Sony DHG-HDD250 250GB Digital Video Recorder

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The High-Definition Digital Video Recorder (HD DVR) features attractive high-definition video content that is pre-recorded and is available to be played back as soon as the HD DVR is connected to a TV. You can enjoy a short clip of high-definition video even if high-definition cable TV or antenna broadcast signals are not immediately available. The HD DVR also have a Demo Mode, activating the Demo Feature will allow any program to be played back in a continuous loop and limit the number of ways in which a program can be easily deleted.

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Hard Drive Capacity: 250 GB


Product Title: Sony DHG-HDD250 250GB Digital Video Recorder

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.5 | 9 Reviews

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Sony did a good job

Strengths: Picture quality, size of hard drive

Weakness: Tvgos

I have only been using this product for only a little over a week and I am very pleased with it. After going thru four cable box's in less than 3 months I knew that I wanted to have a receiver that would record that I could rely on. I know for some reason sony quit production on these models, but I was willing to take a chance and purchased one. I deceided on the smaller hard drive since it would...
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By rlh - Feb 19, 2006

Sony HDTV Tuner & DVR

Strengths: responsive, excellent picture

Weakness: initial guide setup & channel order is very complex & poorly thought out. expensive

I have been using a Panasonic Showstopper DVR for many years now. I've been waiting for an HD DVR for sometime now. I am using this box with Time Warner Cable in NYC. I don't subscribe to cable, but they still send down a few channels & all the local HD channels (so I don't really have to use an antennae). I am using a terk tv-5 antennae with this as well, as I believe it retrieves the guide this...
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By paazel - Feb 13, 2006

DHGHDD250 Good. TV Guide Bad.

Strengths: Excellent tuner. Great, large capacity 250Gb hard drive. Excellent quality recordings.

Weakness: TV Guide is slow and non-intuitive. Poor channel setup options to rearrange and re-label channels that were improperly set up by the automatic setup. Only has a single tuner.

After a week of owning this thing, I find it impressive in its quality and ease of recording programs. BUT... I have spent at least 6 hours trying to get the TV Guide EPG set up. Its automated setup does not label all channels correctly for my CableCARD. In fact, it was a jumbled-up mess for at least 25% of the channels. I'm going throught the 24-hour automatic guide setup again to see if it...
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By anonymous; - Jan 14, 2006

Sony DHG-HDD250

Strengths: I was able to utilize the Sony DHG-HDD250 with a cable card instead of paying a monthly fee for an HDTV cable box.

Weakness: The hard drive is quite noisy all the time. The select button on the remote does not work!!!!!!

I purchased the Sony DHG-HDD250 HDTV tuner with built-in High Definition digital video recorder based on pricing. Unfortunately, I'm not happy with the hard drive noise all the time and the remote control does not work properly. Also, I had to pay $30.00 for a service call from my local Time Warner cable office to install the cable card. On the positive side, it will be cheaper...
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By waltfrancis - Jan 4, 2006

Good, but not Great

Strengths: Overall, easy to use, you really don't need to read the manual. Clean Looks, Nice Front Display. Great Capacity.

Weakness: Remote is a bit awkward, Need to have TVGuide functional before recording works. Hard to move in TV Guide to a far future date. Record scheduling could have been better. No integrated DVD-R

Overall I like the unit and would still buy one if in the market. I don't care for the TV Guide functionality, I really would like to schedule my shows by entering a time if desired. Also, when it does the channel scan to add the shows, it does not put them in order when viewed thru the TV Guide function. HD functions are great, I have a CableCard on order and hope to see this do my non-basic...
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By erozell - Nov 28, 2005

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