OPPO Digital DV-981HD DVD Player

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Media Supported: Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DivX, DVD, DVD Audio, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, HDCD, SACD, XviD

Video Upscaling: 1080i (HDTV), 1080p (HDTV), 720p (HDTV)


Product Title: OPPO Digital DV-981HD DVD Player

Manufacturer: OPPO Digital

Power Score: 4.4 | 23 Reviews

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Oppo DV-981HD Upscaller

Strengths: Excellent upscaller, ease of installation.

Weakness: Flimsy Disk Tray; remote extreamly difficult to read.

Was able to hack my way through the setup without using the manual. The imagery is excellent. Wish they had made the remote easier to read with better contrast and larger fonts. Also, most of my other remote do not have codes for the Oppo.

By stoneyjb - Nov 25, 2007

"What's An Oppo?" I Asked.....But Now I Know!!!

Strengths: Excellent upconversion to 720p/1080p,plays many different video formats, plays PAL encoded discs, excellent picture quality

Weakness: disc tray doesn't slide all the way out, tray kinda flimsy

Upon getting a 37 inch LG LCD television earlier this year, I noticed standard progressive scan DVD player couldn't provide as good a picture as the TV was intended to bring. After searching stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. I tried the internet, and kept seeing the name Oppo. "What's an Oppo" I asked myself, never hearing of this brand of DVD player. However, upon reading all the...
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By anonymous; - Sep 1, 2007

The Best DVD Player EVER (until the next dvd generation price drops

Strengths: Upconverts all DVD to 1080P via HDMI.Plays all kind of media.Region Free.DTS optical output.Stylish all black slim design with cool blue leds.Extraordinary Packing. Only $229.00(HDMI cable included).

Weakness: NONE

Don't buy this DVD player if you don't have a full-HD(1080P) display; that's why it doesn't have a component video output. To make it region free: 1-Turn it on (without any disc). 2-Press setup on the remote control. 3-Press the following numbers 9210. 4-A grey screen will appear. Press the number 0. 5-Press setup again. DONE! Your OPPO DVD player is region free from now on. Obs.: you can revert...
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By anonymous; - Jun 7, 2007

oppo -981HD

Strengths: DCDi faroudja chip,firmware upgrades

Weakness: remote! but not a big issue,gets pretty warm when playing movies.

very impressed with this player has the same chip that the yamaha RX-Z9 flagship model has.(pissed off my friend who has it ha ha! he can,t upconvert dvd's to 1080 cause he doesn't have hdmi.)A true universal player,can't wait too see what the next oppo model bring(maybe a silicon optix chip!)pictures are sharp on 1080i. I can't wait to see what firmware upgrades comes out to even better improve...
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By jmaxc1999 - Jun 3, 2007

OPPO Digital DV-981HD DVD Player

Strengths: Root menu option. 720p 1080i 1080p Up-Conversion. Dolby Digital and DTS DCDi by Faroudja video processing technology. Plays DivX, XviD, HDCD, WMA, Kodak Picture CD and a bunch of other Media types.

Weakness: none yet

OPPO Brings New Life to your standard DVDs. I choose this DVD player based on it's features and options, I just love it! Even the little options and features make this player an even better DVD player than the rest. Like being able to put a DVD in the drive and skip right to the root menu to setup the DVDs options and play the movie with out all the previews etc. I knew when buying this DVD...
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By mytearoom - May 31, 2007

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