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Discontinued Model

Strengths: The design is decent and is probably carried through on Garmin's devices that are not discontinued.

Weakness: If you buy from PCRush (and possibly this is true for other vendors), the maps will be outdated.

You can update your maps by buying the new ones for $70.00. However, the new maps do not fit on this device. You will have to copy one segment of the maps at a time, which would be pretty inconvenient.

By gnwaldron - Dec 16, 2007

Good purchase

Strengths: Full maps of US. Switch between 3D and birdseye view maps. Auto switch between daytime and nightime graphics for easy viewing. Lots of data, easy to set up and use.

Weakness: Business directory (hotels, gas stations, attractions etc) is at times very up-to-date and other times VERY out-of-date. Some map errors.

Research: I've been looking for two years for a gps device for my car. An upcoming move to a new area added new focus to the search. I started looking at the Magellan Roadmate 700 because of the complete US mapping (I like the idea of just getting in the car and taking off without having to download maps). Magellan's reviews on PiceGrabber were positive but no one offered comparisons to other gps devices.

The reviews for Garmin, however, were much stronger. Some people specifically compared the StreetPilot 2620 to Magellan noting the business directory and other features that Garmin offers that Magellan had not yet addressed. While considering Garmin StreetPilot 2620 I noticed the many positive reviews for the TomTom Go and its 3D map view. With both of these, however, the complete US maps were not a standard option (and this was a big selling point for me).

I was about to purchase the Magellan when I saw the Garmin StreetPilot c330 (at the time it had not yet been released for sale by Garmin. Between Garmin's reputation, the compete maps, and the lower cost, I decided to take a chance on this unreviewed model.)

Features: The Garmin StreetPilot c330 has the complete maps, and can switch between 3D and birdseye map views!Plus it had the business directory, detour routing, auto re-routing (if you miss a turn), voice prompts, a secure but easy to remove windshield mount (compare with TomTom Go), Updating estimated time of arrival, average speed/maximum speed data and lots of other stuff! Plus the price was less than the Magellan!

Results: I have had it less than a day and I love it. I set it up in minutes. Although it took about 7-10 min to acquire a satellite signal, it only took that long the first use. Some mapping errors, but that is to be expected.

The business directory is somewhat odd, it lists a new hotel in our city that opened last year but also lists two movie theatres that have been closed for more than two years. It gives an incorrect address for my office and has an alternate address for the office we moved out of two years ago. This part of the database could stand to be cleaned up. But the directory is still a great asset. It listed, for example, all movie theatres within 80 miles of my current location in order of nearest to farthest and supplied their telephone numbers.

It's been a lot of fun so far, I would definitely get this again!

**4/14/05 Update**

It has been a few weeks and I still like it! One of the mapping errors I mentioned before turned out to be my error and the map was right! There are still some errors but I remain impressed! Yesterday I was driving to Worcester Mass and the traffic on I-495 came to a stop, I got off the interstate (something I would not have tried without the gps)... rerouted (using the "Highway exclusion" feature and bypassed the standstill, it worked pretty flawlessly!

Since writing the review I have found that the Magellan Roadmate 700 does seem to offer the birds-eye/3D view options but I still have not been able to beat the price of the c330!

Ultimately the only drawbacks I've found (of note)... it's great if you don't know where you're going but I can't seem to figure out a way of preplanning a route with stops (if I have a route in mind and I don't want to use the computer generated route)... I can just view the map without entering a destination, but that won't give me an eta or prompting, etc (of course, I can select the destination and then let the computer recalculate the route when I veer off its course, but it would be nice to have a little more control up front if you happen to have a preferred route).

Also, the errors in the business directory still bother me (I don't seem to find any mention of this part of the database receiving updates like the mapping updates you can download). It would have been nice to have a way to edit these addresses so you could at least update it yourself (even if you had to plug it into the USB and use the keyboard), but I still can't complain... I remain very happy with my choice!

**09/22/05 Update**

Hi, its been about 6 months and I'm still happy with my choice! I've driven through NYC on I-95 and it performed perfectly (I don't know how well it would do downtown amongst the skyscrappers, but I was still happy)... I'm planning on buying the same model for my mother for Christmas. I use it everyday and on the rare occaision that I decide not to bring it, I always regret leaving it home!

I had some issues trying to update some software on it but the folks at Garmin were quick to respond and were helpful! I noticed one of the other reviewers on this site complained about perpetual freezing, this has occured to my unit only once in 6 months (power-off button wouldn't work) gently peeling back the silver face plate will reveal a "reset" button which solved the problem!

