengths: Lightweight, nice fit, clear sound, good quality.

Weakness: price too high.

The headset produces good sound. With the bluetooth dongle I am using, I can walk anywhere in my house and still hear clearly. The product was easy to set up and use.

By jpoulin - Nov 22, 2006

Sssssuper Duper!

Strengths: Wireless, loud, and un-losable.

Weakness: A tad bulky looking

For the positives, it works excellent, it doesn't fall off your head, and it's not something you are going to forget you have in your pocket and subsequently wash in your laundry. It's also nice and loud, unlike almost anything else I've tried. The fact that it is wireless is huge because nothing gets tangled. On the negative side, though not that big of a problem, it's a smidge bulky looking on your head. Looks like you are about to pilot a 747 when you put it on!

By griccardi - Jun 6, 2006

overall a great piece of bluetooth...

Strengths: price, build quality

Weakness: bulky profile. loses connection @ times but this may be my phone.

overall a great piece of bluetooth technology.
i would like to see a less bulky headset but it works good and
has very good battery life.
headset very functional as well as a phone headset
i would probably buy it again.

By iwalton222 - Oct 3, 2006

Headset, Stereo HT820 Bluetooth

Strengths: good sound

Weakness: come without its lether case

I just got my order of Stereo Headset Bluetooth HT820. It comes with a box written in Chinese and the instruction is very bad written. The instruction is very hard to follow and I can see the unit is comes form China. I did try it to pair up with my PC and my phone and it take me for a while to do so, but I did it. Sound is very good but I still cannot get my HT820 microphone to work. Other than that every thing is great. I been search for this product for some time and I know it come with a leather case but I don’t have it with this order. That does not look good for your company to take something out of the box to sell it cheaper to the customer.

By lcmhome - Jun 22, 2006


Strengths: Battery, Easy to pair

Weakness: Sound quality

I just got this from the half-price sale at 60 bucks. It is easily paired with my generic usb bluetooth dongle. The battery lasts at least 15 hours after first charge. So it definitely worths the price. However, the sound quality does disappoint me a little bit.

By ywjkid - May 20, 2006

Not a great experience

Strengths: Works with skype

Weakness: PC Configuration doesn't work properly. You only get mono and low bit-rate mono at that.

These are really disappointing - I bought these to listen to music and switch to Skype conversations when necessary. The Bluetooth audio configuration on the PC is far from easy and I have spent hours trying to get the headset to connect to the PC in stereo. I managed it once but on reboot the settings disappeared and I had played for around 6 hours to get them to work, so had no idea what settings I'd changed to get anything in stereo. This morning they're back to mono and after another 4 hours I'm giving up. Not worth the time or the effort - real shame. I've bought a low quality wireless mono headset - there are far cheaper mono earpieces supporting bluetooth - buy one of those instead.

By mikehawkes1 - Feb 1, 2007

Very good

Strengths: Excellent battery life. Good sound. Music and phone controls on ear pieces.

Weakness: The neckband is a bit flimsy. I had a pair of Samsung headphones designed the same way. The neckband broke near the ear pieces after a few months. Only time will tell how long these last.

These are more comfortable than other behind the neck style headphones I've owned(Insignia and Samsung). This style of headphone tends to dig into the side of my head(maybe I just have a big head). I wouldn't say these are perfect, but much better.

Also, an on/off toggle switch would be nice, opposed to holding down a button for a few seconds to turn on an off like this model.

Overall, they're the best bluetooth headphones I've owned.

By mfretz33 - Mar 10, 2009

Best bang for the buck!

Strengths: Crazy low price, easy to use & great sound quality.

Weakness: Can be a little uncomfortable if used for a long time, but this is minor all things considered.

I was really just looking for a pair stereo bluetooth headphones. But these work as a hands-free headset as well. The controls are straight forward and easy to use and the sound quality is great. Battery life is very good too. The headset can get a little uncomfortable if worn for a long time, but it's not real bad. They are a little bulky, but the size is ok.

I bought from Original Wireless and headphones come wit a carry bag, charger and cable to use them as a standard set of wired headphones too.

By animez - Feb 17, 2009

HT820 Headset

Strengths: Excellant sound quality

Weakness: Not adjustable to head size.

