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This cordless phone from panasonic...

Strengths: signal strength, convenience of menus, stylish design, dual keyboards, the voice clearness of the message box

Weakness: Not prepared for blackout.

This cordless phone from panasonic is amazing. Using the bandwidth of 5.8G Hz, it doesn't interfere the wireless signal from my wireless router, which uses 2.4G Hz band. If you have a wireless network at home, go for 5.8 GHz phones.

The sound quality is very good. The working range is obviously longer and it may be important for those owning a big house (not me). The keyboard is responsive, much better than my old sony 2.4G Hz cordless phone. The battery life is decent, though I didn't test it.

The only complain is the lack of a backup battery. I really miss the feature of backing up your settings and messages with a "C" battery, which is available from my 6-year old answering machine. Even though the blackout is very rare, there is chances that you need to move your phone around, or accidentally unplug the adapter.

Conclusion: it is an impressive phone and it worths every penny.

By xu111 - Oct 25, 2004

Had a 900 mhz panasonic. I was...

Strengths: Sound level and quality, features, font size, audible caller ID, visual light CID, 3 mail boxes, intercom and broadcast to all 4 extensions. Voice Enhance works well. Clear signal throughout 3 floors

Weakness: Only 4 handsets one for kitchen, one for master bedroom w/ alarm clock radio (523M), one for basement, and one for daughter. Son want's one too.

Had a 900 mhz panasonic. I was disapointed in the features (no mute) and handset buttons stop working consistantly. Sound was always a little low. I tried some other manufactures and ended up throwing them out. My wife wated to go back to a rotary corded phone. I came back to the Panasonic because of the reviews I read. The TGA520M handset works. The sound is loud and clear especially using the Voice Enhancer. I called TIME 555-1212 and could hear a very noticable difference in the electronic lady's voice with the VE. It really made her sound human. There are two many features to list and I plan on using them all. The setup menus and instructionbook seem to be clearly worded and straight forward. This was an open-box purchase and it came in great shape.

By rinteln1 - Feb 8, 2005

This is an exceptionally good...

Strengths: Exceptionally clear sound quality, Lot of features, I love the Talking Caller ID

Weakness: None

This is an exceptionally good phone. Sound quality is superb, the best I have seen in any other phones, including 5.8 GHZ phones of other models. There are a log of features and one of the newest one - Talking Caller ID - is really convenient. Strongly recommended.

By sanxxx - Dec 9, 2004

I love this phone! The...

Strengths: The commands are easy to use and set-up is a snap. I especially like that you can silence the ringer or adjust the ringer volume when there is an incoming call.

Weakness: N/A

I love this phone! The speakerphone on the handset is definitely a plus, as well as the easy-to-use phone book. I have not yet tried the talking caller-ID, but consider this a positive feature. The base speaker phone is also very handy, and the sound quality is superb.

By happymodel - Dec 20, 2004

I bought this phone a couplr of...

Strengths: Sound quality, lots of features, range, build quality and workmanship. Long battery life.

Weakness: No visual CallerID on base unit. Extra handsets are on the expensive side.

I bought this phone a couplr of weeks ago and I think it's a very good product. I used to have a 900mhz cordless phone but I had to get rid of it because it interfered with my DSL. I missed the freedom of being able to go cordless so I decided to try one of the newer higher frequency phones that werent supposed to interfere with computer equipment.

I considered a 2.4 ghz phone but I've read thay can cause problems with wireless networking so I decided on a phone in the 5.8 ghz range instead. I'm amazed that so many features can be packed into a cordless phone nowadays. The voice quailty of the phone puts my old 900 mhz phonr to shame.I also like the answering machine capability and the availablility of 3 separate mailboxes. Most of all I like the build quality of the unit. IT just feels well made not cheap as some other phones do. The only drawback to the unit is the cost of expanding it.

Extra handsets are over 1/2 the cost of the entire phone. I also wish the phone had a visual display of CallerID on the base unit. Minus these small drawbacks I'd reccomend this phone to anyone needing a quality cordless phone.

By helmbin - Oct 14, 2004

This was my 2nd Panasonic...