By vtmchris - Mar 28, 2005

Great product --

Strengths: Ease of use, display, size, easy (no) set-up, sensitivity of the GPS. The C330 is pre-loaded with US maps. The display is excellent, easy to read, and the touch screen interface is very simple.

Weakness: Very few. In very bright sun, the screen fades a bit. Garmin does NOT provide a CD for the map on this unit--so maps cannot be loaded onto a PC. The manual that comes with the unit is minimal.

I bought this without doing my usual research about 3 weeks ago, and am very happy with it. This is an excellent GPS for getting from point A to point B easily.

I have a sophisticated GPS on my boat, where I can enter multiple way-points either graphically or by latitude/longitude co-ordinates. It is complicated to use, but serves the needs of nautical navigation very well.

The C330 is NOT that kind of unit, nor should it be. The C330 very simply lets you enter (or store) an address, and then tells you how to get there! You can't enter multiple points in a single trip, but its user interface is totally intuitive--and the touch screen is easy to use--especially in a car.

I am also totally impressed with the sensitivity of the GPS. I can usually "play" with the unit inside my house--far from any windows, and it locks onto the satellite signal within a minute. In the car, where it has a view of the sky, it locks on in seconds--and always shows 4 or 5 bars of signal strength.

The layout of the maps make following a route extremely easy. I typically use the two-dimensional view--and find it easy to follow while driving. The supplemental information (estimated time to destination, next turn, etc) are conveniently available on the main screen, or one touch away.

Entering destinations is easy, but does take three steps. First, the unit asks for a city, then a house number, finally a street name. All entry is done on the touch screen, with a key-board or number pad displayed as appropriate. During the entry of the city or street, as soon as enough letters are entered for the unit to recognize choices, a screen of possible alternatives is displayed for selection. It is much easier to do than to explain!

The internal data base of gas stations, places to eat, services, etc. is pretty good--but as has been noted in other reviews, isn't perfect. Unless you tell it to look elsewhere, it searches for places near your current location. One side benefit of the data base--it's a great phone book. If you want to call ahead to a restaurant to see if there is a wait, the phone number pops up with the name and address.

I've found the display very easy to read in all but the brightest of sun. The unit automatically changes it's color scheme for day and night (or you can manually control it)-- and I've found it's format and colors to be very good. While maps can be manually zoomed in or out, the software uses some sort of algorithm based on your speed, and it is very good. The display nearly always seems to show the right amount of detail at the right zoom. So if you're driving 30 on a city street, the map is zoomed in pretty tightly and always displays the name of the next intersection you'll come to. If you're going 60 (or more) on a freeway, the map is zoomed out, and cross streets are less frequently displayed. Someone put a lot of time into engineering this interface, and they did a good job.

The voice directions on the C330 don't include the name of the street (as it does on the more expensive models). So the voice prompt is typically "Turn left in .7 miles", instead of "Turn left on Main Street". I suspect this is a matter of personal preference, and for me, it's fine. (if you look at the screen, it does show the name of the road for the next turn--of course this means taking your eyes off the road).

The routing is generally good, but the unit does not give you a way to designate your preferences--such as avoiding freeways. It has a "detour" mode, but as far as I can tell, that just blocks the current leg of the trip, causing the unit to recalculate a route. Near my home, the unit gets confused on one turn, but looking at Mapquest, I see that one of the streets is shown as divided, where in reality it is not. The C330 thinks it cannot use a left turn when it can. Interstingly, the data is correct on Yahoo mapping. I'm not sure where Garmin gets its map data, but it must be the same source as Mapquest. And the Garmin web site gives a form to report map errors!

Earlier packages of the C330 included an AC adapter. The unit no longer ships with that, so if you want to use it inside, you need to rely on it's internal battery (they say it will run 4 hours, I haven't tried it that long), or hook it up to a USB port on a computer, which keeps the battery charged. (Or buy an optional AC adapter).

The suction cup mount that comes with the unit works very well. I originally had some difficulties with it staying mounted, but I have a foil radio antenna on the inside of my windshield. Once I moved the cup off that, it has held like glue.

Bottom line: I am very pleased with the unit, and would highly recommend it.

By dennyls123 - Dec 24, 2005

Fun, small, easy to use and...

Strengths: Easy to learn and to use. Good sound and screen, convenient small size. Fun.

Weakness: Occasionally makes minor direction mistakes and database is a little out of date.

Fun, small, easy to use and accurate GPS unit. Perfect no, but certainly very good.

Many other reviews are quite good for this product and detailed. I'll try to give you a few new facts.

