Nextar X3-03 Automobile Navigator

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Nextar X3-03 - GPS receiver - automotive - 3.5


Product Title: Nextar X3-03 Automobile Navigator

Manufacturer: Nextar

Power Score: 2.5 | 8 Reviews

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broke as soon as warranty ended

Strengths: none

Weakness: too much to list

it broke literally a week after the 12 month warranty ended. the customer service was HORRIBLE, WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NEXTAR PRODUCT. they would not even tell me where i can get it fixed or why i was having this problem. all they said was, sry the 12 months is up. we can no longer assist you. believe me, rather spend up to $50 more and you wont have to worry that it'll break down on you in the...
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By anonymous; - Jul 7, 2010

Don't buy this if you want it to last more than the one year warranty!

Strengths: Good price, easy to use

Weakness: Hard to hear and broke after 1 year of use

It is a good GPS that we bought based on the good reviews for the price. It was a Christmas gift last year and by this Christmas the unit completely stopped working. Because we bought it at a Black Friday sale the unit was a month old before we gave it for Christmas. So now Nextar will not help us at all because their warranty is only 12 months. They would not even give us any ideas to try to...
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By lassie4timmy - Jan 8, 2010

Nextar GPS

Strengths: Easy to operate.

Weakness: Battery and no updates on new freeways, roads, etc.

For the price its ok. The batterry life basically has none. The GPS must be plugged in to operate or not going to work. The load up to start is a long wait. The Gps will get you to point A to B but if your in a rush no luck with it. So for the low price you get what you paid for rather had spent 50 more bucks for a better GPS.

By anonymous; - Apr 26, 2009

Off Brand puts you off road!

Strengths: No subscription.

Weakness: Somehow I'm always off route, or it thinks I'm going the other way, so far there are no updates, it never knows where I am, and it doesn't work unless it's plugged into power at all times.

The time it takes to find its self varies greatly. Often I drive for 2 hours before it finds where I am. The quickest it can ever acquire a signal is about 5 minutes. That's too long. When I'm stuck in L.A. traffic (stop and go), it thinks I'm going the other way half the time, or it just starts recalculating and tells me to proceed to the nearest road. Recently I was stopped in traffic and the...
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By thedawnedition - Apr 23, 2009

Good basic GPS with poor mounting device.

Strengths: It works well, especially for the price.

Weakness: Mounting system doesn't.

For the money, this is a good basic GPS, even though it does seem to take at least five mins for it to locate the tracking satellite when you turn it on. The mounting device is another story: a completely useless design. Unless you have a really unusually shaped dashboard, you'll have to jury-rig a way to make it angle correctly and stay in place. If this is important to you, consider this rating...
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By anonymous; - Feb 15, 2009

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