Strengths: Comfortable handset. Good battery longevity.

Weakness: Speakerphone volume is low.

This was my 2nd Panasonic KX-TG52xx series phone. I was happy enough with my first to grab a 2nd one.

As with the KX-TG5210, it is an excellent phone. I've not yet used the answering machine, so my review is based solely on the phone functions.

The handset is one of the most comfortable to use of any recent model cordless phone I've tried. The size is right and the buttons are placed such that it's not too easy to accidentally hit a button while talking.

The charging base is fine, though at least once I've not gotten the phone seated right. I blame myself for that, though, it's a good design.

The support for up to 4 handsets is great, though I've not yet bought any additional ones (though I will be soon).

Highly recommended.

By gentzel - Oct 4, 2004

I had this phone for a little over...

Strengths: Light, features, not too big.

Weakness: None for the time being. Boring ring tones if one wants to neat pick.

I had this phone for a little over two weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. I previously owned a 2.4GHZ phone, also through Panasonic, and was not happy at all. Beside the fact the phone was bad, it kept interfeering with my WiFi. This phone makes that problem mute. It works great. The battery life appears to be long (I talk a lot on the phone), very easy to use, great caller ID (and call waiting ID), also speaker both on the handset and on the base, very clear. Voice comes through wonderfully, and barely and interference of any kind.

By joelfranco - Jun 24, 2004

Its one of the best phones around....

Strengths: 5.8 GHz, Range, Features, Talking Caller ID, Dual SpeakerPhone

Weakness: SpeakerPhone Volume could be more. Only expands to 4 handsets.

Its one of the best phones around. It has all the features one would want. Talking Caller ID, Handset & Base SpeakerPhones, Dual Keypads, Multiple Mailboxes. You name it, it has it. Phone sound quality and range are very good. It does not interfere with Home Wireless (WiFi) Network. Its expensive but if you need a great 5.8 GHz phone this has everything. Highly recommended.

By deshwasi - Oct 5, 2004

I live in an area with notoriously...

Strengths: Signal strength is great. Setup is quick and easy. Good Speakerphone.

Weakness: This phone is the best I've EVER used. (Vtech, Sony) Speakerphone volumes are minorly annoying.

I live in an area with notoriously bad cordless phone reception distance. This phone has NO PROBLEMS at more than 3 times the distance of any other phone (Vtech(2.4ghz), Sony(900mhz)) I've ever owned.
The closest thing to a problem is that the speakerphone volume setting are too far apart. For example, one setting is too loud but the next lowest is too soft. This is an extremely minor problem.
I also have Time Warner Digital Phone (Voice over Internet) and this is the first "high tech" phone I've owned that works completely flawlessly with VoIP.

By awdtalon - Aug 18, 2004

I would reccommend this phone to...

Strengths: Crisp signal, easy setup, extensive features.

Weakness: None

I would reccommend this phone to anybody who wants a quality cordless phone. Features like talking Caller ID, Handset & Base SpeakerPhones, Dual Keypads, Multiple Mailboxes come in really handy.

By aspiron - Oct 6, 2004

The GOOD: this is a very nice...

Strengths: The features are extensive and relatively easy to use. It has a smaller handset design and better battery. The menu system is clean. It doesn't interfere with WiFi. It's perfect for almost everyone.

Weakness: Only 2 digits for security access code. No LCD for caller ID on base station. Hot orange color on the handsets LCD and keys. Should show the time and date on the handset when not in use.

The GOOD: this is a very nice phone system. It's expandable and has multiple models of extension handsets to choose from. I personally like the Alarm/Clock/Radio charger/handset. The talking Caller ID is a great feature. The sound quality and reception are above average for cordless phones. It does not interfere with WiFi. It has the ability to download ringtones, News, etc., as well as, setup information and phone book entries through Caller IQ (a paid service). It has a very easy to use menu system. It has a good built-in speaker phone on both the base station and handset. It can be used as a room monitor or as a two-way intercom/paging system from any of the handsets or the base station. On the top of the antenna of each handset there is an indicator lamp (which flashes while the phone is ringing), and you have an option to have the lamp flash when you have new mailbox messages (this works even when the handset is off the base.) You don't have to go to the base to check for new messages. You just see the indicator lamp flashing slowly on the handset and you press the soft button 'play', to hear the messages on the handset. It has three customized mailboxes, and a varitey of custom ring tones available. This is the best 5.8Ghz set you can buy.