The C330 is small (fist sized) and has a 4 hour battery that is recharged in the car or with a supplied AC cord. Will be easy to pack and take on a vacation with a rental car in the US. Note, a wire goes from the unit to your cigarette lighter which means you have a cord dangling from your windshield across your dashboard. Note in California you are NOT permitted to have this attached to your front windshield so you will need to find another location (there is a supplied disk for this purpose).

The sensitivity of this unit is excellent. Mine works well right thru the car roof. Satellite locating is quite fast. I doubt you will need the optional antenna. Sound and screen are quite good.

A GPS unit is only needed if you don't know where you are going. If you know where you are going you can get there slightly faster than the route chosen by this GPS unit. The last thing you need in such a situation is a your mother-in-law (type voice) giving you slower driving directions. If you don't know where you are going it's terrific and takes the stress out of following a map.

Alternatively, it does list gas stations, restaurants, lodging, etc near where your car is located. This is helpful even in areas you know well (phone number is included in this information).

My unit locked up once but was easily "rebooted" and worked fine. Also on occasion the directions are wrong. Usually this occurs when you are quite close to the destination. So you have to use your eyes and mind as the unit is not 100% accurate on some occasions.

Learning the basics of the unit is easy. Takes a few hours at most. Easy to program. No buttons but an on and off switch and volume dial. Everything is handled thru a touch sensitive screen. I downloaded an update which was quite easy and free.

Overall, I'm very happy with the unit and have not found any, but the most minor, negatives.

Finally, C330 is fun to use.

By danceeagle - Jun 16, 2005

Wouldn't be without it now.

Strengths: I find the names of dirt roads that have no signs show up on my GPS. It is so easy to use. I am 72 years old and get lost so easily. I find this is fantastic! Will never get lost again.

Weakness: My address does not show up when I type it in but my house shows up when it shows where I am now. I clicked it on favorites, so it leads me from that spot. Also, the local Walmart is not shown.

I find the chargers (car and home) that I have for my Motorola Razer cell phone also work with my GPS. Not as bulky as the car charger that comes with the GPS. Handy, I don't have to pack as much when I travel. I love this unit!

By Mnsych - Mar 11, 2007

Very accurate

Strengths: Very accurate, easy to use, large enough display, updates are easy

Weakness: must have mount because power adapter connects to it, one day it took an 1/8 of my trip home before it locked to the satellites

I've only had the c330 for a couple days but I'm impressed. It is very accurate, works in my living room(so I can program trips). I did have one problem the other day when i was coming home from work. It took about 2 or 3 miles before it locked to the satellites. The roads around work are all full of tall trees so I'm assuming that was the problem. When I leave out of the garage its connected in no time. I was looking at the I5 but decided on this because it would be easier to use for my wife with the touch screen. The are many POIs, I don't expect it to be up to date because my yellow pages are never up to date. The other weakness I mentioned was the mount must be used to have external power. I'd like to not have such a gaudy bracket on my dash and maybe be able to set it on something sticky the way the picture is. It does come with a disk to stick to your dash the put the window suction on that. Overall, great product. Can't beat $399.99 with free shipping through pricegrabber and it only took 2 days to receive it.

By mikemccadden - Jun 23, 2006

Street Pilot C330

Strengths: Easy to operate, has touch screen, power up and finds satellite quickly, very portable,

Weakness: Locks up at times but reset works fine. In some cases it’s off about ¼ mile in location, so far not many. It need a function to correct the errors as found. It needs a function to find a city without giving an address.

I have owned several GPS's in the past and this one is a great buy for the price. With some updates this could help the unit the best on the market at this price.

By v7aleb - Feb 21, 2006

I already own a Garmin C340 (for 1...

Strengths: POI's, Language's, usb updates every year, refresh quickness, ease of use - my 10yr old can use it.

Weakness: Freeway dead spots tend to lock up the unit requiring a reboot. It doesn't happen very often.

I already own a Garmin C340 (for 1 1/2 yrs)- this was a second unit because I love the first one so much. I've recommended these units to several co-workers. I should be a sales rep for Garmin or at least get a referral fee. I refer to them as being like a cellphone or microwave - once you have one you don't know how you could do without it, or how you made it without one.

By davidacker - Feb 25, 2007

Better than I ever could have emagined

Strengths: It will take you where ever you want to go. Easy to use and great for trips. Where ever you are find gas stations and restaurants from fast food to chineese food.

