Toshiba SD5300 1 Discs DVD Player - 1080p - Black


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Sleek design and 1080p upconversion to near HD picture quality combined with the flexibility of multiple playback options make the SD5300 perfect for movie night at home.


Product Title: Toshiba SD5300 1 Discs DVD Player - 1080p - Black

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Power Score: 2.0 | 5 Reviews

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Awesome DVD Player


By on - Oct 2, 2013

Absolutely the worst DVD player in the world

This is a good-looking unit. We bought 2 and have not been able to watch DVDs all the way through. At first we thought it was the DVD set. The picture fractured, or the player would not load the disc, or it would say bad disc, etc. Both units were this way. I went out and bought another unit of another brand it works flawlessly. Never again will I buy another Toshiba product.

By on - Apr 27, 2013

Worst DVD Player Ever!

The Toshiba SD5300 DVD Player worked good when I first purchased it but now after only 6 months I can't watch a movie on Netflix or youtube with out it stopping and trying to upload more data. After a minute it locks up and I have to restart it. I have upgraded my cable modem and router thinking that they were causing the problem but such luck. After spending several hundred dollars upgrading...
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By on - Apr 10, 2013

Disappointing DVD player

I own several Toshiba products. Last year I bought a Toshiba VHS/DVD recorder Model DR430. After recording several shows using a DVD+RW disc it showed the peculiar Menu Title Bar, but also Thumbnails for each individual show. After finalizing the disc, I tried playing it back on a Sony BD player and on my Panasonic VHS/DVD recorder. On the Sony it only showed this Menu Title Bar, but not the...
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By on - Mar 30, 2013

Owned full series of DVD Blue Ray PLayers

Kept upgrading and all four failed within the warranty periods. I have wireless service. I had to pay to mail them to get a coupon for another. Have given up and purchased another manufactures Blue Ray DVD which works just great. I'm using the coupon towards the purchase of another Toshiba lap top. I will not waste my time or money on another Toshiba's DVD's player, I have owned and all have...
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By on - Jan 28, 2013

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