Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphone

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For those who prefer a compact on-ear design and a rechargeable battery, QuietComfort 3 headphones offer a proven combination of Bose noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit.Proprietary Bose technologies deliver quality sound from these award-winning headphones?making listening a pleasure just about anywhere. Leave the noise behind and get the most from your music.

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Product Type: Headphone

General Features: Noise Cancelling, Foldable, Detachable Cable, Noise Reduction

Color: Silver

Headphone Type: Ear-cup, Over-the-head

Headset Type: Stereo


Product Title: Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphone

Manufacturer: Bose

Power Score: 4.4 | 9 Reviews

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A great purchase

Strengths: Outstanding sound quality, comfortable to wear

Weakness: No European plug for the charger was included

This is a high-end product that provides excellent sound quality. I comes with a slim designed carrying case that makes it very easy to bring along both the headphones, the charger and the airplane adapter. The only downside is that it doesn't include any European plug for the charger, so if you travel to Europe, make sure to bring one along.

By svensken - Nov 29, 2009

Bose QC3 headphones

Strengths: Excellent fit and finish, compact size and outstanding sound quality (even better than the QC2 and more comfortable). I like to disconnect the cord and use them as as a noise canceling headset.

Weakness: Spendy. Comes with only one rechargeable battery (though I like that the battery is rechargeable).

I am pleased with my purchase. The QC3 are the best headphones I have used/owned. I loved my QC2s but the QC3 outshines them. The carrying case is well built and protects the headset. From The Clash to Hank Williams to Sonic Youth to Muddy Waters and The Mexican Institute of Sound, the Bose QC3 headset administers the music to my brain direct and lovingly. For all it's enclosed technology, the...
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By anonymous; - Aug 23, 2007

Great Overall sound

Strengths: Extra-ordinary sound quality, comfort and fit.

Weakness: Not recommended for high impact work-outs. And this goes without saying, cost!

Next to my M&K 750THK 5.1 home audio speaker system... and next to my Polk reference car speakers (powered by Alpine amps), The Bose QC3s are the best things that have touched my ears. Is it worth it? For $349, it better be worth it! They sound great! I’ve tried Sony, Sennheiser, and JVC noise cancellation headphones. Don’t bother! I tell people that I could NOT find reason NOT to buy these...
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By anonymous; - Apr 30, 2007

QC3 is one of the best headphones i have had, like a geforce 8800 of headphones.

Strengths: Superb noise cancelling,Deep Bass subject to input and eq. Use it with Creative Audigy ZX Platinum Pro

Weakness: Price tag

These are one of the best hp i ahev used.I always go for the best in class, you should use this while playing half life 2 or something.Feels the game. Noise cancelling is the best.I am waiting for the QC4 hopefully they introduce the 5.1 surround sound in those. Buy it if you can afford it,its the best out there. Shure 5's are very good as well, depends while ear plug you want. I bought it from...
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By WMAlik - Nov 25, 2006

QC3 after a week on the road

Strengths: Nice form factor, good travel case / carryall

Weakness: Uncomfortable over long haul (transat flights), NR performance fair, sound quality mediocre.

After just returning from Europe I have to say I am not too happy with my QC3s. Like most Bose products I have owned, the sound quality is very muddy/midrangey (bass is not bad but treble end is nonexistent). On long flights they are uncomfortable and I find myself taking them off quite often to let my ears recover. Sound reduction is okay but in my opinion not much better than my $40...
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By anonymous; - Aug 2, 2006

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