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Full of nice features

Strengths: Accurate maps, fast re-route calculation, Bluetooth, feature rich

Weakness: No text-to-speech, bulky

I have been using this GPS for almost 3 months now and have been very satisfied with its performance. The maps are very accurate and the re-route feature is really fast. It has lots and lots of useful displays, like current speed, current time, time to destination, approximate clock-time when you will be there, distance to next turn, name of next exit or street. Speakers adjust volume automatically depending upon speed of car and noise in the car. But the best feature I like is Bluetooth compatibility. I just miss one feature in this unit i.e. text-to-speech. Also, it is not small enough to be taken in pocket, it comes with a nice zip-bag though. The box contains, the main GPS unit, maps on 1 GB SD card (unit supports upto 2 GB SD card), car charger, windshield suction mount, AC charger (inbuilt into docking station that can be connected to USB port), and a wired headphone (for Bluetooth cellphones). I would recommend it to anyone.

By skalra - Aug 16, 2007

Tomtom 510

Strengths: Portable GPS; Bluetooth; Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Weakness: Windsheld stand.

I love this little machine. It's incredibly intuitive, has clear graphics, reasonable reception in Manhattan (no GPS is great with tall buildings), but it seems to konk out after a night of charging.

Have no fear! It's not dead, just do a soft reset! Use a pin and hold the soft reset button for 5-10 seconds (the reset is not on the face, but in the hole at back where the unit connects to the base; opposite side of the gold circle, up just a little from the green strip). Apparently the battery shuts down if it's overcharged, so if you charge it for more than a few hours it might not turn back on again. Reset it and you'll be on the road again!

By qqq21 - Jul 6, 2006

TomTom GO 510...Finally!

Strengths: Looks great, modest but extremely functional mount (an improvement over the GO 300 mount), easy to use menus, several "smart" features that are not found on competitors offerings, price reasonable

Weakness: maps are not nearly as up to date as competitors', two firmware updates already since release, mounting motion is a little awkward

As a previous owner of the TomTom GO 300, the upgrade to the Go 510 was a no brainer. Compared to other GPS offerings from Magellan, Garmin, etc., the TomTom is much more fun and friendly, rather than overly technical. GPS reception and tracking work great and I am satisfied with the routing (not perfect of course, but what is?). I do wish, however, that the maps would be better up to date. A friend of mine has a Garmin GPS that is nearly a year old however Garmin's free map updates make his more up to date than my TomTom. The dock/mount is very neat though it takes some getting used to and can be awkward at first. Overall I'm very pleased and would recommend it.

By jmdiersing - Jun 5, 2006

GO 510

Strengths: Nice screen, accurate directions.

Weakness: None that I can see.

The Tom Tom GO 510 is a good buy for those looking for a basic navigation system with a few added extras. The points of interest is a great addition as well as the bluetooth for handsfree mobile use.

The screen is bright and the turn by turn directions are clear.

By metfan4life - Jun 26, 2007

Be Better If It Didn't Have So Many Failures

Strengths: Does a pretty good job of getting you there

Weakness: Unreliable -- fails a lot. Isn’t as user friendly as it could be. Maps need improvement.

My story is similar to another reviewer. I’ve owned two handheld GPS receivers, but this is my first auto navigator, so my expectations may be too high for this $600 gadget. I was going to buy a model 300 when I learned the 510 was coming out. I waited. The first unit I got, the window mount-to-device became intermittent, then quit working entirely. The second unit would lose its mind and couldn’t figure out where it was again for long periods (e.g., 45 minutes). This can happen in the middle of a trip where it was working for an hour or so before it lost its mind. I received my second replacement (third unit) day before yesterday. If this one fails I’m giving up.
The maps need improvement.
It doesn’t know which side of the street your destination’s on, thus which lane you should be in to turn off a highway. So, you drive another block or so, maneuvering into the correct lane, turn around and go back to where you were headed.
When entering a town you’re going to into the gadget it doesn’t offer you the closest town that meets the criteria, rather lists all US cities that meet the criteria alphabetically. If you are going 2 miles down the road to Rockport, Texas and you begin entering the name letter-by-letter you get 70 US cities starting with “Rock,” with Rockford, Alabama at the top of the list. After you’ve tediously entered the entire word Rockport you still have to scroll down a few screens to get to the Ts. This wouldn’t be friendly even if you live in Alabama, Alaska or Arkansas.

