Aspire Digital AD-8000

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Interface Connection: Audio - Line Out (AC-3 Bit Stream / PCM Optical), Audio - Line Out (RCA-style), Video - Component, Video - Composite (RCA), Video - S-Video

Media Supported: Audio CD, CD and DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD (VCD)


Product Title: Aspire Digital AD-8000

Manufacturer: Aspire Digital

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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Overall, this is the only dual...

Strengths: Ability to copy DVD-CDR/CDRW without costly DVR cds. I really like the ability to copy TV shows onto cds. Able to record old VHS tapes digitally onto cds. The DVD player has progressive scan

Weakness: VCD lacks quality but SVCD quality is wonderful and great. Finaalizing cd takes around 1-2 minute.

Overall, this is the only dual deck DVD+digital video recorder out on the market. I personally found this machine very wonderful and usefull. I use to pay a lot of money to get my old VHS home video tapes archives onto cds but now i can do it all myself in my home. You can record anything you want that has an output, digital camera, camcorder, tv, satulite, cd, photo cd, etc.. if you want to find...
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By manuki - Oct 2, 2002

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