Weakness: I cannot find any

I wanted a gps that worked right out of the box. So the first place I look for anything is Pricegrabber. I found it at Amazon for $553 and went to my local Best Buys for a price match. The manager said the best he could do is take $100 off the $699 price. With tax and a service contract $742 so I said maybe later. I ordered it at Amazon $553 and a service contract $69. Total $622 and a $120 saving. I am cheap so I took the super saver shipping and got it in 3 days. I bring it in the house at night and program in places I will be going to on vacation. You can turn off the gps and program in restaurants, attractions, hotels, and anything you want. You will not be sorry you bought this.

By georgeandshary - Sep 13, 2005

excellent product at a reasonable price

Strengths: Small, lightweight, big enough screen to read without obstructing view significantly. Directions are usually perfect, sometimes a bit odd, but consistently functional.

Weakness: Map not up to date, sometimes computes weird routes. Doesn't say street names out loud, sometimes identifies exits by name other than the one on the exit.

If you drive in only one region of the country, you may want to consider a cheaper model that holds less map space but otherwise behaves identically. If you live in an area where traffic is a frequent problem, you may want to consider a more expensive model that allows subscription to traffic reports. If you travel around the country and rarely experience traffic congestion, this is the model for you.

By xrlq - Feb 14, 2007

Keep your receipt - You'll need it!

Strengths: Voice and screen are excellent

Weakness: freezes frequently

Froze numerous times, then finally dumped the operating software. Unfortunately, I misplaced my sales receipt, and it will take a $250 charge by Garmin to have it "rebuilt".
Very poor technical service with looonnng wait. Online FAQ's are so general as to be useless. If you can read these, you can certainly read the online manual. Save your money - The cheap price on this device is no bargain.

By gflash01 - Oct 14, 2006

Map data seems out of date. could...

Strengths: small size makes it easy to carry around

Weakness: screen size somwhat difficult to input data at keyboard

Map data seems out of date. could not find stores in my neighborhood that exist for more than 2 years. Did not show gas stations at Safeway or Costco nearby. Some stores are wrongly identified such as a Wal*mart superstore that isn't. these are knowns flaws, I wonder how many there are in areas that I'm not familiar with and how many extra miles one has to go because of that. Other than that I had good luck with addresses. somewhat difficult to find a place without a exact housenumber.

By lutzkohler - Jun 27, 2005

Had been looking for a relatively...

Strengths: Size, screen (nice color), ease of use, WAAS enabled, price

Weakness: Difficult to hear voice commands with air conditioning at moderate to full force (In Dodge Ram pickup)

Had been looking for a relatively inexpensive and current (new model) GPS. Could not see paying 700.00 for the Roadmate 700, as it is a 2 year old model. Didn't like other Garmin units, and came across this model which is new. Got for a online price of 699.00 from an authorized dealer. Bought an extra antenna (although I have not needed to use it yet) and a carrying bag. Mounts easily to my trucks windshield. I use it mainly for navigation, not for looking up restaurants etc. However, will be moving my son from MI to NJ at the end of the upcoming week, so that will be a great test. Compact unit, great color, and many functions. My only complaint is that at the highest volume setting I have a difficult time hearing commands with the air conditioner running (plus wind noise), but I can hear it (of course all I need to do is to turn down the AC, but its been quite hot and humid in MI this week. Seems quite accurate. I am pleased so far, and I do think it will help me navigate in NJ (like the Neverlost system did in the Hertz car I rented when in NJ last month). I think that 699.00 plus 7.00 shipping from an authorized dealer was a good price, seeing it recently came to market.

By vincen11 - Jun 12, 2005

Exellent for the price!!!

Strengths: Everything rocks but for ... read on ;)

Weakness: Business directory is about 2 years old and outdated. I frequently use junk food places' bathrooms and, unfortunately, 30% of the times it's a dead call. ;( The car charging cable was bad from the vary beginning and the unit loses external power at le

Business directory is about 2 years old and outdated. I frequently use junk food places' bathrooms and, unfortunately, 30% of the times it's a dead call. ;(
The car charging cable was bad from the vary beginning and the unit loses external power at least 5 times a day. However, if you play with the cord, it comes back on.
Sometimes it is not possible to brouse the map to see the whole picture.
No real multi-destination routing.

By dezavi - Aug 8, 2006

The Garmin C330 GPS

Strengths: Unit was simple to install, self contained, SIMPLE to program and provides ability to save your current location location as a favorite. The voice is excellent, directions precise and signal never los

Weakness: I can say there a no weaknesses that I can list.

I have tried other units and the Garmin C330 is the best. It took me only minutes to update the software with the included cable. This is the best electronic purchase I have made in years!

By kinkopf - Jul 16, 2005

Wonderful product

Strengths: Very easy to use right out of the box!

