Magellan Maestro 3140 GPS

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Premium features at an affordable price, elegantly designed for easy navigation with beautifully streamlined graphics, built-in AAA travel information, Bluetooth compatibility, SayWhere text-to-speech, integrated battery and 4.5 million points of interest

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Product Type: Automobile Portable GPS Navigator

General Features: Voice Prompt

Diagonal Screen Size: 3.5 in

Included Devices: Microphone

Display Type: color


Product Title: Magellan Maestro 3140 GPS

Manufacturer: Magellan

Power Score: 3.8 | 19 Reviews

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Magellan 3140

Strengths: Bluetooth, speak street name, AAA travel guide, POI

Weakness: Need better QA

Got the refurbished unit from It had charging problem, later found out it was the metal contact in charging socket was not sticking out. I tried the Magellan support, took less than 1 mins to get someone on the phone and the experience was great. They agreed to pay for shipping to send it back for repair. But later I decided to fix it myself by using the pin to pull the contact out...
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By johnphwu - Jun 11, 2008

Compact GPS with A Lot of Features

Strengths: Text To Speech with understandable voice; Reason number of POIs; Bluetooth; Fast to lock GPS signal; Easy to use

Weakness: No wall charger; Map is out of date now.

Magellan has released a new version of firmware to improve the map view in 3D mode. I am looking forward to get a map update but for my area the old map is still ok to use. TTS helps a lot when you drive in a new area. Bluetooth makes phone call much easier and safer during driving. In summary, the 3140 is an extremely solid simple to use GPS unit.

By yzqct - Apr 29, 2008

Excellent, love it!

Strengths: Very good screen resolution, attention to detail, good quality maps

Weakness: None

I have been using this product for over six months now. I absolutely love the features. Very good quality of maps, clear directions and bright display. I would definitely recommend it.

By fatemap_2002 - Nov 30, 2007

Maestro 3140 - a good value for the money

Strengths: quick recalculations, easy to set up and use, clear screen

Weakness: changing from shortest distance to fastest distance, no sandbag mounting system

My husband travels a lot and it has been very convenient for his trips to unfamiliar cities. It recalculates very quickly when he is detoured due to construction

By leeannscheer - Nov 11, 2007

More features than the Garmin Nuvi 360 and cheaper

Strengths: AAA travel guide ,Allow multiple stops along the way, Exit POIs

Weakness: Short Battery life, No AC adapter, Hard to mount and dismount unit without removing the windsheild mount, Having to change maps when you reach Canada

I returned my Nuvi 360 for this Megallan. I don't understand why Garmin is so popular. It lacks a bunch of features that this GPS has such as an arrow in the display telling you what the direction of the next turn. This GPS has more options to customize the display. Even though there are weakness, it is still a very good GPS.

By kchoi10 - Sep 27, 2007

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