It thinks I’m at my “destination” when I reach the nearest intersection – I may still be 100 yards from where I’m going. If you let it take you to places you're familiar with it often chooses squirrelly routes, but it usually gets you there. And, of course, if you don’t know where you’re going (the reason for having it) you’ll never know it took you 6 miles out of your way, or had you taking your life in your hands to cross a heavily trafficked highway, when if it had turned one block earlier you’d have had a traffic signal.

For a variety of reasons you may want to cancel a destination – often because you’ve been there and gone, but the gadget didn’t figure that out and keeps telling you to ‘turn around and go back.’ But, you have to go through three screens to reach this often used ‘Cancel’ command. While, along the way you visit rarely used choices like ‘changing preferences,’ ‘doing advanced planning,’ viewing photos,’ ‘adding a favorite,’ taking a guided tour, etc.

There are no “shortcuts.” The function I visit most frequently requires I go through five screens to reach it. Try doing that in traffic – I know, I know the instructions say pull off the freeway and into a parking lot to make any selections on the gadget.

Getting it on and off the window mount is a fussy operation. Taking the data card out and carrying it to your computer card reader is easy, but for reasons I don’t understand the software requires you remove the entire unit and put it on their little stand (computer dock), then take it back to the car and fuss with the mount again. Why don’t they use the card reader??

Because of all the problems I’ve had several discussions with their customer support (Note I didn't refer to it as "technical" support. With a couple of exceptions their customer support people are exceptionally nice, polite and friendly – and they speak American. But, they don’t understand the product very well and never were able to solve any of my technical problems. In broad terms they know how the device works, but if somethings wrong, forget it.

The instructions tell you to remove the unit, plus the window mount and carry them with you every time you leave the car – gee.

I could go on, but you have the idea by now.

By jimmm - Aug 27, 2006

So far so good

Strengths: GPS location and direction accuracy are pretty good.

Weakness: TomTom Plus service is only available with bluetooth cellphone. Not enough POIs

TomTom GO510 is my first GPS. At first I was interested in GO300. By the way I heard the new version GPS would be launched soon, so I have waited till GO510 launch with expectation for better performance.

This is a little bit smaller than I expect, but has enough size to contain informations. Because this is the first one to me, I cannot compare between GO510 other GPSs. However, so far direction and location accuracy are pretty good. Also when I missed and passed by the street, recalculation time is fast enough.

There are plenty of POIs, but I could not find Costco, Macy, Target ... POI provides only shopping center. But I could find many restaurants.

Because of direct sunlight, screen is not clear sometimes. But I guess this is not only GO510 problem.

Overall I'm satisfied the performance, and hope more POIs updated soon.

By kidol77 - May 27, 2006

TomTom GO 510 [Reviewed]

Strengths: - Good Overall Design - Excellent, Easy to Use & User Friendly Interface - Terrific Range of Voices & Accents all w/ Superb Clarity of Speech - Good Feature Set

Weakness: - A little bulky & heavy - Small SD Card capacity - Reset Button is difficult to locate - Windshield Mount Device is impossible turn/lock!!! - Too expensive, compared to the superior GO 910

Overall the TomTom Go 510 is a Good product!
As a first-time GPS/Navigation solution, it's more than adequate.

Like the GO 910, it's Attractive; has a Large Display; Is Easy to Input, Read, Hear & Understand; about 95% accurate across the US and fairly responsive.

It can also be used for Biking and Pedestrian navigation and has iPod Control functionality & BT for hands-free calling.

As a big fan of the GO 910, I 'Like' this device (the 510).
Yes...only Like! The 510 is almost the same size and weight of the 910 yet it has no Hard Drive. For a device using only an SD Card, the unit is far too heavy and bulky! This would have been the perfect unit to make thinner and lighter than the 910 while maintaining a large display. Unfortunately, you don't get this here!