Weakness: None

This is an excellent product. We had used a Magellan unit during a vacation in Florida on a Hertz rental car this spring and liked it but did not want to pay that much for one so we got the C330. We used it on vactation to Nashville last week and it was great. It's very helpful that the phone numbers are included for the locations. When we were ready to stop for the evening we just looked up the local inns, called to see if there were rooms available and arrived about 10 minutes later. My husband needed to get a prescription filled so he used the GPS to find a drug store near our hotel, had the Doctor fax a prescription and picked it up the next day. We are from a very rural area so city traffic and exits used to be difficult for us. Another thing that is nice is if you do make a mistake and don't follow the directions, it re-calculates immediately.

By rlmessenger - Oct 9, 2005

Simply Outstanding Unit

Strengths: Accurate, easy to use, good value

Weakness: None so far

I bought the Garmin Street Pilot C330 after returning a Magellan Roadmate 360 to Costco because it directed us incorrectly into a dead-end cul-de-sac in a suburban neighborhood whose streets have been unchanged for 20+ years. I researched the Garmin 330 at Best Buy and Circuit City but decided not to buy it there because of their unconscionable 15% restocking fee if it had to be returned (Costco took the Magellan unit back with full refund). Having been burned by the Magellan, I sure didn't want to risk not being able to return the Garmin. I needn't have worried. Pricegrabber directed me to Abe's of Maine, who had a great price, smooth service, and quick delivery, plus a reasonable return policy that I won't have to use. The Garmin set up quickly and has performed flawlessly. The audio commands anticipate each move, the screen is great in 3-D, and it even tells you if your destination is on the right or left when you arrive, which the Magellan did not. Even punching in your destination on the Garmin 330 is much more logical than it was with Magellan. Very pleased!

By 732337 - Apr 30, 2006

Excellent GPS

Strengths: Simple, logical interface. Compact size. Internal battery. 3D map view option.

Weakness: No "Vegetarian" category for the restaurants database.

Absolutely simple to use. The interface is very intuitive and logical. I have used a number of systems and this is definitely the best so far. I tested my Father's Garmin 2620 and, while it has a lot of functionality, it is relatively complex to use. The user manual for the C330 is only 37 pages...I got it from the Garmin web site before I made the purchase and it helped in my buying decision.

The only negative is a lack of a "Vegetarian" category for the restaurants database. I am used to this, as I have it on the (far inferior) built-in navigation system in my other vehicle (VW Touareg), and I had it on the iPaq navigation system for my PDA.

Overall, I am thrilled.

By jfischman - Aug 2, 2005

Garmin c330

Strengths: Good screen, portable

Weakness: Freezes

I must write this review. The c330 locks up badly. I had it lock up three times in 4 days. The last time it locked up I couldn't power it down and reboot it. I had to wait for several hours before it would reboot. Unfortunately that was when I needed it the most to find my way back to the airport. Be sure you have a money back quarantee before you buy this model

By Mongo85 - Sep 19, 2005

The Lady in the Box

Strengths: at the time (May 2005) the c330 was the only Turn xTurn navigation GPS with a Rechargeable battery - Size - Touch Screen - A pocket portable while on public transportation.

Weakness: Watching the $Price$ Plummet. No Free upgrade for me. Don't try to use in direct sunlight. No external speaker plug.

November 29, 2006
User Note: The c330 recharges off the USB data cable plugged into a USB Hub/ plugged into my notebook.
I'm lucky, my c330 (88509276) has never locked up.

User Complaint/Whining:
I didn't qualify for a free map upgrade to Version 8 from V-7 because the Free map upgrade only applies to 12 months from time of purchase(May 2005). Not only was I in a hurry to buy, I was in a hurry to register. With the price falling and with new models coming to a store near by, I don't see the point in spending $75 bucks to put new/old maps in my nearly 2 year old c330.
If it works don't fix it!

More User Sniveling:
It seems to me that a free map upgrade should apply to at least cover the products inevitable new map, when it comes out. A grace period past the warrantee should reflect the time between purchase date and a new map version release date. you would think!

Read this in Garmin:
In California it's Illegal to "suction cup" stuff to the windshield.
I lay the 12v charger attached to the unit on the dash next to the roof pillar 97 Ford Class C, and on the cup holder, 99 Dakota. I bought the external antenna but gave it away because it didn't improve performance for me.
I've had little experience with a lost signal. I usually hear "Recalculating", that's because of the settings I use.

In the past months I've kept up with all the software upgrades, even used the beta version. The current software version 5.20 seems to be working just fine.
I suppose anyone considering a economical portable GPS for traveling should look at the c340 because it has a card slot. I don't know how much value that is but at least it's there. The c3**rechargeable battery is a plus.

