Acoustic Research AW791 Wireless Surround Headphones

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Enjoy a theater-like acoustic environment with these wireless surround sound headphones. They are designed for extended-wear comfort, thanks to the swiveling ear cups and self-adjusting headband, and they incorporate a Dolby Digital processor and surround sound technology to create an acoustic environment that is virtually identical to that of a movie theater or a live stage. The 900MHz technology achieves a 70dB signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the delivery of an ultra-quiet performance. Features 3 audio inputs and a 6-hour battery life. Imported. 10Hx6-1/4Wx9-1/4L".

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General Features: Volume Control

Headphone Type: Adjustable, Vertical (Conventional) Style

Type of Wireless: Infared (IR)


Product Title: Acoustic Research AW791 Wireless Surround Headphones

Manufacturer: Acoustic Research

Power Score: 2.2 | 9 Reviews

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I do not recommend this product....



I do not recommend this product. Besides the comfortable headphones, its reception and sound quality are terrible. Audio cable was not included which will cost you somewhere between $7-$8.

By nojanjoon - Oct 18, 2005

Out Of Business For Good Reason

Strengths: Not much good if they don't continue to work.

Weakness: Produces "sibalence" - raspy S sounds. On/Off switch stops working.

First of all, AR went under and has been bought out by Thompson. Second, I purchase my 1st pair the beginning of '05 and the on/off switch stopped working around June. Thompson sent a second pair and the switch gave out in August. Thompson then sent a third pair which DID NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX. If you buy these headphones - KEEP THE RECEIPT, you'll need it to get a refund. Oh yeah, the customer...
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By anonymous; - Oct 6, 2005

Acoustic Research AW791 Surround Sound Wireless Headphones

Strengths: Easy to setup. Headphones, though heavier that my previous set are very comfortable.

Weakness: Intermittent static, frequent signal loss. Plugging headphones into the charging unit somewhat tedious.

When they work, they produce excellent results. Sharp and clear sound. Can be frustrating to lose the signal in the middle of a movie. I do not have any other 900mhz devices so have no clue why the signal loss or where the static sounds come from.

By Wabos42 - Sep 7, 2005

Acoustic Research AW791 Surround Sound Wireless Headphones

Strengths: Price, sound quality

Weakness: Range

I am disappointed with range. On the box it said "Patented, ultra-quiet 900MHz technology allows signal to travel through walls, floors and ceilings up to 300 ft." Well right now, I am less than 10 feet and one wall and loose reception sometimes, works well in the same room. Sound quality is very good. You must be careful when placing the headset on the base to be sure it will charge the Ni-MH...
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By Charlie... - Jul 23, 2005

It is a love hate relationship....

Strengths: The headphones are comfortable. The design seems good. The audio quality is very good. Instructions are good and ease os installation is simple and straightforward, but then I know what I am doing and how it should work.

Weakness: Signal strength is not very good, even at only fifteen feet. The signal frequently cut-out and I have to reach up and re-set channels. Really anoying and guaranteed to occur when there is a passage you really love or there is something that you really wan

It is a love hate relationship. They are comfortable to wear, my head and jaw do not get sore from hours of wear. The sound quality is very good but I do not know how authentic the 5.1 surround sound really is. I cannot hear it, as opposed to sitting in my living room and listening to surround sound there. I would not buy them for this reason. My biggest complaint is that they are easily subject...
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By bearslighthouse - Jul 10, 2005

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