Since the SD Card has only 1GB capacity, there is no space for Maps of Europe or other countries. For that you would have to do 1 of two things (neither really optimal).
A. Use an additional card for additional Maps (easy to lose)
B. Format and use a 2GB capacity card to allow for additional, all-on-one card storage.
Now, the steps to format and use a 2GB card are not that simple for a non-techy person...and hardware/firmware constraints limit the use to SD Cards of 2GB capacity or less. So you can use a 4GB SD Card, but it will only recognize 2GB of that capacity.

I also have issue with the almost impossible to turn fastening, suction hold on the windshield mount! It's the same unit and thus the same issue I have w/ the TomTom 910 GO's mount (you can read my review of that device here as well).

The GO 510 is fairly feature-rich. You can add traffic & weather updates for an added subscription fee and get traffic camera info as well. Screen views are terrific (allowing you to see your route out ahead of turns) and customizable, allowing for nighttime driving screen adjustments etc. Since the SD card capacity is quite small, there is no space/option in the database for the computer voices to annunciate street names.

Map updates still don't reflect some road changes that have been in effect for about a year or more now in the US but it appeared to be about 95% accurate in limited testing.

The 510 is a solid product...BUT, for the Money, Size, Weight & Capacity you're better off buying the GO 910 for $100 more and getting tons of space and some added bonuses...
[incl. a Remote; Music/Pictures & Slideshow Capabilities; Spoken Street Names and European Maps].

If none of that stuff interests you, then you can save yourself $100 immediately by getting the GO 510 instead of the 910. Everything else on the 510 is almost identical to its sibling!
If you shop around you can save an extra $50 - $100 making the 510 a much more desirable product at those prices.


By D_Original - Jun 7, 2007

Great unit! Worked as advertised.

Strengths: 1. Worked out of box. 2. Flawlessly connected to my Bluetooth cell phone 3. Directions are clear and unit is easy to use. 4. Easily and quickly find alternative routes.

Weakness: 1. Difficult to see screen with sunglasses on, needs brightness adjust feature. 2. Slightly heavy. 3. Must leave SD card installed while in use.

I can highly recommend this GPS unit. Right out the box it worked without reading any instructions. I received a direct route home from the store using the major streets. I bypassed that route by touching the screen and choosing to re-route an alternate route by ignoring one of the chosen primary streets. The unit instantly popped up an alternate route that matched my perferred route home, a leisurly drive through a quiet neighborhood.

My phone happens to be listed as a compatible phone and TomTom located and connected to my phone via on-screen instructions. I am now handsfree without buying any additional equipment.

While driving to another location for the first time, I was alerted by traffic signs that the freeway exit ramp I was planning on using was closed. With about three presses of the screen, TomTom chose a new route that allowed me to avoid that area and still got me there on time.

I feel that this unit will save me some gas money, time, and frustration in the coming weeks. I can highly recommend this unit, but if you are planning to use the handsfree phone feature, make sure and check out the TomTom website to see if you phone is compatible with this unit.

I have just returned from a 3218 mile driving trip through Texas, NM, CO, KS, MS, AR, and back to Houston, TX. I used TomTom to find Points of Interest along the way, entered the entire trip as Destinations and Waypoints and the unit performed flawlessly.

What I really enjoyed is the POI feature. Having never been in any of these places, I used TomTom to tell me what restaurants were nearby. Now, it cant tell me if the food is good, but based on the restaurant name, I was able to plan lunch and dinner each day. In an emergency in Arkansas (3-year old finally had enough and had to have McDonalds right now), TomTom directed me to one I would have never found on my own, only 1.5 miles away. I am certain this unit saved me time and gas money by telling me which way to turn to get to my hotels.

I had no use for the large hard drive, mp3 function, so I decided against the 910 model. I am very pleased with this 510 model and by the way, I had no trouble with the suction cup mount in my Ford Expedition.

By jiglinsky - Jun 6, 2007

GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

Strengths: Wide screen, good windshield mount, reception, great selection of voices and the ability to download more.

Weakness: What the heck is the map of satellites for? Why do I need to know where the satellites are? Weak manual, non-intuitive interface.

