Grado RA1 Headphone Amplifier


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After years of relying on other equipment to drive Grado headphones, you can now listen and enjoy headphones through our new Grado Reference Headphone Amp, the RA1. Designed for state-of-the-art performance and specifically to play Grados, the new RA1 will allow you to hear your headphones like never before. This new amp is machined from a solid block of mahogany and measures 5 wide, 5 1/2 deep and 1 1/2 tall and weighs in at 12 oz. The RA1 is available in an AC version or can be powered by two 9-Volt batteries that will drive the amp for 40 to 50 hours of listening pleasure. And the sound? Just like all Grados: warm, smooth, full-bodied, non-fatiguing and rich. Hook it up to any line source (portable or in-home) and drive your Grado headphones to their full potential.


Product Title: Grado RA1 Headphone Amplifier

Manufacturer: Grado

Lowest Price: $350.00 from Adorama

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