Best money I have ever spent. The sound is very good for both the listening of incoming transmissions, and voice sending quality to the receiving person.

By sandybarnes007 - Feb 16, 2009

Great product, buying second pair

Strengths: EXCELENT SOUND! Good Battery, Picks up voice well, easy to pair and use.

Weakness: uncomfortable if you have a large head

Had a pair for 8 months now, worked great until I dropped them into a bucket of paint, couldn't get the battery out and get them rinsed of quick enough now there fried. I'm ordering another pair ASAP. I've lived with these practically attached to my head since I got them.

By anonymous; - Jan 14, 2009

HT820 Wireless Stereo Cell Phone Headset (Bluetooth 1.2, 17 Hours Talk, 500 Hours Standby)

Strengths: Excellent sound and mic, plenty of buttons and functionalities.

Weakness: Not the perfect ear/neck adjustment, but good enough.

I was really impressed with the sound quality. Loud and clear. It seal nicely the ambient sound. It worked fine when I was 40 feet away from my Treo. Easy to pair with other devices. I did not so far manage to connect to my PC though. I recommend it. Very nice price. Excellent product.

By jeandrofileti - Sep 30, 2008

I like 'em

Strengths: Wireless, lightweight, holds a charge longer than expected

Weakness: One size doesn't really fit all

I use these headphones whenever I'm commuting. I wish they were comfortable enough on my large head to wear them longer, but I still like them.

By obbyyoyo - Aug 25, 2008

Overall, not bad

Strengths: Decent sound quality, fairly confortable, excellent battery life

Weakness: A little bulky, volume does not go high enough.

I use these daily at the gym. They are comfortable, and did not break after 3 months use, so I got a second pair just in case. These are the only pair of bluetooth headsets out of 4 that I had that didn't break or were unusable for one reason or another. Never had a problem with pairing them, connection breaking, etc.

By mimas01 - Aug 6, 2008

HT820 Wireless Stereo Cell Phone Headset (Bluetooth 1.2, 17 Hours Talk, 500 Hours Standby)

Strengths: Sturdy construction and controls...great sound

Weakness: Takes a while to get used to putting them on, getting hair out of the way (woman's haircut)...and I could see how they could split because of the inflexibility of the band if one stretches it too far.

I absolutely love my HT820 wireless headphones for what I bought them - walking and running outdoors and at an indoor track. They don't fall off my head (as long as my hair is moved out of the way before donning them on my ears); their construction is such that I find them comfortable even wearing them more than a couple of hours at a time. The controls feel very sturdy. (I'd tried the new, red Motorola Motorokr S9 headphones and felt, though the most comfortable of all wireless headsets I've worn, the controls seemed like they would not be long-lived and did not work all the time.) The controls on this headset work every time I press them. The only time I do not find them to be comfortable is when I'm sitting back in a chair, watching a movie on my smartphone; for that someone would need an over-the-head band on a bluetooth device. (I tend to use wired ear buds for movie watching as I'm not moving around and don't find the wires cumbersome for this purpose.)

By nancyrowe - Jul 1, 2008

Best deal definately is not

Strengths: It works

Weakness: it is not new

I was promised in writing, a new product, instead I got a refurbished item that was missing cosmetic pieces, had nicks in it and the instruction sheet was an almost unreadable Xerox copy. If you want to buy this product, I would not suggest going for the cheapest price because you will definately get what you pay for.

By anonymous; - Mar 9, 2008

Head phones

Strengths: Good sound and voice pickup

Weakness: slightly heavy if not adjusted correctly

This was bought as a gift for my son in law, who uses this in his office. He says that people say he sounds better on the earphones than on his cellphone alone

By kmaxd - Jan 20, 2008





By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2008

motorola ht820

Strengths: great sound, no cord

Weakness: size

The sound quality on these headphones is great, it's why I bought them. I listen via itunes from my pc. Bought the motorola pc850 usb adapter and everything hooked up fine. I don't use it for phone since I can only have one pairing at a time & I don't use my phone to listen to music.

By anonymous; - Dec 25, 2007

HT820 Bluetooth Headphones

Strengths: Audio sounds very good. No messy wires to tangle with.

Weakness: - The HT820 will not pair up with another HT820 Bluetooth headset. - Ear-cushions come off too easily.