As far as all-around experience goes this product runs very close to the Garmin C3xx products. However, Garmin wins out in the ease of use for the interface. Just how do you cancel a route on a Tomtom anyway?

By otwiz - Mar 24, 2007

Maps are pre-historic

Strengths: Blue tooth technology

Weakness: Maps are very out dated, over five years old.

The most important thing why people buy navigation is for them not to get lost, but if the map is out of date and the company is not doing much about it (for the past five years or more) them what is the use of a navigation with out an accurate map, may as well buy your self a dollar compass or better yet buy a navigation system that is made in United States if you are American because TomTom is not really an American product European so they care less about the Map. Go Garmin or will make more sense.

By larryg300 - Nov 3, 2006

Good starter unit

Strengths: Useful for getting around unfamiliar neighborhoods (but not sure about POI, as I haven't tried yet), affordable price

Weakness: The display is not the greatest, esp. when it is bright out

Great overall for the price. The display is not always that clear when the sunlight is reflecting. The unit is too heavy for the holder so it doesn't stay sturdy on the window. Very intuitive, I barely read the directions. It is serving my purposes and has really been a time saver, so I'm satisfied with my purchase!

By scottibab - Sep 29, 2007

Tom Tom Go 510

Strengths: Easy to operate, ready to use right from the box, large(4.0") LCD screen with great clarity,good accuracy & price

Weakness: does not specify name of the street while making turns rather than: "make a right turn in few feet or yard"

As soon as we started to use this device, we fell in love with it. The device was worth every penny. It is definitely better than previous equipment that we have used before this. We wish we would have purchased this system sooner.

By jayare2112 - Sep 19, 2007

Tomtom Go 510

Strengths: Nice 4" WideScreen

Weakness: Bulky, Heavy

This is a Tomtom 510 GPS that has a very nice high-resolution (480x272) 4-inch widescreen. the GPS has a multifunction mount that has attachments for power & headphones, so you can pluck the GPS off the mount without needing to remove any wires. the GPS has ipod-integration (control your ipod thru the GPS) and is bluetooth-ready (can use it as a handsfree speaker for your bluetooth phone). the GPS calculates/re-calculates routes very fast and gets a signal very fast as well. comes with a separate home mount to update maps/software thru the computer.

By deshwasi - Sep 19, 2007

GO 510 Portable GPS Navigator

Strengths: Big screen. Simple to use

Weakness: car charger cant actually charge it. it only maintains the charge.

I like the tom tom. It's interface is so simple any one could figure it out...including the advanced features, which there is alot of. Reliable and easy to read screen.

By christina_shonts - Aug 31, 2007

Tom Tom Go 510 GPS Navigator

Strengths: Awesome out of the box, simple yet full of features.

Weakness: Overview maps are too small to see. Doesnt work great when raining, but I think that is any of them.

I love this system! It was quick and easy to set up. It is highly intuitive. My mom could use it without reading the instructions. It boots up fast. Comes with a car charger so you never have to worry about battery dying. Mine didnt come with updated maps, which I was a little disappointed about, But you can buy updated maps from the Tom Tom web site. Overall a phenomenal system!!!

By christina_shonts - Jun 22, 2007

GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

Strengths: everything

Weakness: nothing

This is an awesome unit. Since it is my first however and I have nothing to compare it to. I cannot say it needs anything more than what it includes. I did buy the seperate remote control for this unit, however I have not used the remote yet. So far, so good. Great unit for the price. i bought mine at Buy Dig dot com SKU# TTGO510, part number 1V00580 for a total cost of $366.44 to my door.

By wilsonja64 - Jun 13, 2007

Great GPS

Strengths: very big screen, good directions, easy to use.

Weakness: sometimes hard to make good directions

Overall this is a great unit. Directions it gives are pretty good and when you make a wrong turn or dont follow it, it gives an alternative route in under 30 seconds. It has mostly all roads, but I have encountered where it did not know roads in a new mall. I would defiantly buy it again.

By MrSlacker - May 18, 2007

GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: none

The Tom Tom GO 510 is very easy to use, definitely user friendly, like it a lot - would definitely recommend to be used by others. Use it for all my business travels.

