ViaMichelin X-930 Automobile Navigator

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Install, plug & go. It's that easy to begin enjoying the benefits of the X-930. Get instant door-to-door route calculation. You'll save time and enjoy the journey. Navigation information is literally at your fingertips with a large touch screen display. The slim and sleek design easily mounts on your windshield or dashboard. Precise turn-by-turn voice instructions coach you along the way.

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Product Type: Automobile Portable GPS Navigator

General Features: Voice Prompt

Diagonal Screen Size: 3.5 in

Display Type: color

Included Devices: Speaker


Product Title: ViaMichelin X-930 Automobile Navigator

Manufacturer: ViaMichelin

Power Score: 3.3 | 13 Reviews

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Strengths: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Weakness: EVERYTHING. Very difficult to use, worst buy of my life

PIECE OF GARBAGE. the salesman was correct when he told me not to buy it, but since im cheap i did anyway. i regret it now because the unit does not do what i want it to do. very diffcult and not helpful at all

By YOYOYOYERP; - Apr 13, 2008

Buy Something Else!!

Strengths: Price, Average Size Display,

Weakness: Customer Support (website information for US is below average use the telephone number instead. Also,Europe maps won't work with US sold x-930 product!!! Use is not as user-friendly as the Garmin 340.

Just purchased the unit in December 2007. I tried to register the product. Most attempts to access website will take you to europe or Great Britain pages. No map updates are on the US website. They are releasing new software for it in January 2008 but will charge you for it (according to telephone support) although you just purchased the unit. Europe maps won't work with U.S. sold product. Buy a...
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By ChuckO; - Dec 19, 2007

A Major Shortcoming

Strengths: Low cost, small size

Weakness: Inadequate mapping

I was initially very pleased with the X-930 and have little experience with other makes. The major drawback is that it cannot find a numbered highway. For instance, US 1 runs from Maine to Miami. It is impossible to input an address such as 1105 US 1 in some city into the destination and that holds true for numbered roads such as A1A in FLA or Rte 35 in NJ. These roads can be found on the map...
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By anonymous; - Aug 28, 2007

this thing suxks

Strengths: none

Weakness: small screen, unclear maps, poor poi listing, unreliable satelite, voice guidance is not loud enoug, inaccurate directions

Im extremly upset that i threw away my money with this piece. I actually should have listened to the salesman when he was telling me it was bad. if you want this piece just stick your thumb up your but cuz you will get the same result from both choices

By daffyduck; - Jul 8, 2007

Should be recalled.

Strengths: don't matter.

Weakness: Can't enter 3 digits of Longtitude!!! Fatal flaw.

The X-930 is unable to enter GPS coordinates with greater than 2 digits of Longitude degrees, making it a useless feature for half the globe, from roughly west of the Mississippi River to Singapore. I thought this was going to be a very useful way to enter Points of Interest. I planned on locating my POS's with Google Earth, then entering the GPS coordinates into the unit. This is much more...
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By bd_viking - Jun 5, 2007

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