Overall I'm satisfied with the quality of the HT820 Headset. The audio sounds are very clear. I got it to work with my cell phone. I was planning to use two sets as a communication device, but had to give the other one away. Unfortunately, cannot pair-up with another HT820 or use more than two HT820 at a time on any playing device. The Motorola RAZR V3xx cell phone will only work with one Bluetooth headset HT820 at a time. Be careful of the ear-cushions because they have tendency to pop off.

By thanhvcobleverizonnet - Dec 19, 2007

HT820 Wireless Stereo Cell Phone Headset

Strengths: Very comfortable, very stylish, easy to pair up with my MP3 and Razor

Weakness: Have not found one yet!

I bought this headset hoping to be able to pair it up with my Samsung P2 MP3 player and my Razor phone. I had no problem pairing it up with my Samsung Bluetooth MP3 !!! Of course it paired with my Razor being both Motorolas.

It is AWESOME to be able to listen to my MP3 and hear that beep that a incoming call is coming in. So, so, so easy to take the incoming call. All you do is press the circular M on the headset. Just touch the M again to hang up and it automatically takes you back to your music! I wear glasses as well and these are still very comfortable and steady on the head. The sound quality is great also. I have nothing but praise for this HIGH QUALITY product. Great investment!

By Lanena98 - Nov 26, 2007

Stereo Bluetooth HT820

Strengths: Good reception, easy conection

Weakness: none

People keep talking about the blue light. It can be SHUT OFF, Read the manual. The range is OK, other bluetooth devices are about the same. I wear glasses and have found them comfortable. Not bad on price, if you find them on sale.

By icepick13 - Nov 1, 2007

Exactly what I expected

Strengths: Good sound quality

Weakness: none so far

This product works both with my cell phone and with my laptop. It is a shame that Vista does not support A2DP out of the box. Perhaps a downgrade to XP would make my life easier.

By anonymous; - Aug 29, 2007

Simply the Best Headset I've Owned

Strengths: Very simple to pair to my AT&T 8525 – Sound for music and calls is excellent – Seamlessly switches automatically between music and incoming calls and back to the music when you are done with the call – Comfortable to wear – very good range.

Weakness: None that I have found

If you are looking for a great bluetooth stereo headset look no further, they perform even better than I expected! I purchased a earbud style set and could not stand the wires fro the earbuds to the doggle. These are very comfortable, so comfortable you almost forget your wearing them.

By tcronline - Aug 18, 2007


Strengths: excellent sound quality. good volume. comfortable

Weakness: ear pads can come off and get lost.

This headset is an excellent buy. The sound is outstanding and they are comfortable to wear. The ear pads do have a tendency to come off and could easily get lost but other then that I would highly recommend them.

By rlahndo - Jul 24, 2007

these headphones are good if you...

Strengths: great sound, easy to pair with phone and long battery life

Weakness: heavy and bulky

these headphones are good if you have ears of steal, there to heavy and hurt your ears after about an hour. the sound is good and calls are good, they have long battery life (maybe thats why there so heavy:)

By anonymous; - May 30, 2007

Good Product

Strengths: Audio, Changing Songs & Volume All From The Headset

The Audio Sounds Much Better Then I Thought It Was, Very Convenient To Answer Phone Calls And Use It As A Wireless Headset As Well...

Don't Feel So Comfortable With Glasses On And Do Get A Bit Annoying After Wearing For Long Hours Of Play/Work

By gone15 - May 28, 2007

OK, but......

Strengths: Connects with my Motorola Q phone easily, sound is very clear and I love being able to listen to Sirius Radio over the internet on my Moto Q while commuting on light rail.

Weakness: I purchased these for use on the light rail and they are barely loud enough to listen to with a lot of background noise. They are very heavy, bulky and hard to story in a backpack when not in use.

Generally I am pretty satisfied with the function of these headsets but I have not used them with the phone function - just as a wireless headset. I use it to listen to Howard Stern over a Sirius Internet feed over my Motorola Q phone. I love not having wires and the bluetooth connection is very easy to use and connects immediately 90%+ of the time. Even when it does not it is fairly easy to get them talking to each other through the phone menu.