The BAD: the voice enhancer can sometimes make people sound funny (turning it off is just a matter of pressing one button). No caller ID panel on the base station (the little panel on the base is only for the message box.) There is no ringer on/off switch on the handset. The recording in the answering machine has 2 modes. Standard, and Enhanced recording, which reduces recording time from 16 minutes to 8 minutes. The handsets and base station should show the time and date or Caller IQ information when not in use.

By christodd1 - Jul 2, 2004

I got this phone on a Saturday and...

Strengths: Great Range, clear calls, doesn't conflict with my wireless computer network like my 2.4 gighertz phones did.

Weakness: Found none yet.

I got this phone on a Saturday and have had it about a week now. #1 reason for getting a 5.8 gigahertz phone is it WON'T conflict with a computer wireless network like 2.4 Gighertz phones do (they do because both the phones and the routers running the computer network are using the exact same Feq., and changing the router channels didn't help either). The phone has a great speakerphone on the base and the handset. Also I got more add on phones and now they can all use intercom between them (no more yelling in the house, use the intercom on these phones). Super easy to get up. I say definatly worth the extra $$$$ that you pay to get the Panasonic name. Buy this phone if you need:Ans. Machine,dual speakerphone (both base and handset),multi-handset expandably,something that will get along with a computer wireless network.

By Scott2323 - Oct 8, 2004

This is a very well-designed, high...

Strengths: Sound quality, range, battery life, many features

Weakness: Many features (complexity)

This is a very well-designed, high quality product. Excellent sound quality and very good range. The handset has a nice feel in the hand, and the buttons, display and menus are well-designed and easy to use. I've had no problems with interference with other wireless equipment.

Its many features are both a plus and a minus. For instance, the answering machine has three mailboxes, but I only need one. Of course I can just ignore the other two, but it makes the whole unit more complex. The manual is 100 pages long. It is however clear and well-written.

There are seven ringtones available, but most are gimmicky annoying 'tunes'. There is only one straightforward 'dring-dring' ringtone (I'd like to see more), and there are only three volume levels for the ringtone.

It would be nice if the base unit could be mounted on a wall in a vertical orientation. The included bracket mounts the base unit horizontally (so it sticks out like a shelf).

It's nice that the system is expandable to a total of four handsets. The add-on handsets are quite pricey though.

Overall this is a high quality product. My complaints are all minor nit-picks and I'm happy with my purchase overall.

By robertnixon - Oct 30, 2004

It has a very good voice quality...

It has a very good voice quality
It also has a quite long range
the interface design is pretty nice
It does not interfere with my home wireless network

The base station is a bit too big
Wish the handset could be put down horizontally

By wwml - Oct 6, 2004

I would reccommend getting this...

Strengths: Works really well

I would reccommend getting this phone to anybody that wants a quality product. It is very stylish and works great. I love the speakerphone on both the base and the hand set. I also got the extra handset with the alarm clock recharger. Also highly reccomended!

By united596 - Jun 4, 2004

greatest the phone that i ever...

Strengths: great signal, stylish and loaded with great functions

Weakness: only one handset come with the package

greatest the phone that i ever owned. cool talking CID functoin and great design. i wish it can support more than 4 handsets and would be nicer if phonebook is available on base too

By softony - Oct 26, 2004

This phone is great! It's got the...

Strengths: Metal hydride battery, 5.8Ghz BOTH ways, unlike other 5.8Ghz phones. EASY to use. LOTS of features.

Weakness: Range could be better

This phone is great! It's got the better Metal Hydride battery, and the 5.8Ghz goes BOTH ways, unlike other 5.8 Ghz phones. It's also MUCH easier to use than the old 5100 models.

