TiVo Tivoli Audio 648250B Digital Video Recorder - 250 GB HDD

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World's only Digital Media Recorder with THX-certification Control live HDTV and record 2 digital cable shows at once Schedule recordings anywhere from tivo.com Advanced TiVo broadband features, including digital photos, Internet radio, podcasts, and more New backlit, programmable TiVo remote, easy to configure to your TV

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Hard Drive Capacity: 250 GB


Product Title: TiVo Tivoli Audio 648250B Digital Video Recorder - 250 GB HDD

Manufacturer: TiVo

Power Score: 3.5 | 27 Reviews

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not so good

Strengths: HD

Weakness: getting a working device

I have been a long time TiVo customer since the Series 1 upgrading to a Series 2 and now a Series 3. The Series 1 and 2 are great devices but unfortunately they are not HD devices, so I upgraded to a Series 3 in December and I still don’t have a Series 3 device that works and February is almost over. I have exchanged the Series 3 device 3 times and I’m currently awaiting the 4th to arrive and...
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By anonymous; - Feb 21, 2008

Series 3

Strengths: Dual tuner.

Weakness: No TiVo to go.....yet. Price.

Long time TiVo user with multiple Series 1's & 2's. There's nothing that comes close to the abilities of controlling your viewing of TV. The series 3 definitely has a better picture even on normal viewing. As soon as I find a deal on a HD TV, I'll edit this post.

By wakemaker - Apr 16, 2007

TiVo Series3 HD DVR

Strengths: Dual Tuner, dual cable card ready, etherenet connectivity, HDMI output

Weakness: Program search is slow, No TiVo desktop support to download recordings

I LOVE this machine! I currently have two series1 TiVos, one with straight cable, and one hooked to a HD digital cable box. So one can't get the digital channels, and one is occasionally spotty changing channels. I wanted it mostly to manage recording conflicts better between my shows, and to hopefully be a whole heck of a lot more reliable on changing digital cable channels. My series3 unit...
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By barbja99 - Mar 17, 2007

Good, Not Great

Strengths: Retains TiVo Interface, Faster Response, Higher Capacity, Better Remote

Weakness: Series 2 Retains More Features

The Series 3 is meant to be an upgrade and in many ways, it is. Faster processor means no waiting, higher capacity means more shows, better remote (backlit, better key placement). However, despite the recent Winter Update, the Series 2 STILL has more functionality. As of March 2007, Series 3 still has no multi-room and no download from TiVo to PC capability, both things the Series 2 has had for...
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By KLancelot - Mar 5, 2007

Amazingly clear picture and sound quality

Strengths: Dual Tuner, HDMI output, build-in Ethernet port, Dual CableCARD ready, smart learning universal remote.

Weakness: No stop command during play-back. There is no "off" button for the unit, the unit runs 100% when pluged into AC power. No Tivo Desktop support for downloads to PC.

I have been using this unit since Dec, 2006. Upgraded from a series 2 Tivo box. I really like the dual tuner and that it is digital cable. The box works just like the series 2 Tivo except it is HD ready. The picture quality and sound quality are amazing. I only have a few minor complaints about the box; 1) Unlike the series 2 box I had there is no "off" switch". The unit is on always while it is...
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By mekimbler - Feb 24, 2007

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