Panasonic KX-TGA523M Cordless Telephone


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Panasonic Analog Phones are reliable and affordable. Their feature set meets the traditional telephony needs of your business. If your business requires an affordable solution with a rich history, analog phones deliver.

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Frequency: 5.80 GHz

Answering Machine: Not Included

Caller ID: Yes

Digital Technology: RF

General Features: Call Waiting


Product Title: Panasonic KX-TGA523M Cordless Telephone

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Lowest Price: $299.99 from Marketplace

Power Score: 4.7 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

Excellent handset.. Very good features..

Strengths: Lot of features like AM/FM, CLOCK and Speaker phone

Weakness: Little more expensive


I am using the handse since 15 days, set is very good. Never had problem. Clock and radio are really helpful to use in BedRooms. Speaker phone is really useful.


By anonymous; - Jun 20, 2007

Great Features All in One Small Footprint

Strengths: The small footprint saves valuable nite-stand space.

Weakness: Even though dim...the backlight is not dim enough at night

This was the ticket! My wife had both a handset and an old clock radio on her nite-stand. That left very little room for a table lamp let alone anything else. I insisted we get this to tie-into our existing phones we already had so that she could consolidate the 'clutter' on her nite-stand. Only problem so far is that since the backlight is a little on the bright side, she keeps her clock turned...
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By oclvframe - Mar 20, 2006

Excellent Product

Strengths: talking caller ID, alarm clock, 5.8 Ghz

Weakness: alarm has only one sound, radio antenna is attached to the unit directly

I purchased this to use with my existing Panasonic 5.8 Ghz phone as an extra set to use in the bedroom, it came really handy since I use VOIP. setup was straightforward. range is excellent. Since I needed an alarm clock and a phone in my bedroom this was very helpful. It also has an AM/FM radio. I am pretty happy with this and would recommend it to any one esp if you have VOIP.

By aimansh - Jul 8, 2005

This is a great expansion...

Strengths: Convenience of having one less item to have to plug in.

Weakness: FM loop antenna isn't always up to the task of pulling in a clean signal on a weaker station.

This is a great expansion accessory from Panasonic. This is especially true if you have (or plan to have) a phone in the bedroom. The unit has a very minimal footprint and the rather large backlit display makes it easy to read from a distance. The front facing speaker is adequate for most purposes and is powerful enough that you should be use this unit in a noisier part of the house (i.e. the...
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By Fenn - Jun 14, 2005

The Panasonic KX-TGA523M is a must...

Strengths: Talking caller ID,alarm,Radio,voice quality

Weakness: As far as I know it only work in conjunction with 540 version which for me wasn't big deal since I had it already

The Panasonic KX-TGA523M is a must when you want to have all the phones in your house or office working at 5.8 GHZ.No cables to run just the power cable

By guardy - May 5, 2005

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