By zardiw - Jun 28, 2004

This is my first cordless phone so...

Strengths: Clarity of sound, range, ergonomics lots of features.

Weakness: Echoing when speaking on phone, gimmicky talking Caller ID feature.

This is my first cordless phone so I dont have any
experience with others to compare it to. That being
said I really like this phone. The handset is a nice
size and can be held in my hand comfortably for long
periods of time without fatigue. It has a good range
so I can sit on my porch or backyard and still get good
reception. I really havent used many of the advanced
features of this phone yet but I must say that the talking
Caller ID feature is really annoying. I know it can be
turned off but it just seems gimmicky. The only other
problem I've had with this phone is a little bit of echoing
when talking, It doesnt happen when the handset is in
speakerphone mode so I dont think I'm doing anything wrong
on my part. That's the only drawback that I've found to
this phone so far. Other than that its great.

By timbrill - Oct 8, 2004

Very good phone. Probebly the best...

Strengths: All in one. Extendable. Quality.

Weakness: Valume on the speaker phone

Very good phone. Probebly the best cordless phone available. It has everything in it - Answering machine, speaker phone, keypad on the base and extandable. One weakness is that teh valume on the speaker phone is kind of low, but not that bad.

By ajagan - Oct 4, 2004

I have tried many 5.8GHz phones....

Strengths: Sound are clear, and super long range. LCD are easy to read. No interference w other wireless equipment. Other features are adequate and useful. I like the turn off ring by pressing OFF when I don’t want to answer particular incoming call.

Weakness: Need longer record time

I have tried many 5.8GHz phones. After my friend's recommendation, I tried it and decided to keep it. I am very satisfy with the phone for the quality and the features. It is worth the money.

By keeyip - Oct 10, 2004

I returned this product after less...

Strengths: big antennas

Weakness: poor speakerphone sound quality, clumsy controls

I returned this product after less than a week because the speakerphone quality was unacceptable. I replaced it with a Uniden expandable system and the sound quality is much better.

By doubloon - Aug 1, 2004

Panasonic KX-TG5240M

Strengths: Great phone if you like things that talk to you

Weakness: not a clear reseption

My husband bought this phone about 2 years ago now, and at first we both thought it was a really cool phone. It has an answering system, caller id, speaker phone..all the "must haves" for today's society....I mean the phone even talks, it tells you who is calling so you dont even have to look at the caller id.
what we didnt realize was...the phone has a very poor reception. Everyone I call says it sounds like Im on a cell phone. We cut in and out and sound as if we are really far away. We moved it around our apartment to try to get a clear connection, but it didnt work. And now in our house, we have the same problem. I would reccomend gett a cheaper phone, they always seem to work the best!!!

By anonymous; - Apr 3, 2006

You can't go wrong with this...

Strengths: Super buy, great features, large-easy to read handset, speakerphone in handset, 3 mailboxes and excellent battery life.

Weakness: IMHO, None that I can think of, I'm that impressed.

You can't go wrong with this phone, not to mention Best Buy paid me $8.00 to take it. I bought the floor model, with $40.00 in rebates.

It has all the features you would want:

1. Expandable up to 4 handsets
2. 3 built-in mail boxes
3. Large handset itself, easy to read displays
4. Call waiting caller ID - Call ID works incredible with this even the US State of the caller.
5. Illuminated Keypad
6. Super Easy to use, easy message playback, super-large display.
7. Incredible battery life
8. The Antenna illuminates when a call comes in( as well CAll ID shows), great for when ringer is off
9. Built-in handset with speaker phone, perfect for those calls to large corporations that require a long time to wait for a live person.


You alll can keep the color screens, small handsets etc. This phone is basic, but has all the features any normal household will ever use. BUY IT! if in the market Do Not Think twice. I have only left feedback of this type for 2 items in my life, and I give it a "kick butt" award! Great job!

By gordong11 - May 26, 2005

Overall I am completely satisfied...

Strengths: Great battery life and signal. Very clear and easy to use, I did'nt even need to read the manuel. Everything on it was great.

Weakness: You need to yell into the microphone on the base unit to be heard clearly.