The issues I have with the headset are noted in my Weaknesses - The volume is not loud enough at Maximum, the headband is tight against the back of my neck and the top of my ears. They could be much more comfortable and I wish that they weighed less. I bought these without much research based upon the Motorola brand name. These are really awesome technology, but there are newer ones that will work just as good or better, would be easier to store and more comfortable. If I knew then what I know now, I would have spent additional money on the newer Motorola headphone earbuds.

By shilly - May 3, 2007

Bluetooth Headphones HT820

Strengths: Wireless connnection is very convenient, music controls and call answering while listening to music are added benefits. Battery life is great!

Weakness: No size adjustment possible, "one-size-fits-all-heads", supposedly. Also, the headphones are noticeable, although not generally uncomfortable. I bought them after already seeing promotions for the S9, so the size and weight were a little disappointing

I have used these several times since receiving them. There is nothing quite like participating in a stereo phone call! Apparently, the microphone quality is quite good, since there have been no comments from those on the other end. Also, the battery life is very good, as claimed. If I could only get my KRZR to last as long while playing music!

By hubmub - Apr 11, 2007

great headset

Strengths: great sound

Weakness: geeky looking. ear pads come off too easily. a bit uncomfortable to wear all the time.

great headset, great sound. Decent microphone. I really love the ability to turn off the flashing blue lights.

A bit geeky looking. The ear pads come off too easily. uncomfortable to wear all the time.

By rycom7 - Mar 9, 2007

Comfort could be a problem...

Strengths: Mobility, sound quality

Weakness: Long-term comfort; Incomplete instructions for pairing omitted key guidance (inserting "0000" default code into PC) - necessitating a call to tech support.

Purchased on sale last week from Compusa($59 after rebates)to use with my new Bluetooth-equipped laptop (and eventually with a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone which I don't yet have). I'm a little leary of long-term comfort - I've got two weeks to decide. Unless you've worn a pair for a while to confirm comfort, I would suggest not buying where where return would be a hastle. The design sandwiches my ears between the band and the earcup which is not well-padded. This is not totally comfortable for me but everyone is different. Also, the rigid neckband transmits the sound of my collar and hair brushing against it into the earcups. Sound quality seems very good to me though not nearly as impressive as, say, a Bose Tri-port headphone. Pairing with my computer would have been a snap had the instructions directed me to insert "0000" as the default code. I had to call tech support to learn this. I also observed (after reading another review) that my computer could connect with standard or high audio quality. I used high quality. I am able to move freely around my house though I did experience some drop-outs in the basement and at range extremes. I tested them with a friend's Motorola cell phone - sound was fine both directions and establishing the second pairing was not a problem. At $59, I'll probably keep them - wishing they were more comfortable for long-term wear. I don't know if I'd keep them if I had paid much more. Functionality and overall design is great but comfort issue can't be ignored.

By anonymous; - Feb 19, 2007

At ~ $50 this was a good addition...

Strengths: Good sound, convenient.

Weakness: usage a bit complex due to all the buttons and features

At ~ $50 this was a good addition to my Cingular 8525. Sound is good for music, binaural sound for phone calls is great for noisy environments. the earpieces are thick, so it does look bulky when worn. Because it has 6 buttons, some of which have different functions depending on usage, it does take a bit of time to learn to use.

By anonymous; - Feb 12, 2007

Poor choice for Treo 650 Owners

Strengths: sound quality, when it works at all

Weakness: everything else. does not come with software to connect to legacy devices ie. treo 650, software that is avail. works 'spotty' at best.

If I wanted a cabled headset for music only-this would be a good choice. However, since I was looking for wireless to connect to a Treo 650, it is not a good choice. I will admit, I did not do my homework enough, however, I took at face value the abilities of this device.

Using a trial version of latest 'softick Audio Gateway', I was able to connect. However, I would get resets and freezes. Contacting Softick's tech support proved fruitless.

If I use the supplied cable my callers cannot hear me. so aside from being stereo headphones, this $60 item is useless, at least for a treo 650 owner. I would imagine if I had full BT capabilities ie. a Treo 700 or other device, this may work well. Although, since I do not, I am very dissatisfied.

By gpinkas1_1064441975 - Jan 19, 2007

HT820 Working Great For Me!