By NSIAINC - May 15, 2007

Moved from the GO 300 to the GO 510

Strengths: Blue Tooth support for Cell phones, signal strength, automatic night mode, battery life.

Weakness: Windshield mount, reception in city with high rise buildings.

I owned a GO 300 for a year prior to purchasing the 510 2 months ago. (Beware of rising GPS theft) I chose the 510 because of the added bluetooth support which allows me to carry a hands free cellphone conversation while driving. With the external microphone clipped on the driver side visor, I can make and receive calls very conveniently. The sound quality is very good on both ends. It was very nice. I've been very happy with Tomtom's GPS units. The user interface was simple and intuitive.

There were pros and cons I have with the widescreen format. Although the 4" diagnose is longer then the 3.5" of the Go300, the height is actually shorter. With the lower status bar taking up some height, the map area is shortened. Don't get fool by the measurement. I will rather have the 3.5" display.

I've heard a lot of complains and upgrade to the controversial new windshield mount. I personally prefer the old GO300 style. I found the 510 suction cup hard to install, it is difficult to snap/remove the GPS unit from the mount, and ball joint is not tight enough to keep the Tomtom from vibrating while moving.

Overall, I do like the Tomtom 510 and will recommend it to others.

By AlfredPoon56 - Apr 20, 2007

Strong software

Strengths: The software

Weakness: none

Very strong software wich makes the tomtom 510 very easy to use.
Worked with a friends tomtom and was so pleased that I will now buy one of my own.

By Dutchpounder - Apr 9, 2007

Steer Clear

Strengths: Looks like the real thing

Weakness: Poor Quality

Bought my Go510 on November 14 as a Christmas present for the wife. It comes with only 90 days of warranty. Today is April 6 and the thing is broken. For a few days it had trouble finding the satellites, then just went dead. It was never abused, never left the car. Out of warranty for just 45 days, $600 wasted. It is junk! Stay away from it!

By anonymous; - Apr 6, 2007


Strengths: none

Weakness: all.... Worst customer service I've ever seen still waiting on refund ordered on feb 28 still no contact


By anonymous; - Apr 2, 2007


Strengths: NONE


Let me start by saying right off the top "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PROUDUCT".
It says can be used right out of the box, except you really must charge it.
It is very clumsy and doesnt work properly.
You will need about a month to read the instruction book,
and although it is bluetooth ready. its hard to use.
After I charged my TOMTOM 510, it worked for about 2 days and the screen went blank and the screen remained lit and I was unable to shut it off.
I returned it, and purchased a Magellan.
The TOMTOM510 is pure junk.

By anonymous; - Mar 11, 2007

Tom Tom GO510

Strengths: Very compact but packed with lots of features. Very good signal tracking. Very user-friendly and easy to operate right out of the box.

Weakness: Maps need a serious update (which is on the way).

The GO510 is a very reliable and accurate unit that will get you to your destination without any hesitation. It has all the features that you would need when travelling such as arrival time, quickest route, shortest route, etc. You can even choose a part of the route that you want to change and it routes you to your destination from that point. Bluetooth is great for making and taking cell phone calls and messages using the GO510 (must have a bluetooth phone.) TomTom just released the most up-to-date and comprehensive maps ever produced which are out now. So all of your worries will be no more. A very, very good unit.

By anonymous; - Jan 8, 2007

Tom Tom 510

Strengths: Clear graphics, audio easily heard over automobile engine noise, precise directions

Weakness: street updates are sporadic, no alternate directions if you miss a turn, not user friendly

I bought the tom tom 510 for my boyfriend who is a truck driver. I researched this product and chose it due to its screen size, free street updates (many others charge a fee for updates), and its precise street directions. Upon using the tom tom, the first 5 addresses that were entered into it weren't available. The manufacturer stated that new updates were done yearly, but they were having problems, and 3 of the addresses programmed into the tom tom were more than 2 years old, which shouldn't be a problem if updates were done yearly as advertised. Also, if you miss your turn, it doesn't re-route you to the next available turn to reach your destination. Circuit City sold me this product, but were more than happy to refund my money when I told them of the problems I was having with the unit.

By anonymous; - Dec 14, 2006

TomTom Go 510

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