Everything considered I'm happy with my Garmin c330 as a turn by turn unit - my other GPS is a straight line portable GPS with all the features if your a bird.

I would have liked to seen a current time display on the c330 Map page or at least be able to switch between the current time and arrival time. The only current time display is in the upper left screen when no destination is entered. Also a external speaker jack for noisy vehicles is needed.

That's it for me, hope some of this might be of value to someone out there.

Happy Holidays
Dennis in Sacramento

By trm044 - Nov 29, 2006

StreetPilot c330 GPS

Strengths: Ecellent graphics and small enough not to be in the way. Can get you out of traffic and construction jams easily.

Weakness: Doesn't know local shortcuts.

As with all GPSs they don't know shortcuts and can send you in odd directions. Always keep a map back up and ask the locals the general best routes. Then the unit will then keep you on course. Great for people traveling place to place to place. We used it on a vacation trip and was worth the money spent when we got low on gas.

By dprather1a - Apr 27, 2006

street pilot

I am generally very happy, especially with the option of recalculating the route in case of wrong turns, etc. The business directory is disappointing, but I was warned about it before the purchase.

By anonymous; - Jul 8, 2005

Garmin Street Pilot C330

Strengths: Easy to use. Helpful. Updates available on Garmin Website

Weakness: Screen could be a little bigger, Had to buy Dash Mount seperately.

This unit was first used by myself and then I bought my husband one. He is a truck driver and travels 48 States; he loves it, and his friends love it too. They go online to find them. My husband is not literate on computers, yet he finds this unit easy. The $69.00 price beat the $499.00 price for the GPS units for truckers and the update was easy and free when I used the Garmin website.

By anonymous; - Feb 1, 2010

Happy with my Purchase

Strengths: Quick to find maps to locations; saving locations. Overall like the size, which conveniently fits into my cup holder in my Taurus.

Weakness: New locations need updating.

I am very happy with purchase, would recommend. Hate to leave home without it. Great buy ! I have worked with original Magellan when they came out. I like this much more.

By anonymous; - Dec 31, 2008

Can't believe anyone still has these in stock

Strengths: Was a wonderful beginner unit....3 years ago

Weakness: None it was cutting edge.....3 years ago

You can go to any Garmin dealer, like West Marine, and pick up an updated, sleek, Garmin Nuvi 200W for $ 119.00. Units are discontinued every year by Garmin b/c electronics technology changes daily. I have never seen any piece of electronics that didn't have some weakness, but Garmin sure makes it hard to find unlike Magellan, Lowrance and TomTom. For those of you who think TomTom rule the car nav world, you bought into a great marketing jingle.

By kaptainii - Dec 27, 2008

Away From Home

Strengths: All of it.

Weakness: It does not drive my rental car and when my wife called the first time, she wondered who that girl was that was giving me directions.

It gets me around with the ease of a tour guide. It is super. I would not survive here in the Maryland/DC area without it. I am from out West and this place is a nut house of highways.

By pablojxn - Dec 8, 2007

Garmin C330 GPS

Strengths: Super easy to set up and use right out of the box. Bright screen and nice screen reversal for night time use is very handy. Very strong windshield mount and easy adjustment for user.

Weakness: Some map innacuracies. Super shiny face reflects everything in daylight. Would be nicer if it were a slightly frosted surface. Need a little more adjustment in the mounting bracket too.

Having no previous mobile GPS experience, I had this puppy out of the box and set up in just a few minutes. In fact, I did a route back home just to test it and it worked like a charm. Voice directions very clear and concise. Great GPS for the occasional user or even for the frequent traveler and the prices keep dropping as well! I highly recommend this Garmin.

By anonymous; - Nov 28, 2007

Great little machine----With ONE Exception!

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: No street names

Purchased this for $178. Got two as a matter of fact. I started using it right away. But discovered that I don't like having to look at the street name at the top, especially in traffic. Going to give my daughter one for Christmas and don't want her to have to look back and forth either. It is accurate and it's great for what you pay for. I decided to trade up to the 340 to have the street names called out for me. If you don't mind her just saying turn, it's right on the money. But if you're like me and would like her to tell you what street to turn on, leave this one in the store. Overall, a good device for what it is designed for.

