Acoustic Research AW791 Wireless Surround Headphones

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Enjoy a theater-like acoustic environment with these wireless surround sound headphones. They are designed for extended-wear comfort, thanks to the swiveling ear cups and self-adjusting headband, and they incorporate a Dolby Digital processor and surround sound technology to create an acoustic environment that is virtually identical to that of a movie theater or a live stage. The 900MHz technology achieves a 70dB signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the delivery of an ultra-quiet performance. Features 3 audio inputs and a 6-hour battery life. Imported. 10Hx6-1/4Wx9-1/4L".

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General Features: Volume Control

Headphone Type: Adjustable, Vertical (Conventional) Style

Type of Wireless: Infared (IR)


Product Title: Acoustic Research AW791 Wireless Surround Headphones

Manufacturer: Acoustic Research

Power Score: 2.2 | 9 Reviews

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