Strengths: Ease of pairing, Comfortable fit, Range, Easy to operate, Fidelity

Weakness: They have excellent range but they are no match for HiFi headphones, My kids think I look goofy with them on as they are used to their iPod headsets.

These Bluetooth Stereo headphones are terrific! After charging I was able to pair them and get them operational in minutes. I am paired only to my LG VX8300 cell phone. If you want to pair to the LG 8300 you need to get the v.3 upgrade from your Verizon store first. I tested them for range in my home and was able to hear fairly clearly from about 45' away. The stereo sound from the MP3 player in my phone is great! I have not tested any other stereo bluetooth headsets but these are working great in my opinion. I like the full ear design as I don't want interruption from ambiant noises.

By tbarnes120 - Jan 9, 2007

Nice Product

Strengths: Good Looking, Comfortable, Easy Operation

Weakness: Sound Volume, Not entirely compatible with my Nokia E62

This small and good looking headset does exactly what it says it can do, I can certainly link it with my bluetooth stereo dongle and with my bluetooth phone AT THE SAME TIME! I can answer phone calls while listening to music and can use it with regular stereo devices (no bluetooth) using optional cable. Disappointed Just a little about sound volume and because it's not completely compatible with my Nokia E62, it has an MP3 Player and the sound quality is not perfect, also I can hear a low beep while playing music (manual says it means "Voice Activation") and I thought it will turn off while listening to music -disappointed-, also I can hear a short repeated noise (like interference) even if both devices are together (discarding out of range) But I don't know if this is fixed for Motorola cell phones. Also, remote control (play, pause, stop, next, previous) buttons don't work with my cell phone's MP3 player. Maybe Motorola phones do, but not mine. However, overall performance including price makes this a nice product which lets me listen to my music and answer phone calls comfortably. Recommended? Just to link with Motorola cell phones A2DP compatible.

By antoniomm91 - Dec 26, 2006

motorola ht-820 bluetooth stereo headset

Strengths: built well,good design, ability to add adapters for use with various electronics.

Weakness: are a bit bulky, but any headset that covers your ears are going to be that way.

i bought this headset because i truly can't stand having anything stuck in my ears. if you are a trendsetting fashion minded person you may want to consider something else. if you want comfort and quality, and don't care that people see you with a headset on your head, than this is an excellent product. this heaset is attractive enough, but wearing them will get you noticed.

By egad44 - Dec 18, 2006

Great Device!

Strengths: Really Loud, good range, good battery life

Weakness: None that I have seen.

My only complaint isn't with this device, but if you want to use this with a Palm, you will need to purchase additional software (I wouldn't recommend Palm device to satin himself, particularly since it seems he designed it personally). This device is awesome though.

By deathra - Nov 22, 2006

Don't buy OEM

Strengths: Good sound, easy setup

Weakness: Shabby fit and finish

Good headset but I wouldn't buy an "OEM" version again. A bit heavy. Not the most comfortable fit. I'd love to see a Bluetooth stereo earset available. I'd use it more.

By anonymous; - Oct 29, 2006

I have the LG Cholcolate and this...

Strengths: Sound good, great controls for song and sound

Weakness: Expensive, bulky looking

I have the LG Cholcolate and this headset work great with this phone. No problems setting it up. I like the ability to control eveything form the head set (calls, music volume, song selection) and I do not have to keep grabing the phone to adjust things. I have ear bugs but there is no adjustment on them so this headset is a life saver when I workout at the gym.

By anonymous; - Oct 17, 2006

Great stereo bluetooth with style

Strengths: Strong performance, good design, amazing, amazing battery life, does what it's supposed to do

Weakness: Blinking blue lights that may attract attention; may need to adjust when in noisy places Uncomfortable for people wearing glasses after several hours of continuous use

This headset does a fine job of switching seamlessly from audio to conversation (make sure you connect to it using the audio/phone device to ensure that there are no problems, as I did) and picks up what you're saying pretty well. The open microphone has some difficulty picking up voices in noisy environments so you might have to cup your right earpiece (a-la cyclops of x-men)to get your voice heard, especially if you don't want to raise your voice. Otherwise, a great product that does exactly what you want it to do: play music with good quality, rest comfortably on your ears (unless you wear glasses in which case it may be irritating after 4 hours of continuous use), seamlessly switch from music to phone and back, and basically make it so you never need to see your phone again. I just wish it didn't have those cool "look at me" lights on either ear.