By anonymous; - Nov 14, 2007

garmin c330

Strengths: cheap price very reliable easy to use

Weakness: there really isnt any, all units freeze and lock up cause of satelite you have to realize that. even if u pay 700 dollars. but it is a pain when it happens, not often though

if your looking for a quality product for a very fair price get this unit, if you want all the bells and whisels and want to pay a small fortune this isnt the one for you

By anonymous; - Sep 29, 2007

Excelllent GPS for acurate direction from point A to B

Strengths: acurate, recalculation, inexpensive, friendly and easy to use out of box, excellent Customer support.

Weakness: no multistop, takes a min to lock sometime.

I searched for inexpensive but acurate WAAS enabled GPS. after more than a month research I decided to go with C330 and after using a week I liked my decision. The only thing I miss is MP3 and Text to speech. But hey it does lot better job then what you pay compare to other similar gps. The only other issue is that it comes with 1 year old map database (NT8) and Garmin support said they don't support this model anymore even though they sell this directly on their website. But I haven't find any address issue with a year old map database.

By sanjeev4119 - Aug 16, 2007

Mount does not hold to windshield

Strengths: Ease of use, good directions

Weakness: The unit keeps falling off from the windshield.

I find that it easily finds the satilates except when there is a lot of tree cover and it is clear at night. The falling off the windshield is annoying and dangerous. I can use it for days at a time without incident and then it will fall off twice in an hour.

By anonymous; - Aug 15, 2007

streetPilot c330 Automotive GPS Navigation System

Strengths: Good packaging

Weakness: Expensive and long delivery time.

The product was well packaged, the delivery time instead of paying $15 was more than two weeks. On using the product for a month now, I am satisfied with the quality of the product, thanks.

By anonymous; - Aug 14, 2007

Great Machine..lousy software support

Strengths: Ease of use, accuracy, good database

Weakness: No map updates available for Mac (Garmin will sell you one, but it doesn't work and they know it).

This is a great machine, and I'm happy to own it, with one very major exception: Garmin sold me a 2008 Map update (City Navigator North America NT) that its web site claims will work on an Intel-based Mac. Not true. I spent over three hours waiting for and talking with Garmin tech support last night - was told to call back today. So I called back to be told that there's a problem with installing the Map Update on a Mac. As I stared at the Mac/Universal label on the front of the CD case, Garmin then told me that they have no idea when the situation will be fixed...which says to me that it's not likely to happen anytime soon. Garmin was gracious enough to refund my purchase price and shipping.

I'd love to hear from other Intel Mac users to see if they've had any success updating the maps.

By The Mighty Quahog - Aug 8, 2007

Garmin c330

Strengths: Nice touch screen. Brilliant colors. Easy interface and many POI. Have yet to lose the signal - I have driven into deep Catskill mountain valleys with no signal interruption. Easy updates.

Weakness: Some of the suggested routes are the long way, both mileage and timewise.

For the price I paid ($240) it's a steal. You won't be sorry. Other than the quirkiness of some of the ways it sends me at times this unit gets a strong two thumbs up from me. Plus the voice instructions are great

By mrhyde2137 - Aug 8, 2007


Strengths: very helpful

Weakness: you get depended on it

this is the greatest device they ever came out with. we gave one to the inlaws and now they have did nothing but rave about it. seems like we can't get out of the driveway without the GPS on. It really gives you the shortest route to where you are going.

By anonymous; - Aug 7, 2007

Too Long !!!

It works, but would not purchase again, It take almost an month to get my package, too long to wait!!! It I can choice again, I will take C340 instead of C330

By anonymous; - Mar 21, 2007

Garmin c330

Strengths: excellent maps, good size screen, low cost and perhaps best current value on gps market, excellent points of interests

Weakness: sometimes prefers routes with higher speeds that have traffic lights, unit doesn't realize back roads can save time in traffic situations, unit doesn't easily plan several stops

This is an excellent gps unit. It's my first and I highly recommend it. If you want to plan several stops enter all of the addresses, then select recent locations and choose which one you want first. This way you can drive and keep selecting the stops without entering them.

By bestvalues06 - Oct 11, 2006

Not sold on the C330 - but sold on Garmin.

Strengths: Extremely easy to use. Voice quality is very good. I was amazed and impressed about how quickly the unit delivered the address and driving instructions. The suction mount worked perfectly!

Weakness: Unit kept losing power and turning itself off, even though it was connected to the cigarette lighter. For that reason, I returned it to the store.

I have a GPS that came with my car. I loved it! (I am forever getting lost - a GPS is exactly what I needed!) I liked the GPS so much, that I wanted one for when I'm in a car without a GPS. I also wanted one that gave voice, turn by turn directions. I did my research and decided to try the Garmin C330. After using it for several days, I returned it for two reasons - it kept turning itself off and it did not announce street names. Other than that, the unit is wonderful. And for that reason, I'm staying with Garmin.