Overall I am completely satisfied with this product, I have no regrets purchasing this. Probably the best house phone I have ever owned. Do do do do do......I'm loving it.

By mneuba02 - Apr 27, 2005

The main reason for getting a 5.8...

Strengths: signal strength, convenience of menus, stylish design, dual keyboards, the voice clearness of the message box Also the battery life is very good. Speaker on the handset is very convinient.

Weakness: So far none.

The main reason for getting a 5.8 gigahertz phone is it won't conflict with a computer wireless network like 2.4 Gighertz phones do. The phone has a great speakerphone on the base and the handset which make this phone a great phone. Even though I do not have the extra handset the intercom looks like cool. In one word buying this phone is worth in terms of money and the features. So I would recommend everyone to go for this one if you are looking this type of phone.

By PRABALG - Feb 23, 2005

Overall I really enjoyed this...

Strengths: Clear Signal, does not interfere with my home wireless network.

Weakness: Too many advance features make it complex (i don't play with the settings too much). Expensive to add another phone

Overall I really enjoyed this phone. It looks high-tech, and indeed it is. Unless you have a teenager or kid around the house, i dont think you should bother with some of the advance features. Too add an extension phone is very costly, so if you are thinking of adding several handsets around the house, i suggest you look into some other phones.

By ronald0211 - Jan 21, 2005

The phone function great for basic...

Strengths: Great reception, clear voice.

Weakness: The base lack of screen for caller id, talking caller id does not have option to read names or numbers

The phone function great for basic phone use. The function for the hand set and the base are different. They don't have the same feature button. Take a while to get use to it. Ex. To retrieve messages from handset, there is no delete button. The LCD on the base does not show much info.

By trinhl - Jan 13, 2005

Good sound quality, but some...

Strengths: Good sound quality

Weakness: Trouble making calls to wireless phones

Good sound quality, but some trouble making calls to wireless phones. Not sure if this a problem w/the unit or w/my phone line. Also intermittent poor sound quality from the head set jack. Mixed results overall.

By syonip - Jan 12, 2005

We needed a phone that didn't mess...

Strengths: Doesn't interfere with my wireless network. Intercom with the accessory handsets.

Weakness: Accessory handsets are a little expensive compared to other manufacturers.

We needed a phone that didn't mess with our wireless network. We also found that the panasonic model had intercom capabilites allowing you to use the base unit and talk to other phones on the same set.

By dtrice - Jan 2, 2005

I read lot n lot of review about...

Strengths: Lots n Lots of feature..Best part all feature are easy to understand and easy to use. I have used this phone atleast one block from base station and voice quality was great.

Weakness: Back light does not light up all the button on the handset.

I read lot n lot of review about many different phone, but I was impress with the feature set in small base-station.

Feature which i m using a lot is phone book sharing...
One of the innovative feature is Room monitoring, which can eliminate buying a new device for young parents...(which cost 34-35USD).

This is one of the best buy in this category.


By sandeep_sahai - Jan 1, 2005

This is a good phone that uses an...

Strengths: After a long research and a couple of phones returned, I find this phone to be a winner. We love the shared directory, the range is awesome and most important, no interference with the wireless network…

Weakness: No caller ID built in base

This is a good phone that uses an NiMH battary. Many of the predecessor panasonic models in the 5.8 or 2.4 GHz range shortcomings are improved. e.g. unclear sound of handest speaker phone, NiCad battery, reasonable talk time. Also, there is Voice Enhancing capability that you can turn on/off during conversations. Multiple ring melodies, and talking caller ID are nice features, though the talking ID is limited since many numbers appear as 'cellular Call', etc. and many non standard European/American namesare weirdly pronounced.
Mute feature on both base and handset for speaker phone is very handy during conference calls. Very easy interface at both the handset and the base unit. Both base and handset speaker phone can be turned on simultaneously enablingtwo persons to talk in two different locations.
Price is reasonable given that the unit is new, but it could be have been better if it was $20-$40 cheaper. However, it is a much better choice than the older 5.8 GHz $179 model.

By guardy - Dec 18, 2004