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This full-size professional quality stereophone has long been the headphone of choice for broadcast and recording professionals whose careers demand reliable equipment and superior performance. The PRO4AA features dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response. Adjustable slide bars ensure a snug fit, also critical for hearing every note and keeping unwanted sounds out. It includes microphone mount hardware for complete versatility. Whether you are a sound professional or simply love music, the PRO4AA will deliver excellent isolation, accurate sound reproduction, and the excitement of a live performance to your recording.

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Product Type: Headphone

General Features: Gold Plated

Headphone Type: Over-the-head

Headset Type: Stereo

Interface Connection: Mini-phone


Product Title: Koss Pro4AA Stereophone

Manufacturer: Koss

Lowest Price: $99.00 from NewEgg Marketplace

Power Score: 4.0 | 3 Reviews

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Muffled sound

Strengths: Not quite sure about this one. They do seem rather heavy though, so you might be able to bludgeon someone to death with them. + Comfortable pads + Durable casing

Weakness: - Muffled sound - Weight - Short cable - Awful for listening to classical music and such.

I purchased these headphones along with Philips HP890 and Sony MDR-CD780, and I must say that they perform rather disappointing. The sound is muffled, as if I'm wearing earplugs, and the headphones show great trouble distinguishing between dull and bright tones. I find the both the HP890's and the CD780's to be far better at delivering crisp, clear sound. Still, they offer decent overall sound,...
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By Murphy_J - Oct 27, 2005

I have owned a set of these for...

Strengths: Great sound, good response.

Weakness: a little heavy, but not uncomfortable to wear.

I have owned a set of these for many years, have used these headphones extensively and have had no problem with them. They carry a lifetime repair warranty in case of problems. Their sound is as good as it gets, better than any other headphones I have owned.

By cfbowers - May 22, 2004


The Koss PRO4AA is a full-sized professional-grade stereophone which, according to Koss, is the headphone of choice by broadcast and recording professionals. The stereophone features dynamic elements for a wider-than-average frequency response and a titanium coating on its diaphragms to provide reinforcement, reduce distortion, and improve sound performance. It is designed with closed leatherette...
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By productwiki.com - Nov 3, 2010

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