Pros - Very easy to use! Really don't need the manual. But, it is a good idea to download it.

Suction mount worked perfectly. At first, I was concerned that the unit would fall down from the windshield. But, the suction held very nicely.

Nice display - Bright, vivid colors. Letters large enough to read. Very easy to manuver the screen. Icons/symbols very easy to understand.

Good voice sound/quality - Could easily understand the speaker. Good enunciation and pronunciation.

Large database - Easily found a specific restaurant. (however, it did list a location that I knew was no longer in business because of a fire that happened at least a year ago. So, there is a question regarding how recent is the listing.) I did not have the unit long enough for any updates - perhaps an update would have updated the POI database.

Good sound level - Very easy to hear.

Mobility - I loved the fact that it also works on battery power. I can use it for walking purposes. (Although, it is kind of big to carry around - if I had kept it, I would have written down the directions and secured the unit out of site before leaving my car.)

All in all, I really liked the unit but was disappointed because it kept turning itself off and because it did not announce street names. But....I'm staying with Garmin. I think their products are the best thus far. I've looked at Magellan, Tom Tom and Lowray. So, even though this unit is getting a low rating from me (in that I would not purchase it again), I will purchase another Garmin product - looking at the nuvi and the c550.

By SWTBRNSGR - Jul 23, 2006

Great unit. Delivers all that was...

Strengths: Portability, clear & bright display, easy to use, decent battery life

Weakness: None

Great unit. Delivers all that was advertised and much more. I wish that I would have had one of these many years ago. Helps eliminate the stress of finding new places. Especially like the "estimated time of arrival" feature.

By anonymous; - Apr 24, 2006

We were going 500 miles to a...

Strengths: Easy to use, gets you where you want to go. Love it.

Weakness: Twice, it took me to a dead end street, the road continued after a section of green space. In mountains sharp curves are turns to the system. This probably has more to do with the satelite

We were going 500 miles to a mountain destination. One car used mapquest and personal written directions. They took a wrong turn and got lost. Our car with GPS got there without a hitch. I don't know how I survived without it.

By anonymous; - Mar 16, 2006

I have been pleased with my C330....

Strengths: The Garmin Street Pilot C330 is easy to use. I have had a vehicle with an in-dash GPS and I don't miss it. My C330's features are comparable to the in-dash except for size. I like the 3-D fly-in view and the autozoom features. Its arrival time estim

Weakness: It does not have a clock display. The C330 does not display as many landmarks as an in-dash GPS would.

I have been pleased with my C330. I can rely on it's directions where ever I go. I am especially impressed with the accuracy of the arrival time estimate. That feature allows me to arrive on time or at least know in advance when I'm going to be late. I use it for this feature even when I already know where I'm going and how to get there.

It can read an SD card but I can't figure out what use that would be in the U.S. The display is bright and clear even in the daylight although direct sunlight makes the display difficult to see. It will automaticly switch to night mode

My wish list for this would include a clock page and the ability to save trip data (like avg speed, trip distance and moving time) to my PC or an SD card.

By anonymous; - Feb 21, 2006

Frist time useing a GPS

Strengths: After I got it at Best Buy, sat in there parking lot pluged it in, and away I went

Weakness: None

Never dreamed a GPS would be so easy, Im going to get one for my girlfriend for Christmas, she keeps wanting to use it, my Mom has even used and she does not like computres

By anonymous; - Nov 26, 2005

Garmin GPS c330

Strengths: Nice size and very portable, for use in multiple vehicles, clear screen and voice directions, easy to learn and use, good alternate directions

Weakness: Some directions not current and occassionally a mistake in directions (this happened to us when we re-routed from the original directions).

As a newcomer to the GPS, I found this very user-friendly, and like the information that is included for highway traveling. I wish there was a way to program in more choices (i.e. good alternate roads rather than interstates). Overall, I am very pleased and look forward to better directed trips.

By anonymous; - Aug 13, 2005

garmin streetpilot c330 - gps receiver

Garmin Streetpilot C330 - Gps Receiver receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.56 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #74 navigation GPS of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market...
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Garmin StreetPilot C330 has collected 4 expert reviews for Garmin StreetPilot C330 and the average expert rating is 74 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Dec 13, 2005

Best GPS Device with Included Maps South America Maps

Navigation is Excellent according to 5 GPS Device experts. -- "A WAAS-enabled receiver with 12 parallel channels ensures the best possible accuracy." -- "the c330s navigation was good." -- "most popular auto GPS navigation systems" Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Display, Maps, Usability, etc.
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