CyberHome CH-DVD300 DVD Player

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With the CH-DVD 300, you can get started watching today's hottest DVD movies with superb video quality and in full surround sound. It's a perfect first DVD player, or as an additional unit for growing families. Small in size but big on features, it's affordable home entertainment at it's best.

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Interface Connection: Audio - Line In (RCA), Audio - Line Out (RCA-style), Video - Coaxial (RF), Video - Component, Video - Composite (RCA), Video - S-Video

Media Supported: Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, SVCD, Video CD (VCD)


Product Title: CyberHome CH-DVD300 DVD Player

Manufacturer: CyberHome

Power Score: 2.6 | 32 Reviews

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bad one

Strengths: no strengths

Weakness: bad functioning, after one year use it says bad disc if i insert any DVDs, can not use it any more. No help from cyber home

bad functioning, after one year use it says bad disc if i insert any DVDs, can not use it any more. No help from cyber home

By katam - Oct 18, 2008

Good for one days use only.

Strengths: size

Weakness: Everything else

We purchased this unit as an extra for our household. Our daughter used the player for one day using brand new discs and then after that day it would not recognize any disc. Called Cyberhome for what to do and found that the company has gone out of business. Luckily it was right after purchase was able to get the retailer to take it back. Did consider getting replacement but when found out...
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By anonymous; - Feb 18, 2007

piece of crap

Strengths: none

Weakness: everything from remote to movie play to even working

i got this dvd player about 6 months ago when i got this god forsaken thing ever since i got it i have had nothing but problems it dident play have the dvds i did own and when it did it usually worked half @$$ only playing partsof the movie skipping some parts and the picture was defenitly not up to standards of normal dvd players if i were this company i would defenitly take this crap off the...
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By godoftechnology - Jan 14, 2007

Cheap for good reasons

Strengths: Small Size, Inexpensive, still mostly works

Weakness: No display, sometimes sound doesn't work, skips some parts of dvd

I bought this dvd player for about $35 a couple of years ago because I needed one and this was about the cheapest. If it had been any more expensive, I would be upset that I had bought it. The most annoying thing is that occasionally when you put in a DVD to play, there is no sound. The only way to get the sound to work again is to unplug the entire dvd player and plug it back in. We've tried...
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By mattphil - Jan 10, 2007


Strengths: cheap and compact

Weakness: stops playing

this is my 2nd one - within a week, the 1st started freezing. after replacing it, the 2nd one within 6 months does not even play (freezes up and can't even eject disc). it's cheap, but not not worth the hassle.

By orli - Oct 13, 2006

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