By tiensh - Oct 16, 2006

motorola ht820

Strengths: nice sound made for motorolla

Weakness: a bit bulky

The item is great, i can use it with my cellphone and with my laptop. I can use it too while exercising, reading, and any other stuff i could think of. Very useful, and the battery life is long.

By d2xesktm - Oct 11, 2006

Although this headset is...

Strengths: Clearly hear calls (bluetooth), Aesthetically pleasing, Charges quickly (approximately 2 hrs if completely dead).

Weakness: confusing controls, uncomfortable to wear for long duration, Maximum volume for music playback with my PPC 6700 is barely audible (bluetooth)

Although this headset is compatible with my PPC 6700, it is heavy and one size does not fit all. If worn more than about 40 consecutive minutes, it chafes your ears. Using the bluetooth audio playback function with my Smartphone, the maximum volume is barely audible. On the other hand calls come through quite clearly.

By Phoenix_Legacy - Aug 1, 2006

good product

Strengths: provides great stereo sound!

Weakness: not compatible with all phones

even after careful research we had the find out the hard way that it is not compatible with all phones ! danged, now I have to buy a new phone again. :)

By anonymous; - Jul 25, 2006

Motorola Headset

Strengths: All around quality headset

Weakness: A little on the big side

Over all its a great headset. Has the stereo feature along with the handsfree wireless headset feature. Easy to use, easy to pair and set up. Comfortable and light to wear.

By sendittorobert - Jul 24, 2006

The Beginning of the End of Wired Headphones...

Strengths: Integrated, dual connection of Cellphone and Pocket PC, sound quality, easily paired, excellent range, great design and feel, built in mic has great reception.

Weakness: A little bulky...

These headphones are great! A little advertised feature is that you can connect both a pocket pc (or other audio device) and your cell simultaneously. For those of us not wooed by the prospect of an all-in-one device, this is perfect. I have mine connected to a Ipaq 4700(which just released A2DP patch allowing for remote control of WM05)and a RAZR. Perfect match. When I receive a call, an unobtrusive tone plays with the music, you can answer or choose ignore. I did have to turn the headphones off, after answering a call, to reset the connection with my Pocket PC. The mic on the headphones is awesome! Great reception. I'd never go back to wired headphones...incidentally there's an included wire connection for those dinosaur devices (walkmans, cd players) without bluetooth. I also owned a pair of HP Ipaq bluetooth headphones (same thing as a Logitech for Ipod)and I gotta tell you, there's no comparison to the sound quality and the quality of the phones themselves. I bought these to replace the Hp's cracked headband. If you're reading this trying to decide between the cheaper HPs/Logitechs...hands down...these are worth the extra ducketts.

By scrybe - Jul 22, 2006

Great Product

Strengths: Range, Performance, QOS, Style

Weakness: PC Connectivity Performance

I am very pleased with this product. It works perfectly with my Motorola RAZR phone. Connecting to my PC is possible, but not as seemless as connecting to wireless phone device, and takes some technical know-how.

By Andy Drew - Jul 18, 2006

HT820, not to awesome for music via bluetooth

Strengths: great sound quality (when plugged in)

Weakness: bluetooth audio sounds like an AM radio signal

I bought this pair of headphones originally as a wireless option for listening to music on my MacBook Pro, perhaps I was way off but I saw lots of good reviews on here about sound quality.

Do not buy these for listening to music via bluetooth!!!!

It sounded quite bad, plugged in they sound like great headphones, strong bass and all. But I bought this based on it's bluetooth capabilities and I've been utterly disappointed.

I've seen a lot of bluetooth based headphones coming out for the ipod and I'm wondering just how good their sound quality could be as well.

If anyone can suggest a better alternative for listening to music wirelessly with a MacBook Pro, I'd love to hear any suggestions.

By somedirection17 - Jul 10, 2006

good headphones

Strengths: good sound quality, works well.

Weakness: a bit bulky.

these are good quality Bluetooth headphones from motorola that sound quite good and work well with compliant bluetooth devices. the earcups are a bit bulky though compared to modern headphones. connecting to my phone was quite easy and the connection quality was pretty good too.

By deshwasi - Jul 10, 2006

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