Philips Electronics DVDR3576H Digital Video Recorder

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Product Title: Philips Electronics DVDR3576H Digital Video Recorder

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics

Power Score: 3.6 | 11 Reviews

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Not too good

Strengths: 160 GB Hard Drive, HDMI, USB, DIVX, video editing features, Hard Drive is a standard PC drive and can be swapped for a larger drive.

Weakness: Timer options using digital cable boxes, tiny cluttered remote, mediocre picture quality, high price and availability, limited to only 4.7 GB single layer DVD+R/-R/RW. No DVD-DL recording.

My timer stopped working which made it mostly useless, and I thought I was really getting a bargain for $196.00. I didn't think it would last for the long haul so it was returned to the store after 12 days. This unit is not really available in big retail stores anymore. It probably isn't a good model.

By toremo - Aug 12, 2009


Strengths: Worked great while it did.

Weakness: Took only 1.5 months for it not to work, no support.

I was impressed at first with this unit. It recorded my TV programs great and the ability to record to DVD in a variety of speeds was also impressive, but only after 1.5 months the unit stopped recording to DVD and after spending several hours on the phone with tech support, this cannot be fixed. They cannot offer me a replacement as I was told this unit is no longer being made, so I am now...
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By cgnehm195 - May 13, 2009


Strengths: Worked right out of the box, in 10 or 20 minutes after unpacking. Very good picture quality. Good remote.

Weakness: Only one tuner - but, of course, I knew this before I ordered.

I used the unit briefly "over the air", i.e., with an indoor antenna, and also (mainly) with cable (unscrambled channels). The picture and sound quality are very good. I was caught by surprise by the channel numbering, e.g., 91.3, 91.4,... instead of the usual channel 1809, 1405, etc. But it was not hard to get used to.

By frommhold - Mar 25, 2009

Aphilips customer

Strengths: Did most everything I wonted it do.

Weakness: not so good of Hard Drive and no factory support.

Have the dvdr for 5 months now work fine till I had a hard drive problem. Hard drive has a bad secter and when you record over this section it will not play or record to disc. I call Philips customer service and they said they would seen me another unit. Will today they call and said they didn,t have any units to send me and probley wouldn't get anymore. They said they would my unit back. And...
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By wallyg2009 - Mar 18, 2009

Finding the proverbial needle in the haystack

Strengths: Being able to record while watching previously recorded programs

Weakness: Not being able to watch another channel while recording

I had already owned one, and wanted another one for my other TV, and was tired of using the VCR. I loved the ease of use on the recorder and just had to have another one. I consider it the greatest of luck that I found this one because believe me DVD hard drive recorders are virtually obsolete.

By Ab0utaKiss - Mar 3, 2009

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